Irozumi Urado @ 7/14/2008 08:43 commented on Maxx avvy
love it.  Viva el Maxx ^_^'

Irozumi Urado @ 7/8/2008 15:25 commented on Anguis in herba - Mucha Font
Thanks Peach. I'm glad.

@Rooster - I think you wanted to ask if he was Polish?  I've looked at your profile :p  (elementary, my dear  Watson...)  He was Czech, I think....

Irozumi Urado @ 7/7/2008 18:57 commented on Dark Haired Girl
interesting. I'm a little dazzled by the notion "iconic". I like more contemporary art photography than old press-front page stuff. I was thinking of proposing a rather well known (and young) european artist's photography... Will that be accepted, even if it's not "iconic" in the sense that is not in every household? If it is, I will gladly pixelate for this week's contest :D

Irozumi Urado @ 7/7/2008 17:23 commented on Burning_Sunrise(panorama)
that's just great! When I first found this some time ago on DA, I was astonished. Beautiful work, wonderful lighting.

Irozumi Urado @ 7/5/2008 22:14 commented on Room of Chess
If that perspective aberration were on purpose, I would have said: "great idea". It's puzzling... Escher used a lot this type of "mistake" to make his point. I love the grays. 
It looks kinda unfinished... the 2 pieces on the right wall have shadows (or are they reflections????) and the rest don't have any. I would love for the character to be more in the style of the room...

Excellent idea anyway

Irozumi Urado @ 7/5/2008 21:42 commented on Anguis in herba - Mucha Font
Noted. Thanx for the comment. I'm working on that 4 and on a AA solution. I'll post update as soon as possible. Cheers

Irozumi Urado @ 7/5/2008 21:37 commented on I-I CAN WALK
vewy cute :p. I like it

Irozumi Urado @ 7/4/2008 09:52 commented on yellow-black world 3
yes, pixel by pixel, but not in the way you think... about a year ago I begun some research on perspective and shadows (classic and isometric) in pixelart. On that occasion I drawn pixel by pixel a ton of lines and curves (perfect - 1by1, 2by2, etc - or less perfect... I just needed stock for images and animations like these:
I noticed that the gaps between different types of lines could be made into curious patterns. At the same time I was discovering the joy of negative drawing.... So, here's my reference: about 600 (more, I think...)  pixel lines and combinations corrected and combined. All is pixel-drawn with no other  tool but layers  and 1px pencil.. That's why i called it an experimental series... Does this answer your question?

Irozumi Urado @ 7/4/2008 07:01 commented on yellow-black world 3
Tired of drawing pixels? tired of all those pastel and harmonic colors, fluid animations and anime-idealized faces and bodies? Than yellow black-world is for you!  Experience EPILEPSY! 2colors palette in a kaleidoscope of lines and dots that will awake the animal in you! Minimum dither and AA-free guaranteed! Subjects that will make you wonder what the heck are you still doing in front of your computer screen when outside is sunny ! An unbelievable experience in a 100x100px! Join us now!
Disclamer: persons actually suffering of epilepsy, please disregard this advertisment ^_^'

All this to say that I won't be adding the whole series, and if one of you is curious, she, he or it can see it at this link:
                      NO! KLICK ME FIRST!
                                                                STFU? YOU TWO! I AM THE BEST SO K(L)ICK ME!

Disclamer2: (for the admins...) this is not an actual advertisment, I am no php robot, it's just that I had nothing better to do in the past 2 minutes

Irozumi Urado @ 7/3/2008 19:35 commented on Abstract Commentary on our world today
*sighs* I love you virus 616. The Waste Land is my fetish, most precious, most read and recited poem.

I like the shades and textures on this one. I see (and I do...) too many  dithers that make pixelart look way too clean and cute. Classic and clean is good, but each time I end up bored (this is the dark side of the pixel... and I like it) I think you are on the path I prefer, from this point of view. The colors are your choice, so no comment. 1 critic on the lower side: too much contrast between the light grey and dark navy: in the 100% image I see some gray shapes and I don't understand why are they there ... Maybe some other middle tones could change that. when you put gray near a saturated color, it tends to disappear.  I don't see other solution than adding some color into the intermediate grays (yellow, complementary  to blue, might add some materiality....)

