Peach @ 1/2/2013 06:20 commented on Soldier

 Personally I would love to see a collaboration/contest on the history of music videos with some gifs done... that would be a nice thing

Peach @ 1/1/2013 08:04 commented on Scuttle

 Beautiful work, congrats.

I would have probably used more light rays in the water, but I guess that wouldn't have changed much.

Peach @ 12/31/2012 02:20 commented on Secret Santa 2012

 such an amazing quantity of detail, great job!

Peach @ 12/30/2012 12:48 commented on Boss #1 [Wings of Vi]

 defies physics! but I like it... it's cute :)

Peach @ 12/30/2012 03:45 commented on Chasm - Tavern

 nice colours, tiles and everything. a win-win!

Peach @ 12/29/2012 05:22 commented on Suspension of Disbelief

 brilliant, love your style... and the monkey's style, of course.

Peach @ 12/28/2012 16:55 commented on Slipknot8

 good choice jal. I got caught by the title: it's a good effort, it's a step-motion animation, it's about the GIF format and ... it's not actually using it, which is odd as you have noticed.

I will encourage you to write to the authors and say.. where's the GIF format in your video? :)

Peach @ 12/28/2012 09:23 commented on Merry Christmas Kids

 wow, well... thanks! :)

Peach @ 12/28/2012 09:08 commented on Santa's Sniper Squad

 Santa's bringing you lead, kids!

Peach @ 12/28/2012 09:07 commented on Secret Santa: Reo

 the Internet has you! :D


I agree with Philippe's comment about the right arm looking odd, cool cats animation tho!

Peach @ 12/28/2012 09:06 commented on Gold Lake Checkerspot Butterfly

 nice and fluid animation although I would have added a little bit of pause at a certain point. good job.

Peach @ 12/28/2012 09:03 commented on Johan Xmas

 nice animaton and nice character! good job! merry Xmas!

Peach @ 12/28/2012 09:02 commented on vomit II - attack of the vomit

 nice work, although I can't really make anything out of the title... I would have added a little bit more detail and precision to the "grass"/ground, as it is now it seems a little bit unfinished.

Peach @ 12/25/2012 16:47 commented on Big Bird

I renew the wishes: best of everything to all of you :)

@Mrmo so sorry about the scam, you must admit the website itself doesn't really sell itself... or the others are even worse :D

Peach @ 12/25/2012 06:52 commented on Monument to a Broken Sword

Beautiful colour palette and illustration.

Faved. Top job!

Peach @ 7/27/2011 11:16 commented on Suicidal Thoughts


Peach @ 7/23/2011 12:52 commented on LepreCAN, LepreCAN'T!

 a-m-a-z-i-n-g! no other words needed

Peach @ 7/21/2011 12:16 commented on Casa dolce casa

 agreeing with skeddles, lovely and unique style

very well done, you're getting better every day!

Peach @ 7/12/2011 02:19 commented on Boneheart solitude

 chapeau. great anim, faved.

Peach @ 7/4/2011 00:52 commented on Level 4 - Hell!

 same for me, reminded me of Chaos Engine too, lovely.

Peach @ 7/1/2011 06:27 commented on Winged Sword

why is it trimmed?

could you also post the reference?

Peach @ 7/1/2011 06:26 commented on Lara croft

 if you're not sure about your work and looking for comments, please post it on the forums, which is the only way to improve.

Peach @ 7/1/2011 06:25 commented on Guardian of the woods.

simple and so good, nice palette and composition choice.

I would have probably sketched more trees on the bg, but that's fine.

Peach @ 7/1/2011 05:33 commented on Baalphraegor's Chamber

 very well done. best presentation ever :) could be a promo ad for the game!

Peach @ 7/1/2011 02:31 commented on The Swordstick Gentry...

 simple and effective, great work :) now make it a game :)