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Thanks everyone who voted! :DDDDDD

Duckazoid @ 1/5/2015 06:01 commented on Dark sorcerer (gs)

:DDD first medal! Thank you everyone!

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DUUUDE! awsum light and movement. Keep up the good work!

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Duckazoid @ 12/29/2014 17:34 commented on Nintendo Gameboy Color

LOL Gosh, my 10 year old savings arent enough to buy a pack of batteris per week. Discovered AC adapters and played my GBC as a console plugged on a wall 100% of the time.

Duckazoid @ 12/28/2014 14:36 commented on Nintendo Gameboy Color

Done. I just realized I cant export gifs with opacity different than 0% or 100%.  

Duckazoid @ 12/26/2014 11:14 commented on Aquarius

Actually it depends more of the type of glass and the ambient surrounding it. In this case I chose to not render glass reflections and speculars to give more focus to the animated elements. Thank you for your feedback!  

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Really? I'll double ckeck it then, thanks! And thank you for the tip, I haven't realized it.

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Wow!! That's cool! Nice to find you here pal!

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Thank you guys!

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Hi eishiya, you're absolutely right. I didn't had the same treatment for the background. Instead, I focused only in doing a discreet BG that fits to the character's universe. I'll go back and try some low contrast BG in a more professional way.Thanks for your comment! 

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Thank you guys!! 

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nice work!
where do you sleep?? XD

great forms