Irozumi Urado @ 7/3/2008 13:10 commented on yellow-black world 3
@Labbe100      Merci pour le fav ^_^'  à+

@HoofFoot        hahaha! Everyone keeps telling me about epilepsy when they see this series . I'm glad you find it interesting..

Irozumi Urado @ 7/3/2008 12:58 commented on Anguis in herba - Mucha Font
@Souly   - Just like that. I didn't like the capital H... And it's a little less boring to have a character that brakes the rule of the series... the element of surprise é_è...

@Wolverine - Right. I agree. inner and outer, around the highlights. But not for this contest. I allready started to apply AA on the first letters, to see how it's best. It adds 2 colors (the third is the background color) and it works allmost fine... the fine lines become a little bit blurry. I'll post the result on DA, probably, in a few days, if I don't fall in love w this crispy look

@Ndsfreak - thanks ^_^'

Irozumi Urado @ 7/3/2008 08:03 commented on Dragon
hahaha. cool. dId you keep the border-lines on purpose?

Irozumi Urado @ 7/3/2008 07:58 commented on adarias's lines colored
Have you tried antialiasing on the lance? One or 2 shades of grey shoud do the trick...

Irozumi Urado @ 7/3/2008 07:55 commented on 9-bit Xyloth Warrior
Excellent walk cycle. It would have been perfect if the creature's abdomen turned a little bit while walking but I like it anyhow .

Irozumi Urado @ 7/3/2008 07:47 commented on Anguis in herba - Mucha Font
Hehehe! "Annguis in herba" means serpent in the grass in Latin (when using this type of font, one can look also a taunt snobbish and debonair, just to get synchronized with the writing ^_^'
It's a little bit big, I know... (some will say "WAR" headlines) but it's for titles and I didn't even want to try making it smaller... See ya!

Irozumi Urado @ 7/1/2008 14:42 commented on yellow-black world 4
Wow! 2days and no reaction at all!  *the wind is blowing coldly and a weary feeling of solitude oppresses the walls of my room* Come on say something, even if you don't like it, I love comments.

Irozumi Urado @ 6/30/2008 08:45 commented on Meru
I suppose there are no restrictions regarding the perspective: We can do 2d, isometric, classic and all that... Someone please confirm. (-_o)

Irozumi Urado @ 6/30/2008 00:57 commented on Shoesnail idle animation
great work animating. I love the chara design, too. Faved and congratulations on a great work

Irozumi Urado @ 6/30/2008 00:16 commented on One More Time
Great! o_O The attack of the giant shrooms from outer space! I love it. the colors are wonderfull.

Irozumi Urado @ 6/29/2008 23:20 commented on mk_1
looks nice, I especially like the glasses :^_^' . But:
1) a 83 colors palette seems a bit much...
2) Tshirt looks unfinished: no shades, no texture
3) left-over black contours on the Tshirt and on the face. Try to do without.
4) Palette on face does not match the palette on the neck (even for the same shades)
The whole thing might use some dithering here and there (I don't know if it was intentional...)
Why did you post an enlarged version?


Irozumi Urado @ 6/29/2008 21:59 commented on yellow-black world 8
Yes, it's on purpose. I wanted something a bit weird about the character, but this is all I could find, at this size. I've tried a few walk cycles before settling for this one. The man's still moving too fast for my taste, but that's another story...

Irozumi Urado @ 6/29/2008 08:07 commented on A village out on the ocean sea?
water and sky textures and shades are really impressive. o_O . I prefer this pixel without the islands and the boat.

Irozumi Urado @ 6/29/2008 07:54 commented on Ancient Crash-site
I love this pastel - watercolor approach to pixelart. It's really special and impressive. Maybe if you blend the contours of colorstains the effect would be more visible. I don't know if it works, tho :) Good work!

Irozumi Urado @ 6/29/2008 07:37 commented on yellow-black world 7
Thanks for the comments and the favs :)