b236 @ 4/9/2021 03:15 commented on THE ULTIMATE GAMING DEVICE

thanks taks! indeed, the future's future is here!

b236 @ 4/7/2021 14:24 commented on fc11

i'll be changing rank theme once a week! they all look great!

b236 @ 4/7/2021 14:19 commented on Godzilla vs. Kong Arcade game


b236 @ 4/5/2021 04:42 commented on Aperture's insides

i love it! super stylish

b236 @ 4/4/2021 22:41 commented on THE ULTIMATE GAMING DEVICE

thank you, very much! :]

b236 @ 4/2/2021 09:13 commented on Azure Peak

looks great!

b236 @ 3/29/2021 01:59 commented on Ex-Death Star

welcome to pixel joint! very cool mock up!

b236 @ 3/29/2021 01:58 commented on GTV handheld console

any device reading data from tapes is great in my book! :]

b236 @ 3/29/2021 01:57 commented on THE ULTIMATE GAMING DEVICE

b236 @ 3/29/2021 00:46 commented on THE ULTIMATE GAMING DEVICE

thank you, siskan! :] yeah, you're right, i should look into it to see what can be done about it.

b236 @ 3/29/2021 00:43 commented on THE ULTIMATE GAMING DEVICE

thanks, pixissu! :]

b236 @ 3/28/2021 00:26 commented on Big Bird

@Motrox: i have a "signature" which contains exactly that patch. :D letter "x" is another case.
anyway, considering dithering is technically a noise, shouldn't be the best option to estimate amount of noise in each image? you wouldn't need machine learning for that.

btw. i was surprised how many images actually contain dithering even in this simplest form.

b236 @ 3/28/2021 00:18 commented on HoloSwan

cool design! it is so eighties it's actually seventies! :D

b236 @ 3/27/2021 03:06 commented on THE ULTIMATE GAMING DEVICE

@Christoballs : thank you! :]

b236 @ 3/15/2021 16:47 commented on Big Bird

in case of inevitable: farewell, my army ranks, you were fake and that's what i liked about you.

b236 @ 2/15/2021 15:26 commented on My Precious

ah, desperate point'n'click adventure player in stage of pixel hunting!
good job!

b236 @ 2/7/2021 14:20 commented on RoboNinja // Rainy Smash

10/10 would buy for sure!

b236 @ 2/7/2021 02:12 commented on Gecko

@hapiel: i did see it inside first, but after reading your comment i can't anymore :D
@alko: nice work! i really like the distortion and rendition of the glass jar.

b236 @ 1/22/2021 04:23 commented on Sewer Crawler

that's rad! i particularly love the hand cursor icon. 

b236 @ 1/9/2021 04:53 commented on Fauteuil


b236 @ 1/4/2021 06:17 commented on it's his house now, you fool

mission accomplished then :D 

b236 @ 1/2/2021 15:42 commented on it's his house now, you fool

it's fine, pico-8 was was interesting challenge anyway :]

b236 @ 1/2/2021 13:22 commented on Dark summoning

epic! [insert headbang smiley]
i'm not sure how strict the rules are (i failed to read them properly myself), but it says 16 colours...  but hey, you already have 14 of them, so eventually you can make those eyes in the fireplace with remaining greens. :]

b236 @ 1/2/2021 12:50 commented on it's his house now, you fool

@MalevolentMask thanks! you're right, it is too big. i started two pieces for a challenge and when i posted first one i found out that it is too big. however i was already almost done with this one too, so i decided to finish it. but it is not going to be in weekly challenge. i hope there isn't an issue with using a keyhole shape for preview. 

b236 @ 1/1/2021 12:58 commented on oh, the horror

:]] thanks!