Gunpog @ 2/24/2022 10:19 commented on Gaulish monsters - batch 1


Thank you, it's a nice suggestion but the crt pics are a bit scattered everywhere on my twitter, I tried to make a "list" but they do not work the way I thought.



Gunpog @ 2/19/2022 12:33 commented on Divine Jugde art work!

The overall evil color scheme (red-white-black) is a good idea but you are using too many different colors.

The whole sprite is 48 unique colors. Judging by the simple style of the piece, you should be way better off with something like 12 or something (coud be 13 or 10 or 14... you name it, NOT 48, lol). Also, it would be easier to manage shading with less colors but colors that are different enough from each other. Currently, you are juggling with too many balls.

Having too many colors goes with the bad habit of making very smooth gradients for your form shadings. Take the skull, for instance. You are dealing with so many colors that you end up using whites that are almost the same and they do not contribute to the feeling of tridimensionality.

I quickly edited the skull to help you see where you should try to go. You can see I limited the number of colors of the skull area from 13 to 8.

See how you can keep your design idea (simple evil long teeth skull) but use way less colors and try to be more deliberate with your shading for a crispier end result?

Working with less colors will actually help you to focus more on what is important.

Other advices:

-Learn a bit about drawing fundamentals too (google it or search on youtube), your pixel art will definitely benefit from learning this kind of things.

-Use references to help you. It's hard to dive into making a piece without a good visual library built from careful observation of references. For your current subject, look at wizzards in robes, look at how skulls are made, what details you can retain from realism, what you can simplify, etc.

Do not feel overwhelmed if you cannot do it right away, it's totally fine. Just pixel again and again and again and you will make it. Happy pixeling!

Gunpog @ 2/19/2022 02:32 commented on precsssssioussss Valentine

Had not noticed the heart on the snake's head at first, nice touch!

Gunpog @ 10/27/2020 05:42 commented on 24x24 RPG Monster Set

I like the (rim)lighting!

Gunpog @ 9/3/2020 13:20 commented on Brontosaurus grazing

I love the uncoordinated eye blink.

It looks so dumb, he he!

Gunpog @ 9/3/2020 12:56 commented on Bird

Cool, I love how cartoony it feels while retaining a lot of realistic bird features!

Gunpog @ 8/25/2020 07:15 commented on Hi-Res Self-Portrait

Striking piece. Very cool use of the color cells, notably in the hair area!

Btw, this hardware limitation makes me think of pixels within bigger pixels! Kind of a mise en abyme.

Gunpog @ 8/25/2020 05:23 commented on Dino Rampage

Thanks for the proposition, Hapiel, but I think it turned out okay anyways and I don't want the others to feel aggrieved because of my inattention (the shown canvases were clear from start)! Maybe -and it's a huge "maybe"- I will animate it, if I find the time until next sunday. Could be nicer.

Also, thanks Quiara and Christoballs.

Gunpog @ 8/25/2020 02:16 commented on Hidden in Geography III (Cambodia)

Your vibrant rendition of waxy cuticle is very pleasant. Also when I squint, everything feels so much at its place and is very 3Dish.

You made it cute like a millipede even if it's a centipede! Don't forget how DEMONIC they really are, though.

Gunpog @ 8/24/2020 13:04 commented on Boo! It's Luigi!

How is this a first time?


Gunpog @ 8/24/2020 09:37 commented on Dino Rampage

Okay it's fixed... :'(

Gunpog @ 8/24/2020 09:23 commented on Dino Rampage

Yeah, you are right, thanks. I did not pay enough attention to the rules due to very distracting stuff happening at my place. -_-

I Interpreted the requested piece as being 100 by 100 pixels with pixels being elongated hence the rectangular format.

I will edit my piece while trying not to massacre it too much but it sucks.

Gunpog @ 8/24/2020 09:18 commented on Wedding 01 - Ring Bearer

Very nice stuff. Also, it is kind of funny how numerous artists had the same pareidolia regarding certain edges.

Gunpog @ 8/24/2020 09:12 commented on Giant's Fortress tileset [Tiny Thor]

It's very likable indeed.

I like the idea of pseudo perspective applied to the blocks (the fact that their sides look "in perspective" even if everything is tile-based).

Gunpog @ 8/23/2020 03:56 commented on Game Zone 03 - Poring Land

Very cool stuff, congratulations to you, @SovanJedi!

Gunpog @ 8/2/2020 13:05 commented on Superdonkey!

Thank you everyone!

Gunpog @ 7/25/2020 07:01 commented on Papadosio Album Art

Gunpog @ 7/22/2020 13:55 commented on Hello

Thanks @all!

Yep, a cherry! But this time I tried to go for a foamy texture because it's a fake prop disneyland-style one!

Gunpog @ 7/21/2020 05:06 commented on Hello

Calling me cheesehead, uh? How dare you!

(Thx! )

Gunpog @ 7/21/2020 03:19 commented on Vanessa (Dragalia Lost)

Yeah it's cool and very 3D and solid.

I am in a dithering phase myself. What's wrong with dithering? Nothing! Yeaaaaaah!

Gunpog @ 7/19/2020 13:48 commented on spaces,

Okay, I was a bit stressed out because of timezone confusion paranoïa!

And thanks!

Gunpog @ 7/19/2020 06:54 commented on spaces,

Hello, how do I know if my challenge submission worked?

I posted my piece and ticked the specific weekly challenge submission box but my piece did not appear in the submissions.

I hope I will not be forgotten! I have to go now!

Gunpog @ 7/16/2020 01:45 commented on Six Fanarts Challenge - pack 3

All your pieces from this series are awesome but it's too bad the previous one wasn't made in June for there would have be FOUR pixel frogs in the winning pieces!

Gunpog @ 7/16/2020 01:38 commented on Summer 01

Oh yeah, I'm in!

Cool stuff!

Gunpog @ 6/30/2020 12:51 commented on Le Robot

No... Thank YOU for the very kind words!