Ireland @ 10/1/2007 23:28 commented on Samus Aran ~ Uhn tiss
hehe very nice, was dancing perfectly to a song i was listening to, then i changed it to uhn tiss and it doesnt seem to fit. :(
Either way very nice animating.

Ireland @ 9/16/2007 23:30 commented on Big Bird
lollige, its 4:30 monday afternoon here, stop complaining :P
Gotta take into account other peoples time zones.

Ireland @ 9/14/2007 00:18 commented on Hills Rock
hey i remember this, wasnt it like the sillouette challenge?
where someone posted a sillouette and you had to make something out of it?
nice job dog, and good to see you posting around again.

Ireland @ 8/27/2007 01:52 commented on Junkyard Samurai C64
yup very nice indeed, one of my favourite c64 pieces.

Ireland @ 8/17/2007 20:33 commented on RGCD Issue #03
looking good akira, but i think you need more contrast on those ships.

Ireland @ 8/6/2007 16:50 commented on Panda goes to Space
very cute, and very awesome. Absolutely love the palette!

Ireland @ 8/6/2007 16:45 commented on KOALA BEAM!!!
i absolutely love this, especially the eating animation, tis gold.

Ireland @ 7/25/2007 02:14 commented on Pixel - Free to a good home
absolutely love the teddy and the box!
the crayons bothering me a bit though, the point doesnt look right imo. Its as if it needs to come left more so each side is equal in length. Other than that very nice work and cool site. :)

Ireland @ 7/7/2007 18:17 commented on Ken Girl Version
i really love this, easily one of my favourites.
Good job.

she  could be kelly?

Ireland @ 6/19/2007 00:50 commented on Mr. Niceguy 3
yeah congrats to fool and the others who made it, especially jamon for also making 2 in the top 10. Good job!

Ireland @ 6/19/2007 00:47 commented on Legend of Iya DS "mockup" screenshot
awesome work, dunno how i missed this.
tis quite beautiful indeed, only thing that bugs me is the thickness of the sprites legs.

Ireland @ 6/15/2007 00:59 commented on What Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love
Woah! i absolutely love this.
Then animation is just great, i especially love the clowns expression.
My hat certainly is off to you.

Ireland @ 6/14/2007 23:47 commented on Chompy
i love the design on this, the mouth of that thing is downright scary.
Nice composition and excellent use of only 4 colours.
looking forward to seeing more.

Ireland @ 6/14/2007 23:42 commented on geisha
Thanks alot for the comments people, especially mean alot coming from you Morganne and Gil.
Ill try and get some animations going for her soon .

Ireland @ 6/10/2007 19:32 commented on Callia
thanks for the comments people, well everyone except christopher who tried to pick me on a false ref.
I did say it was my Niece.
I edited my main post with the actual picture i used.

Ireland @ 6/1/2007 22:14 commented on What
love your colour choices and the thick black outline.
good job!

Ireland @ 5/28/2007 05:28 commented on snow bored
very nice work setz, i really like the shading on this, although his front foot looks a lil weird the way the pants are covering it.

And is it just me or is he a bit far forward on the board?
keep it up.

Ireland @ 5/26/2007 08:52 commented on Phobe Dashing
very nice indeed 9, i loved the sprites for this game. Make sure you upload holden aswell.
keep it up!

Ireland @ 5/22/2007 04:20 commented on Geisha & birdie
very nice work indeed, looks even better in context.
Only thing that really bothers me about this is the shape of her breast, or it might just be the shape of whatevers covering it, makes it look unnatural. Really digging the design on the kimono though.

Ireland @ 5/22/2007 04:12 commented on beebebe
i especially love the way you did the body on this. Top work!

Ireland @ 8/21/2006 03:10 commented on Big Iso City...
awesome stuff gunstar, i especially like how youve scattered some of your well known pixels amongst the pick. + fav from me.

Ireland @ 7/25/2006 01:39 commented on Robotic Skull nonsense (Widepixels)
i think he meant helmets people draw, not as in the artist Helm's people.

Interesting design, and technically very well executed. love the little creature thing between the eyes.

keep up the good work.

Ireland @ 7/15/2006 19:13 commented on Hobbes
hell yes!
i agree with monkey, an amazing hobbes.
beautifully pixelled.
fav for sure.

Ireland @ 7/12/2006 01:50 commented on emo kid
haha thanks for the comments, and dont worry im not emo.

Ireland @ 7/4/2006 01:34 commented on Cowbaby
now do gorse!!!
you already know how much i love this character, although i may have to agree with ensellitis about the legs.