kodh @ 7/2/2018 05:22 commented on Study

This is a beautiful pixel art!
I'm praticing blender and decided to recreate your scene on 3d for studying. I uploaded the result on my DA, linked your original image and credited you!

kodh @ 5/17/2018 14:33 commented on Vampire Hunter

Thanks bro.!

kodh @ 5/17/2018 02:41 commented on pixel practice 1

much better, Nice sprite. Good work

kodh @ 5/16/2018 16:58 commented on pixel practice 1

This white background is killing your image. A transparent bg will be much better.

kodh @ 5/14/2018 16:19 commented on pico-8 'Snowy day'

Didn't see your reply. Thank you for the link! 

kodh @ 5/14/2018 16:13 commented on Dunmer/Dark Elf Woman

Instantly reminded me of Morrowind. Nice!

kodh @ 5/14/2018 16:10 commented on Night near the fire

I think these changes would make your image.better.
- Increase the size of the grass tha is under the campfire and decrease that second darker green, so it would turn into 3 simetric circles making the lighting.
- The trees are too dark compared to the darkest grass, try to balance the value of the grass and tree.
- Horizon outline can be a little lighter, blending earth and sky.
- Shadows on the kids can be darker due the single strong light that is hitting them. The boy on the right side and the girl has almost none shadow.
- You could use some of these used on the meteor and make a gradiente on the sky.

And sorry for my terrible english 

kodh @ 5/14/2018 12:58 commented on Cyberpunk City

Thats Awesome!

kodh @ 5/14/2018 10:18 commented on Gunslinger

Thank you!

kodh @ 5/14/2018 10:15 commented on Honeypot Ant

Thats nice!

kodh @ 5/14/2018 10:14 commented on Mage Rat

I think darkening the shadows on the rat will make it more dramatic.

kodh @ 5/13/2018 17:39 commented on KF map

Holy mother of Odin, thats astonishing!

kodh @ 5/13/2018 10:15 commented on Dwarf Hunter from World of Warcraft

Really cool.

kodh @ 5/11/2018 18:28 commented on pico-8 'Snowy day'

Really cool. Where do you guys find these palettes?

kodh @ 5/10/2018 15:17 commented on Vagrant

Wow dude, i had so many missing colors on my image. Resubmitted a new one with nine colors and some changes on shadow's color tint, gave them some purplish hue.
Thanks for the help.

kodh @ 5/10/2018 11:10 commented on Vagrant

Thanks for the feedback! Now that you mention i cant see where i've put all those colors! I'll check it out tonight and update my submission with a cleaner version!

kodh @ 5/8/2018 14:33 commented on Jungle warrior

Ooops, i didnt notice when animating it, thanks!

kodh @ 5/7/2018 15:07 commented on Robots, Droids, Mechs..

Wow! I want be this good someday.

kodh @ 5/7/2018 04:31 commented on robot obibok

Really Nice colors.

kodh @ 5/6/2018 15:43 commented on Transcending

Since you and @AirStyle pointed the laser as a drawback (a i think it was) i worked on it. Took me some hours, hope made it better haha.
 Thanks for the feedback. 

kodh @ 5/5/2018 20:17 commented on Transcending


kodh @ 5/5/2018 13:27 commented on Transcending

It's kinda a laser scanning. I tried to make the laser projection on the face but it wasnt getting very good and the face alone was boring, so i made this shadow just for interaction, but is not accurate.

kodh @ 5/5/2018 07:22 commented on Crystal Lineart - Detail

Hi, i did an animation for the challenge but when i'm saving the gif it is counting transparency as a color, but i'm not using transparence on my gif, its fully covered with colors. Am i'm missing something?

Edit: Nevermind, i fixed it by disabling transparency when exporting the gif.

kodh @ 5/2/2018 07:08 commented on high lands

nice composition and colors.

kodh @ 5/1/2018 17:48 commented on The Wrong future

That's cool.