MadeyeMike @ 10/16/2008 14:46 commented on Zombie
There I added some lighter color to the eye, added some darker above and gave him a cut on the head.

Is that any better?

MadeyeMike @ 10/9/2008 18:38 commented on Heart Broken
on the thread it says "Only new pixels allowed."

I'd take that to mean that you can't use something you've made before the contest

pretty nice concept tho

MadeyeMike @ 10/9/2008 18:33 commented on Accepting Fear
I think this is the best one I've seen so far for the challenge, you just gota fix the gray

MadeyeMike @ 10/9/2008 18:21 commented on little avatar
This is really nice except for that blinking in the animation

MadeyeMike @ 10/9/2008 09:08 commented on Soul Reaver Remastered
Wow, thats amazing.  I really like how you did the background.

MadeyeMike @ 10/9/2008 06:56 commented on Sadness...
I'm not trying to be mean or anything but I don't think you met all the rules for the challenge

"Canvas Size: Minimum 100x100"  - yours is 110px × 90px, 10px to short
"Colors : 16 colors max" -  looks to me like you have at least 20 if not more

besides that it looks pretty good :)

MadeyeMike @ 10/9/2008 05:59 commented on The Grinning Pumpkin.
The pumpkin is pretty good, but the shadow moves oddly. I thought it was a body at first.

MadeyeMike @ 10/9/2008 05:52 commented on Girl

there is no gray background, it should be transparent, and it look's transparent on my screen

MadeyeMike @ 10/8/2008 23:56 commented on Bunny Siege
ya skamocore, I did run out of time.

And asukicco, the horses aren't that detailed. they only have 2 unique colors, and that's only because i ran out of time before I could use those colors again.

MadeyeMike @ 10/8/2008 23:45 commented on Pumpkin
The pumpkin looks really nice, but the eyes don't look right for some reason.

MadeyeMike @ 10/8/2008 23:42 commented on Foxi
Nice, I really like the face on him.

MadeyeMike @ 10/8/2008 23:38 commented on Ogre
his right arm(our left) looks kinda flat and a bit odd. Otherwise he's pretty cool