matt0 @ 2/27/2018 01:59 commented on Alex Kidd Remake

As beautiful as this is, I'd love to see you tackle an Alex Kidd mockup with Master System restrictions, like the amazing Mega Man NES rework you did a while back.

matt0 @ 1/29/2018 02:44 commented on GoldenAxe


matt0 @ 12/9/2017 05:06 commented on Skulls n' Ladders spritesheet

Very unique style and colour choices!

matt0 @ 12/1/2017 02:10 commented on Night on the beach

Love the clouds.

matt0 @ 8/29/2017 11:35 commented on Plague Rat

Can only echo what's already been said. Incredible work.

matt0 @ 6/9/2017 09:47 commented on Ocean View

All animated in Photoshop, which I don't recommend! 

matt0 @ 5/9/2017 08:16 commented on Cloudscape photostudy 1

Cheers folks! Glad this is finally up.

matt0 @ 5/9/2017 06:11 commented on Dungeon room

It's the good old Zelda perspective! Top down 2D games almost all have broken perspetive in one way or another. You could fix the doors so the angle of the sides of their frames matches the angle of the pillars in the corner of the room but other than that it's a perfect take on that style.

matt0 @ 2/24/2017 09:24 commented on Rock face study

Thanks everyone.

Yeah, I struggled with the grass, there's no context to it that makes it read as grass so it just looks like a mess of dithering. Looking at it after the fact it would probably have worked better if I'd have moved further away from the source image and implied the grass through outline and colouring instead of trying to capture the texture.

I plan on doing more of these at some point soon so I might try and find another image with the same mix of textures and try and tackle it again.

matt0 @ 11/30/2016 02:41 commented on Battle Carchessia [shmup project]

Glorious stuff :)

The water reminds me of Banshee on the Amiga.

matt0 @ 10/10/2016 09:10 commented on MiniAdventures!

Stunning. Those twisty thorn tree things are a work of genius.

matt0 @ 9/1/2016 01:56 commented on xenocave player

Nice and readable Cave Story-esque character design. I like it!

Would be cool to see it animated.

matt0 @ 8/30/2016 02:15 commented on Mystic Dawn

Another old favourite of mine. I love these smaller scale tilesets. This one's full of life

matt0 @ 8/27/2016 14:24 commented on Battlements in the Glade

Did you take this down and then re-post it? It used to be in my favourites on here and now I can't find it... It's a brilliant bit of tiling, I love the trees too, they're a big influence on an 8x8 tile set I've been putting together on and off for the past few months.

matt0 @ 7/14/2016 04:32 commented on Eiffel Swimming

Was going to say it reminded me of Agony, then I read your description.

You've run down most of the technical issues with the image yourself so there's not much left for me to say other than congratulations on nailing the style!

matt0 @ 7/10/2016 13:27 commented on The Bridge of Magog

Thanks folks!

I'm not sure I'm done exploring whatever this is so there might be more to follow...

matt0 @ 5/19/2016 02:35 commented on dense snowfall in a lonely wood

Beautiful. So atmospheric, I can feel the cold!

matt0 @ 1/26/2016 14:56 commented on Where two are fighting, the third wins.

I loved that comic. Really cool to see this up here :)

matt0 @ 11/5/2015 13:52 commented on Golden Axe PICO-8 demake

I think this might be my favourite piece on this site. I've been sneaking a look at it every day since I saw it. It helps that I'm a massive Golden Axe fan but you've packed so much character into such small sprites. Love the wonky expression on the skull. Reminds me a lot of all those super deformed versions of SNK games on the Neo-Geo Pocket but honestly I think it's even better than those.

Also you introduced me to the PICO-8, which is fantastic.

Good work!

matt0 @ 8/13/2015 13:22 commented on Battle Mock Up: Settlement

Nice layout, reminds me of Warsong / Langrisser. It looks a bit bare without a grass texture but it's very clean and "readable".

matt0 @ 9/26/2011 07:35 commented on Dragon Twins

Beautiful work :)

I'm not a big expert on NES hardware limitations but this looks authentic to me and it stands up against the best games from that era.

matt0 @ 9/9/2011 04:54 commented on Last Light / The Eaten One

Okay, I've done a not ultra-quick but not massively in depth edit on this. Maybe hasn't fixed the arms entirely but I think they're better. I've upped the colours to 16 so I could soften up the shading on the face and re-worked the shading in general.

Thanks again for all the feedback.

EDIT: Just missed that last comment... I'll bare it in mind next time I'm working on something similar.

matt0 @ 9/8/2011 09:27 commented on Last Light / The Eaten One

Hmm... I was hoping to leave this one behind now but maybe I can find time for a quick edit... Thanks for the feedback :)

matt0 @ 9/7/2011 08:37 commented on Isometric Chaos Engine mockup


If I had more time or if found myself doing something similar again I'd do some extra "wall" panels for the trees with some of the trunks set a bit further back. I guess some clever texturing could smooth out the tops and make them look a bit more organic...

matt0 @ 9/7/2011 08:35 commented on Isometric Chaos Engine mockup


I love both versions, the 16 colour one is a masterpiece of unified palette design (and runs better than the AGA version so it's my favourite to play) but the AGA version, even though the sprites are really over saturated and glaring, has some really subtle colouring on the background tiles.