madcat_gsg @ 3/30/2023 17:27 commented on Madison ZX Spectrum loading screen with Color Clash

Hehe, the frame is far anoying, but I just recreate the loading screen of the old ZX Spectrum :P (sorry, is not my fault)

madcat_gsg @ 3/23/2023 11:23 commented on The Water Witch

Awesome! I really love the transparency of her water dress.

Why you say it have 189 colors? (I count only 23 of them)

madcat_gsg @ 2/19/2023 06:36 commented on my first pixel character (made today)

Hi! Welcome to PJ!

I just can't see anything. Artworks have to be uploaded in their original size. Pj have their own zoom tool.

Please fix it.

madcat_gsg @ 2/19/2023 06:25 commented on Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Wow, I love it!

madcat_gsg @ 2/19/2023 06:24 commented on My first try to draw a landscape

Fantastic artwork!.

But there is a little problem. You have too many similar colors here (in fact more than 1000 of them). Pixel-art philosophy is to use color economy, It is also a requirement to upload artworks in PJ.

madcat_gsg @ 2/1/2023 20:20 commented on Triangular Anim

Hi! Welcome to PJ! Nice animation.

Just to say artworks have to be uploaded in their original size, without scaling.

madcat_gsg @ 2/1/2023 20:14 commented on City Balcony

Hi! Just upload it in the original size (1:1), without scaling

madcat_gsg @ 2/1/2023 20:08 commented on Sky Traffic

Hi, nice pixel but I detected a little problem: there is a huge palette, with almost 400 unique colors. This pixel doesn't need more than 7 or 8 of them.

I noticed another of your pixels with the same problem. Please keep an eye out for these issues ;)

madcat_gsg @ 2/1/2023 19:50 commented on pixel art

Hi! welcome to PJ!

Nice pixel, but PJ have buit in zoom tool. Artworks have to be uploaded in original size (1:1) to be approved, without any kind of scaling.

madcat_gsg @ 5/22/2022 15:02 commented on Simple wooden house

Hi! Is just PixelJoint have built in zoom tool. Artwork pixels have to be uploaded in their original size (1:1, without scaling) to be approved.

madcat_gsg @ 4/14/2022 14:49 commented on Brevas de San Juan

Sure ^___^

Dishes like Porra, ajoblanco, campero... and espeto, of course ;)

madcat_gsg @ 4/14/2022 07:35 commented on Loca

Hi! I'm afraid the only place you can find them is in Malaga :( maybe in Granada or Cordoba, but you are lucky if you find them outside Andalusia.

madcat_gsg @ 4/6/2022 09:55 commented on Celeste the playful demon

Thank you!

madcat_gsg @ 4/6/2022 09:53 commented on Celeste the playful demon

Thanks ^___^

madcat_gsg @ 4/6/2022 09:51 commented on Mushrooms night

Besides the color usage, PixelJoint have built in zoom tool. It have to be uploaded in original size (not x2 as I see)

Despite that, it's a nice job ;)

madcat_gsg @ 2/23/2022 13:45 commented on Pixel Food

Hi! Nice pixel, but I see a little problem with the colour count: You have 175 in it, most of them un this smoth gradient in the background. For preview icon, it should be ok, but for the the artwork, a dithered one would use fewer colors, or a plain color.

It would also be good to review similar colors and unify them, reducing the palette.

Please correct those issues before to be approved

madcat_gsg @ 12/30/2021 05:57 commented on Chloe Price

Hi! PixelJoint have built-in zoom tool. All pixels have to be uploaded without scaling. Please upload this, and others pixel in your gallery, in 1:1 (real size) to be approved.

madcat_gsg @ 12/30/2021 05:51 commented on Late Night Visit

Hi! I love it, but due to there is nudes in your pixel, it's necessary to show NSFW or similar in the preview image ;)

madcat_gsg @ 12/8/2021 08:19 commented on Sasuke Uchiha in the Desert

Hi, Welcome to PixelJoint!

It Is a wonderful pixel, but PJ have built-in zoom tool. You have to upload it in real size (1:1, without scaling) to be approved.

I see you used 71 colors (instead 80). A little tip, I think you can reduce that number (maybe 30 or less) because I detected a lot of orphan pixels with unique color ;)

madcat_gsg @ 11/1/2021 04:38 commented on Bunny mask girl Vs Plant Lady

Hi! YW. Plant Lady are awesome!

I bet for an happy ending. After a long battle they could be friends :)

madcat_gsg @ 10/3/2021 17:59 commented on Memento Mori

Thanks ^___^

madcat_gsg @ 9/30/2021 14:44 commented on unsuspec(th)ing

Hi! Is this pixel for "Pixelween 21" challenge? Size must be 80x120. Maybe you upload the icon instead the artwork? ;) 

madcat_gsg @ 9/23/2021 17:05 commented on Cyborg Avatar

Perfect! ^__^

madcat_gsg @ 9/23/2021 08:39 commented on Cyborg Avatar

Hi! Nice pixel, but it's double-sized, isn't it?

Can you upload it in 1:1? ;)

madcat_gsg @ 9/23/2021 08:29 commented on Marie Rose - Dead or Alive (NSFW)

I know, but it have to be included in the miniature. This is so because when browsing the gallery you can't see titles, only miniatures, and when you open it is too late, extremely delicate and prudish people might get upset :P 

better to be cautious (believe me I draw a lot of NSFW contents XD)