ShonenAiGuy @ 10/17/2011 04:44 commented on butts

The timing is very chuck Jones, something about the sword smear bothers me, but I can't put my finger on it.
I think it's the way it goes from being a smear, to like a black air effect cone, and then breaks off into whisps.

I think making it a solid mass blur effect, instead of a tapered cone and maybe streaking some of the swords lighter color as well would look better, but that's just an IMO thing. all in all really nice.

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/16/2011 11:58 commented on Avatar : Lonesome idiot

<_< not alone... He's got the computer for company...

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/16/2011 09:39 commented on 111014

Shooting him in the stomach isn't gonna help! 
Overall I like it, but I have a hard time reading it against the background, but that could just be my gamma.

The jacket underlighting is cool.

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/16/2011 00:54 commented on Roger Wilco Revamped (South)

I edited it a bit, to make the torso compress and head bob, per suggestion.

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/15/2011 22:41 commented on Roger Wilco Revamped (South)

@Frost - fixed to 26.

@CELS - I hadn't intended to make poor Roger gay. He is known for purple and sleeping in closets though isn't he?

@Stickman - he needs some compression along his torso, the head however, I think if I try to 'bob' it, it's going to look way too exaggerated, simply cause '1' pixel is a lot of bobbin' at this scale.

@Greenraven - I sense the farce in you, I'm guessing you are actually a fan of the original games.

@ Mathias - I do so love you capping my row of comments with a compliment, thank you.

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/15/2011 13:27 commented on Mini Mage

I really like this, the scale and detail is great, and it's very clean.

I think the only thing I don't like about it is the face, it's got an rpg style head, which is okay, but there's something about the eye/eyes that bother me, like they're too low on the face or something.

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/15/2011 00:52 commented on Roger Wilco Prototype

I shall defend my magenta to the death, to the death I tell you! 
All for magenta, hail that royal color, ALL HAIL.

The overeaction was for humors sake, sadly some things just don't translate well, like sarcasm.
Honestly, I thought about doing what Jeff Stewart did in his fan game, and make the arms black, but I really want a classic feel.

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/14/2011 20:48 commented on Roger Wilco Prototype

 The original palette is very saturated, almost painfully if you check this, you can see how he's looked through the years. The color choices aren't all mine. 

And what the hell's wrong with magenta, pink can be a manly color. The fact that I'm gay myself has NOTHING to do with it... *shifty eyes* 

But to get back to what I was saying, I wanted his hair and skin 'light blonde and really peachy' to get away from the primary yellows, and neon oranges, that plagued the original sierra 8 pal. 


ShonenAiGuy @ 1/18/2011 11:03 commented on Raven Avatar - Preanimation Version

 I can understand why you would think that, but this is frame 17 of a 22 frame animation. In the animation the bird turns it head to it's left (our right) which is why the Raven is off-center. 

I haven't gotten even close to finishing all the frames, and I needed a change-of-pace so it's on the back burner. Until then I wanted a decent avatar so I uploaded this. 

This is the preanimation version.

ShonenAiGuy @ 1/18/2011 08:46 commented on Mechlants: Platform ~

 I agree that they're on the borderline, they're readable but not easily. IF you intended to play at resolution.

I think a bit more contrast between the background, and the foreground is needed. I have a hard time making out the individual sprites from the background at a glance.

The character itself is wonderful, very modern, and looks to be 7 heads high? A nice change from the more iconic graphics in most platformers which characters are depicted at 3 or 4.

ShonenAiGuy @ 1/18/2011 08:36 commented on Raven Avatar - Preanimation Version

By popular demand the white line has been removed

ShonenAiGuy @ 1/15/2011 06:26 commented on Tony Curtis Portrait

 I stick by the original color choice for the hair. But I can definitely understand how it could be distracting.

If I had it to do over, I might work the hair colors into the background as a pattern, as I find it kind of bland.

This might help balance the overall composition a little. 

I really appreciate everyone's critique, I'm getting my pixeler's legs under me again after a long hiatus and it really helps. 

ShonenAiGuy @ 1/14/2011 11:08 commented on Self Portrait 2011

I like it, the color choice looks natural, really loving the color contrast, it all blends so well for a random palette.  

ShonenAiGuy @ 1/14/2011 05:52 commented on A Diamond's Best Friend

 Yeah the likeness is a tad off, here's the reference photo.

It's been so long since Pixeled. It's like riding a bicycle sure, but it's an old bike, and I keep bumping my knees on the handles! 

ShonenAiGuy @ 9/30/2009 10:44 commented on 123 Portrait

ShonenAiGuy @ 7/15/2009 12:08 commented on Centaur

I REALLY like this... Fav.

ShonenAiGuy @ 7/14/2009 20:50 commented on random pixels yay

I request a tutorial seriously I REALLY REALLY want to do this style, and I can't quite get a grasp on how you do this.

Step by Stepper!


ShonenAiGuy @ 7/8/2009 10:54 commented on His Majesty

Reminds me of the original 'Alleycat' game sprites... ^_^

I'm sorry for your floor, but Bruce is kawaii.


ShonenAiGuy @ 7/8/2009 10:40 commented on Merboy

>.> Well it's not like I pixeleld him with a perky yellow and blue fish beside him! 

He's not singing 'parrrrttt offff youuurrrr wooorrrrllldddd..." 

^_^ LOL!

I agree it's a bit crunchy. Was one of the problems when I tried to animate it. I think I need to symplify that, the fin a bit, not like size, but the detail work around the edges.

ShonenAiGuy @ 7/7/2009 23:04 commented on Coffee Mug

It should be blue.

ShonenAiGuy @ 1/2/2009 12:25 commented on Opacus Secret Santa!
I think some AA might help with the hard lines. 'hard lines', lol.
I love it, it's great... Have to agree... Find it hard to believe that his knee has more detail than his crotch...
(now do sheeeiikkkkkk! He er... She! is the coolest!)

ShonenAiGuy @ 12/30/2008 23:08 commented on Gray Elf
Nice, (a little yoda, but so nice).
I love the simple expressions, the calmness of it. Excellent piece.

ShonenAiGuy @ 12/30/2008 21:11 commented on Sweater Vest Monkey
Very nice, would love to see a sort of 'organ grinder' animation... Monkey dancing etc. Somethin, he looks so STILL for a monkey! Chee Hee.

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/16/2008 11:15 commented on My portrait
Had to translate the polish 2 english with google, lol.
It's a likeness, but your picture is nicer than the avatar.

ShonenAiGuy @ 10/11/2008 12:00 commented on Early Morning (a little nudity)
Iso with largish chars, what are they about 5-heads high? Four? Otherwise mega cool, I liked some of your other stuff and decided to check the rest of your gallery. My surprise to find this. Peace, Diefox.