Kichex @ 3/25/2018 10:16 commented on PSX <3

Thanks for your feedback Keppu! It does help a lot, now looking it again I think I agree with you about the distracting background. Lesson learned! Let's see how it goes for me on the next challenge. 

Kichex @ 3/23/2018 05:56 commented on Crabby's Souvenir Shop

I love your consistency with the character! 

Kichex @ 3/23/2018 05:52 commented on Alien Walk Cycle

Oh wow this guy has very cool stuff! :o I think I ended up making an 8 frame walking animation according to that tutorial. Thanks for the source! 

Kichex @ 3/22/2018 21:11 commented on Alien Walk Cycle

Thanks Hapiel!

I don't really know Manning Krull tutorials, could you send me a link? I would really apreciate it!.

Actually I followed this image as an animation excercise: