Rooster @ 9/2/2016 07:32 commented on Battlements in the Glade

Looks like sprites for King Arthur's Gold game a little bit. :)

Rooster @ 5/16/2014 15:28 commented on Dropping Danger: Checkpoint

Great, but uber creepy... :<

Rooster @ 9/17/2013 14:37 commented on Friends

It looks like 1000x better version and idea of my piece made a couple years ago
ongratulations! Wonderful pixel.

Rooster @ 9/5/2011 16:15 commented on Ukoo Shaman

'80s !!! :D

Rooster @ 11/29/2010 15:51 commented on X-Men Evolution: Rogue - Idle

when you come on the page of the full sprite, you can btw leave a comment which you can help me in developing my skills :P

Rooster @ 11/29/2010 14:50 commented on X-Men Evolution: Rogue - Idle

I used it "for fast". I'll change it maybe tommorow.

Rooster @ 2/22/2010 14:20 commented on Mechanix Girl

When I talk with my mum, we smile, that on 1st November spirits of my uncle, my grandfather, aunt, they are they stands next to us on a cementary, invisible, and they are talking merrily to each other "look, flowers for me are more lovely that your ones".
Or now, my uncle, my grandfather and grand-grandfather, they are sitting in some room, they are smoking cigarettes, trinking liqueur, playing cards and waiting for us, for me, for my mum, grandmum...

I'm sure, that all good people, who died, are now happy in the another world, and they don't want worry us. (sorry for my english in the last sentence).

Rooster @ 2/21/2010 12:58 commented on Mechanix Girl

I'm very shocked by this news... I'm so sorry, Fool... I think I know what you feel, a little bit. My grandfather gone from this world one year ago... Soon (on Wd-day) we will have an anniversary... We lost the head of family. I know, that it isn't so big tragedy as your one... I'm so sorry... But Fool, don't be so worried - believe me - She's smoking a cigarette and smiling to you from another world, and I believe, She wanna say "Don't worry, dad, I'm fine now too, I'm nearby".
I know, Jessica, that now You are in an another place, and you gone there. So, Good Bye, see you one day.

Rooster @ 2/12/2010 13:03 commented on weekly challenge - My L0VE from outer space

hah, nice piece :D and yes, it is little ironic ;)
btw, she's cute... and she looks very.. sensual :D like half-naked girl in love :D

Rooster @ 1/20/2010 13:24 commented on my hand

Suzumebashi is exactly form of sword :P but... small detail :d it excusable, because you don't watch this anime ;)

Rooster @ 1/19/2010 13:03 commented on my hand

It looks like Suzumebashi from Bleach :D

Rooster @ 1/4/2010 11:08 commented on Dead Mazai & rabbits

as always amazing. Good stuff for game.

Rooster @ 12/24/2009 17:05 commented on James Isbell - Hard Kick (reedited)

no, i think he not. maybe some single pixels can be moved, but all the head haven't to change it's position.

Rooster @ 12/24/2009 07:18 commented on C'mon Ya Big Palooka!

looks good ;) nice colors, but delete the AA on legs, 'cause on dark background it looks like bubbles on his legs. Keep going with it. Check out my character, it is still WIP :P ;)

Rooster @ 12/24/2009 05:42 commented on James Isbell - Hard Kick (reedited)

yes we should :P when he slides back, he has idle animation from my previous piece in my gallery. Check it out. Gloves are little problem, but I think it isn't very important detail in in-game action, when two characters are in a dynamic fight.

Rooster @ 12/23/2009 09:56 commented on James Isbell - Hard Kick (reedited)

Yes, I did it several times... Now I see: in the end of kick, before return he should has toe turned to spectator. He "wanna" kick with all the surface of sole... I did it one time again in real.... right hand shouldn't be behind him, it should be in front of the waist....

I'll make 3rd version... :P

Rooster @ 12/22/2009 14:53 commented on Christmas Postcard

use dithering and antialiasing, then this piece can be quite nice.

Rooster @ 12/21/2009 10:57 commented on James Isbell

Taunt is hilarious, ok, I'm glad :D But let me tell something about this gesture. It is polish, Kozakiewicz's (read: Kozackyevitch... I haven't idea to write this name in english xD )  gesture. In polish "gest Kozakiewicza". Here is wikipedia article:

I'm a polish patriot and I assiociate this gesture with stubborness and pugnacity of majority of Poles :)

Rooster @ 12/21/2009 10:14 commented on James Isbell

Antifarea, it looks like Namco vs Capcom style, because it IS NvsC style - I used some single elements of characters from this game.

Ryath and Lizard: animations are odd, because i don't know yet how to do fast and smooth. I'll practice it.
Punch "from upward to downward" is inspired from Tekken 3.

I must improve my skills and correct this piece...

Rooster @ 11/18/2009 12:03 commented on Mutant Alien [Weekly Challenge]

i said, that it is good work, and asked, why it looks like dick (dick = informal - penis). What is more - GREEN dick!

Rooster @ 11/12/2009 10:23 commented on Mutant Alien [Weekly Challenge]

hmm... nice overall, but... why it looks like... dick?

Rooster @ 10/1/2009 09:33 commented on Laugh All the Way to Hell

is it maybe Manning Krull's pallete? ;/

Rooster @ 10/1/2009 09:29 commented on 8-bit waterslide avatar

nooooo xD I didn't xD

But i have stomach ache when i watch this animation, because i lol a lot times. xD


sorry for my english

Rooster @ 9/26/2009 04:03 commented on Lassie Skurwy, a SKinhead Woman

nie, zwatpilem w sensie ze tak patrze, i sie zakalapuckalem - ta, czy ta opcja? ale teraz tak patrze ze faktycznie dales SK i W dużymi napisane wiec teraz dopiero zauwazylem o co kaman. Rysunek fajny choc troche za bardzo wg mnie zlewa sie z tlem, dosyc ciekawy wyglad twojego negatywu, ale chcialbys zeby faceci przy kazdym twoim schyleniu sie patrzyli czy masz stringi? xD trampki rządzą, są niewielkie (rozdzielczośc) a bardzo szczegółowe. :D

Rooster @ 9/23/2009 11:22 commented on fly(ing)

nothing special i think - simple drawing in paint, but train it - maybe it will be first step of good pixelartist - you.