Jinn @ 6/26/2017 20:13 commented on Big Bird

Nah, just kidding: 

Jinn @ 6/26/2017 18:39 commented on Big Bird

Well, I could give you one of these too, but you need to deserve it first. Try harder.

Jinn @ 6/26/2017 11:05 commented on Big Bird

My birthday never shows in the list :(

Jinn @ 6/23/2017 12:13 commented on I understand you,Bowser

You're improving by the minute! Keep it up, pal. ;)

Jinn @ 6/22/2017 18:33 commented on Big Bird

Thank you so much Pyro and Hapiel 

Jinn @ 6/22/2017 17:16 commented on Big Bird

That's awesome! I just bought it on Steam. Do you know any good tutorials for it?

Jinn @ 6/22/2017 15:43 commented on Big Bird

Thanks! <3

Also, do you guys use Aseprite? Is it a good tool for animation?

Jinn @ 6/22/2017 12:59 commented on He's DEAD, Jim!

Hahahaha, love it!

Jinn @ 6/21/2017 19:56 commented on Big Bird

Welp, it didn't. Guess it'll be lost in the limbo forever <o>

Jinn @ 6/21/2017 18:00 commented on Big Bird

Not sure how the file got this big! It's just a png with alpha channel done on photoshop.

Changed it into a gif, hope it solves it.

Jinn @ 6/21/2017 16:24 commented on Big Bird

My piece just got approved yet it's not in shown in the New Pixel Art section. Does it means that there's something wrong with the Preview file or is it just a random bug?

Jinn @ 6/20/2017 14:53 commented on Illusion of Gaia

Love it! I need to check that Pixel Maker!

Jinn @ 6/18/2017 22:07 commented on Ryu and Nina

Awesome job, pal! Keep it up ;)

Jinn @ 6/18/2017 20:11 commented on Big Bird

I guess I'd rather have ombrophobia than trypophobia D:

Jinn @ 6/15/2017 18:54 commented on Super Freak Duck

Amazing way to display the top10, Pyro!!

The only thing I noticed is that the trophies weren't yet delivered. That, or Yes-I-Do stole all the 10 for himself, haha

Jinn @ 6/15/2017 16:06 commented on The Seven Deadly Sins : Wrath

Quite effective use of the palette, pal! Nice job! ;)

Jinn @ 6/13/2017 21:02 commented on Big Bird

Something like this would do the trick: d14 m06 y17 / y17m06d14 <- this one would still be good for sorting.

I guess it would be just a matter of habituate.

The Weekly Challenge already uses something similar for the countdown: 5d  02h  53m  31s

Jinn @ 6/13/2017 14:18 commented on Big Bird

Year/Month/Day still makes more sense to me. At least for naming files where they get sorted by name.

Jinn @ 6/12/2017 18:36 commented on Big Bird

Even a day without Jal feels like eternity.

Jinn @ 6/11/2017 16:04 commented on Big Bird

@Eggy Me too, pal. I just wish he's well and happy. 

Jinn @ 6/11/2017 15:45 commented on Frog sprites

I just want to point out that I love you, Mandrill. Trully <3

Even with that damn orange.

Jinn @ 6/11/2017 04:57 commented on Big Bird

So I'm not one of your favs? </3

Jinn @ 6/10/2017 15:08 commented on Big Bird

Maybe Paddy is referring to the fact that I'm not quite active as I used to be. Haha

Joke aside, I don't really think so. There's a lot of great art here. And I think it's pretty much the same ammount as before. 

Jinn @ 6/9/2017 14:27 commented on Big Bird

Jinn @ 6/6/2017 23:48 commented on Big Bird

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm