ellie-is @ 8/10/2016 10:50 commented on Jump Frog Jump!

Wonderful work.

ellie-is @ 7/20/2016 08:23 commented on Big Bird

I guess I was confused by the new layout - couldn't figure out where to click.

ellie-is @ 7/20/2016 05:00 commented on Big Bird

Hey, how come I can no longer make pieces into my avatar before they're accepted? D:

ellie-is @ 10/26/2015 02:57 commented on 4

I like it very much.

ellie-is @ 6/25/2015 10:58 commented on Big Bird

Anyone know any good pixel art programs that are like photoshop, but aren't photoshop? And that are capable of animation.

ellie-is @ 3/14/2015 07:21 commented on HYPER RAINBOW--!!

Nice work!!

ellie-is @ 2/21/2015 14:34 commented on Big Bird

Huh, that's pretty cool! Thanks. Will keep it all in mind. 

ellie-is @ 2/18/2015 18:56 commented on Big Bird

Any tips for helping clear one's mind during meditation?

ellie-is @ 2/18/2015 17:25 commented on Big Bird

Spritelamp is great!

ellie-is @ 2/16/2015 15:56 commented on Big Bird

No, but I have used spritelamp to make pixel art look 3D!

ellie-is @ 12/3/2014 02:02 commented on radioactive atp

This is fantastic.

ellie-is @ 10/2/2014 19:10 commented on Big Bird

I was gonna post one too but all the beards here scared me.

ellie-is @ 9/21/2014 19:05 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, I never heard of Bahia wanting to split from Brazil... We had a thing a very long time ago where the South fought for independence but they were kind of crushed and just didn't try again. And São Paulo at one point but that went just as poorly.

ellie-is @ 9/17/2014 05:11 commented on Big Bird

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

ellie-is @ 9/14/2014 08:46 commented on Big Bird

That game looks amazing. 

ellie-is @ 9/10/2014 11:44 commented on Big Bird

Hi guys! Me and my friend MADE A GAME!

ellie-is @ 8/12/2014 20:47 commented on Agony and Ecstasy

Wow. I'm really disappointed in all the guys here.

Ever notice how, whenever a woman points out sexism in anything, even the most civilized of men will turn into defensive douchebags? Seriously, dudes. Stop and think about what you're doing. 

A woman says "You know, I don't think this is that cool. It's kind of wrong in a way and you should rethink the way you do and see things". And then everyone's response is to attack her by saying she is taking it too seriously, that it's wrong, that it's not such a big deal, that she is overreacting. Even going as far as finding examples of the same thing with men - "Oh no! Look! Reverse sexism! There is ONE thing that sexualizes men among MILLIONS of pictures sexualizing women!"

So yep. Sounds like a goddamn boy's club to me.

ellie-is @ 7/18/2014 11:34 commented on Pokemon Mockup

This is amazing and I love you

ellie-is @ 6/5/2014 10:58 commented on hahahahaha

I love this!

ellie-is @ 6/5/2014 10:52 commented on Treeline

I like this a lot. Damian is being pretty damn rude.

ellie-is @ 6/4/2014 10:45 commented on Four of 'Em

Ah, these are amazing.

ellie-is @ 5/31/2014 07:07 commented on not me2

So cooooooooooooool

ellie-is @ 5/30/2014 22:36 commented on Big Bird

We have milk in plastic bags here, but it was a lot more common when I was younger than when it is now.

OH! Apparently the milk boxes they sell real milk in the US are the same type of boxes we sell soy milk here, and the opposite is true as well! How interesting is that?

ellie-is @ 5/20/2014 04:09 commented on Big Bird

Drawing with the wrist vs. Drawing with the shoulder - discuss!

ellie-is @ 5/5/2014 06:47 commented on Big Bird

Using PJ on a computer without adblock, realize that PJ has tons of ads I never knew it had