Fourthel @ 11/15/2018 15:07 commented on Marse

Reminded me of the final boss battle in Starbound. 

Love the colors! 

Fourthel @ 5/25/2018 23:02 commented on Floating island

Oh, I think I know the reason. I was using sai and it doesn't have binary eraser, so, basically, I couldn't tell for sure if I erased the pixel complitely or not. Oh well, at least now I know that.

Fourthel @ 5/25/2018 22:51 commented on Floating island

Does it really have 202 colors? Oh wow, that's strange.

Will work on that, thank you

Fourthel @ 5/20/2018 18:57 commented on Floating island


Yeah, I know, quite weird, but it's suppose to be magic xd

Fourthel @ 5/20/2018 18:36 commented on Howard Phillips

I really like how you included green color there