FangsOfDevouration @ 9/13/2011 13:23 commented on Generic Space Marine

 Really like the style. The armors remind me of the first Unreal Tournament.

FangsOfDevouration @ 8/17/2011 12:58 commented on The Atomic Claw

Really like the shading and animation. :)

FangsOfDevouration @ 7/14/2011 15:30 commented on My 3 favourite game characters.

This was one of the best pixel isaacs i've seen. 

FangsOfDevouration @ 3/23/2010 13:55 commented on Metroid Dread

This is strange but awsome. xD 
I didn't really get what was going on at first... i guess it's still a bit hard to understand :P

FangsOfDevouration @ 3/23/2010 13:51 commented on A_rnetroid

Would make an awsome game for sure!

FangsOfDevouration @ 3/17/2010 05:52 commented on Operation Zombie

This is god damn awsome!

FangsOfDevouration @ 3/7/2010 07:24 commented on Dancing pyro

Pyrobutter jelly time!

FangsOfDevouration @ 1/12/2010 15:23 commented on Call of Duty Theme Park

Hehe, games i play always get into my pixel art.

I like this piece a lot, there's just one thing that bothers me: The sand bags all look the same. It looks a little strange.

But it's still really good. ^^

FangsOfDevouration @ 1/10/2010 23:31 commented on Dragon rider

I envy you sooo much xD
This looks horribly great!
The colors are amazing ^^

FangsOfDevouration @ 12/3/2009 05:51 commented on living in emptiness

Beautiful ^^

FangsOfDevouration @ 12/3/2009 05:47 commented on Wap game map.

I like the concept although the colors are a bit too strong. Might be irritating for the eyes.

FangsOfDevouration @ 12/3/2009 05:45 commented on cupcake!

That would make a cute desktop. ;D
I really like the colors. :)

FangsOfDevouration @ 11/20/2009 07:55 commented on Tiny Cat

Love the animation. ^^

FangsOfDevouration @ 11/12/2009 12:53 commented on Tyranus, sprite, NES style

I really dig your style. :)

FangsOfDevouration @ 11/4/2009 05:04 commented on Vigilente Sun

Nice! :)
Makes me think of Shodan from System Shock. ;D

FangsOfDevouration @ 10/29/2009 15:24 commented on Mr. Hat II Battlesystem

I really like the style, but yes, the color count is very high...
and the font for the "classy" text doesn't feel right looking at those other fonts.
But still, it looks greate! ^^

FangsOfDevouration @ 10/29/2009 15:21 commented on Duddddddddddddde!

Oh man, really love the colors!
I can really feel how high he is.

But that arm he's holding out towards the viewer looks a bit strange...
but i still like it. :)

FangsOfDevouration @ 10/29/2009 15:15 commented on Mario's Mushroom

Really liked it i must say!
Although that grass in front seems a bit strange.
But still, good job! ;D

FangsOfDevouration @ 9/16/2009 05:51 commented on With a Staff, I Guess?

I must say i think it's insanely beautiful. :o

Although the color count is high, it has this "glowy" charm to it. ;D

FangsOfDevouration @ 6/13/2009 15:25 commented on Left 4 Louis

Thanks for the coment, critics is very welcome as long as its constructive. ;)
And I just realised who this comment was from. I love your stuff! ^^

FangsOfDevouration @ 4/15/2009 13:08 commented on little rpg

I really like those tiles, the only thing that's a bit strange is the fact that he moves the same arm and leg forward while walking... but still, i love it. ;D

FangsOfDevouration @ 3/25/2009 14:02 commented on Neon Stuff

The colors are outstanding. I love this piece, and i can't say that the black outlines bother me at all, works fine in this.

FangsOfDevouration @ 1/12/2009 15:20 commented on Cute 'em up
For god sake make that game! :O

FangsOfDevouration @ 1/3/2009 03:50 commented on Wanna fight
I really love the softness :D

FangsOfDevouration @ 12/29/2008 10:40 commented on Vertical Drop: Mock-up
The green and read rounds are the 2 different modes, exploring and armed. :)