Igor K. @ 10/1/2009 18:47 commented on Little Avatar Gift to 'Sweet Fox'

 5 points, the moviment of the text is too perfect!

Igor K. @ 10/1/2009 14:42 commented on Kailenna

 it is? thanks for the help and the coments, soon I will try to re-edit it.

thanks for the tips!

Igor K. @ 9/27/2009 08:39 commented on Guns, drugs and nudity

very nice!

Igor K. @ 9/27/2009 08:33 commented on Sequels are rarely as good as prequels - ADULT THEMES

very good paint! :D

Igor K. @ 9/27/2009 08:21 commented on Octopus

I liked! :P

Igor K. @ 9/22/2009 10:31 commented on Swallowed by Infinity (Animated)

very nice!!

Igor K. @ 9/21/2009 09:22 commented on Isometric Building

it was obvious that these 3 are the winners!

Igor K. @ 9/19/2009 12:27 commented on LB-RPG Enemies

sick job!

sick paint on all enemies!

Igor K. @ 9/19/2009 12:26 commented on LB-RPG Portraits

very nice!! +fav

Igor K. @ 9/19/2009 12:25 commented on LB-RPG Portraits 2

Same here!! looks Bilbo!

insane job on all 4!!

Igor K. @ 9/18/2009 10:11 commented on Palme Top down with AA

yeah, you failed on this AA. try

Igor K. @ 9/15/2009 13:55 commented on Sammy Girl

(nice haircut at second one)

the bermudas arent good, try use darker colours and without many dithering.

the face isnt good, try work harder and make softter

make the feet bigger

and, sorry for bad english

Igor K. @ 9/15/2009 10:02 commented on Walking Base

maybe something like that

and the animation on the shoulders, comparing with the legs, its dont move soft and have a big pause

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:23 commented on weekly challenge - orna

yeah, its cool!

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:21 commented on Tuesday

these bermuda looks a paper! try improve this, the rest is cool.

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:20 commented on Unbound Runner Profiles

nice style! only think you should improve the second char's animation on the hair

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:18 commented on ryu_hadouken

cool style, but you should put this a blue light, and maybe the BG more blue

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:16 commented on ME avatar

the colours are too next as dark-light, its pillow shaded too, some banding, but its a nice avatar

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:14 commented on My New Avatar

too strong colours for my eyes :(

but nice style

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:13 commented on Space Turret

simple colours, good work

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:09 commented on Myself - Female

"you" look very choked :D

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:08 commented on Tanoomba

the animation is very cool, is good like it is, dont change

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:08 commented on Walking Base

yeah, its too large, and the animation os the shoulders I didnt like

Igor K. @ 9/14/2009 18:07 commented on Those were the days...

like these old detectives from 1800!

Igor K. @ 9/13/2009 19:31 commented on "How closely I share your taste"

nice entry :)

always improving, huh? :P