Icleus @ 7/17/2008 18:19 commented on Sorry I'm The Be(a)st
It is really a nice piece but like many others and myself have come to the conclusion that it's not made pixel by pixel.

This piece runs 256 colors, primarily 64 of them registering as black(#000000).
One of the colors in the 256 is set as #000008 which is so low in the field of blue it doesn't hold any purpose in this piece other than appearing to be black.  There is another one also set to #080000 which are some pixels randomly placed next to the fire.  There's no purpose for pixels being that low in color unless your piece runs a wide range of one main color.  Specifically including a dark hue.
Any regular pixel artist would have just ran the negative space with one solid color.

Instead there's a composite of 32 really dark colors scattered around.
I find it hard to believe that someone would hand select 32 really dark colors and specifically color in the background with them like how it's done here.