Kuriositty @ 9/3/2008 15:08 commented on der Scheissbaum
Wow. I love the detail.

Kuriositty @ 9/3/2008 15:06 commented on Made in...
Very clever.
You're colors are wonderful. Everything is very believable,

Kuriositty @ 9/2/2008 13:59 commented on Mini iso scene
Beautiful. Reminds me so much of Final Fantasy for GBA.
I love it. Keep it up!

Kuriositty @ 9/2/2008 13:48 commented on Me ;3
Its cute and very expressive.

Kuriositty @ 9/2/2008 13:44 commented on Electric Peach
I love the whole idea. I agree that the colors are great. I knew it was a peach right away.
Don't think that I'd want one of those though. :p

Kuriositty @ 9/2/2008 13:41 commented on Endobiter
I like it. Its really interesting and the design is wonderful.

Kuriositty @ 9/2/2008 13:39 commented on A tree
Love the tree. Maybe the trunk needs to be lighter. It seems to blend a bit.

Kuriositty @ 9/2/2008 13:36 commented on Blob animation
Its cute. It really does look like something from RO.