MrHai @ 10/18/2020 18:17 commented on A crack appears (pixelween entry)

Thanks, guys :)

MrHai @ 10/5/2020 02:20 commented on the well of the blue moon

I think this could benefit from more contrast/more darks, but I love this concept!

MrHai @ 10/5/2020 02:09 commented on Outside, all alone

Love the lighting effects

MrHai @ 10/5/2020 02:04 commented on [Pixelween] The Setting

I have a bit of a hard time reading the vessel. Is it a rowboat, and that's the oar sticking out towards us? Is there a figure in it on the left, or is it empty?

That said, the sea and sky are both absolutely gorgeous. Amazing texture.

MrHai @ 10/5/2020 01:58 commented on Hunger

Agreed - fantastic colors, and great tension in the cat's pose.

MrHai @ 10/5/2020 01:54 commented on Outside, all alone

Love the concept with the flashlight - and a nice, naive style.

MrHai @ 10/5/2020 01:49 commented on An unfamiliar place

That sky is lovely

MrHai @ 9/28/2020 08:25 commented on Big Bird

Yeah that makes sense. I only play the advanced board on the version that comes with win7, and from what I've observed, it seems unfeasible to base any competition on that :P

MrHai @ 9/28/2020 02:24 commented on Big Bird

Which version of minesweeper are we talking about? I imagine the method of randomness/populating the board will have implications for competition?

MrHai @ 9/28/2020 02:19 commented on Cake House

MrHai @ 9/11/2019 05:13 commented on Big Bird

Thanks for your inputs, guys :)

MrHai @ 9/9/2019 17:11 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys, I've been tipped that a digital painting software called "clip studio paint" is on sale. My current software of choice is quite an old version of Photoshop, so I've been wondering if I should try something new. However, I figured I'd ask if anyone has any experience using it for pixel art, or whether it's possible at all. My searches haven't given me a very detailed explanation.

MrHai @ 9/15/2018 03:48 commented on Effie

So happy to see you post on PJ, your twitter posts always brighten my day. Love your style.

MrHai @ 8/13/2018 15:19 commented on flcl robot (avatar)

I've wanted to participate in one of these for a long time, and finally I managed to squeeze out a tile! Love these pieces, good work all!

MrHai @ 4/26/2018 07:22 commented on portrait - commission

I think the contrast in the eyes (highlight) is a little too harsh. Otherwise its fantastic!

MrHai @ 4/16/2018 08:14 commented on Greens Performance

To solve the issue with long names, couldn't you just say max 100 pixels high, and let the width be unlimited (or simply large)?

MrHai @ 3/26/2018 07:04 commented on Big Bird

Well, 10 years ago people weren't as used to better software. I think the forums are the best place. A WIP gallery might work if it was clearly defined, maybe in a separate section - but I don't think the gallery comment system is any improvement over the forums. Definitely something to consider for PJv4 though, I would think. I imagine a system which displays iterations of a work uploaded by the artist, with comments clearly attached to specific iterations, and where the artist can tag a work as "finished" to automatically enter it into the main gallery queue.

I think improving the WIP forum would require a dedicated group of people who knows (pixel)art and how to give critique, to really take on the job of improving the level and activity of the forum. Unfortunately, it is quite demotivating to give feedback in X threads of people asking what's wrong with their work without any specificity or even basic understanding of fundamentals, only for them to never return. Obviously that is outside our control - but I think the point is there has to be an effort to build a culture, and that is hard work that has to be done by enough people, who can weather the slog of building it.

EDIT: And absolutely massive kudos to you Hapiel and eishiya, I know you two are doing that work! And maybe others too, I haven't had the time to check in for a while.

MrHai @ 3/25/2018 19:38 commented on Big Bird

I would gladly suffer the forum if only I had more time. But yes, I agree it needs to be more user friendly.

MrHai @ 3/22/2018 14:50 commented on Big Bird

Some of those are real nice, actually :)

MrHai @ 3/20/2018 06:19 commented on flagbearer

I love that even in 1985 they were already artificially reducing resolution to make it look more pixelly :D

MrHai @ 3/20/2018 06:07 commented on flagbearer

Very cool, cure, thanks!

MrHai @ 3/11/2018 14:38 commented on Big Bird

Don't get all riled up quite yet - I'm pretty sure there are no accusations being made. Only examples to illustrate a point.

MrHai @ 3/10/2018 14:42 commented on Big Bird

Interesting link, ROM. Thanks.

MrHai @ 3/9/2018 21:49 commented on Iso-Face

Definitely a cool crossover event! 

MrHai @ 3/7/2018 12:22 commented on Big Bird

Literally any day could be Fool's birthday.