Spike Xian @ 11/13/2008 19:08 commented on Toxic Sonic: Zombie Nightclub!
I'm not gonna lie this game sounds quite amazing first game based on a band that actually sounds decent. And the concept you have for the final level reminds me of old school games. Keep up the great work.

Spike Xian @ 8/15/2008 19:33 commented on SinBot 16th B-Day
Not my b-day it'sa buddies even though it was yesterday still.

Spike Xian @ 8/15/2008 07:38 commented on Advance wars: Kitchen force
Nice concept mde me lol. Looks great and stays true to the style of the game in every way. Great job!

Spike Xian @ 8/15/2008 07:20 commented on Bunny monster
Looks great, just from this piece I a can tell that the RPG will probably have some great sprites. Awesome job ^^

Spike Xian @ 8/15/2008 07:18 commented on Pokengine Forum Avatar
I like this piece but the only problem I see is that the hands are a little weird but other than that great work ^^

Spike Xian @ 8/15/2008 07:17 commented on Pikachu
looks pretty good only one suggestions please make transparent

Spike Xian @ 8/14/2008 18:23 commented on RPG Mockup
Nice job the colors give off a very dark look which brings out the creepy feel of it, kinda remnds me of castlevania too.

Spike Xian @ 8/14/2008 18:22 commented on GBA Mockup
Love this piece the colors, the tiles, the overall look gives me a pixelgasm. Nice job ^^

Spike Xian @ 8/14/2008 18:21 commented on Candlewax Beast
Love the pixel working hear. The colors are amazingly well done and it gives off the real candle feel. Great work.

Spike Xian @ 8/14/2008 18:15 commented on Big Bird
lol sorry just wondering cause I just joined so as a noob I ask these kinda questions

Spike Xian @ 8/14/2008 18:02 commented on Big Bird
does it take awhile for the people to approve of pixel arts?

Spike Xian @ 8/14/2008 16:18 commented on Box Gent

Love it, it's so awesome and a great concept!

Spike Xian @ 8/14/2008 12:29 commented on 16x16 robots
Like I said on SYTYCS I love these! Very shmexy