Thommy @ 5/31/2019 23:27 commented on Battery Powered Rail Gun

yes, sorry, I wasn't sure what was wrong so I didnt want to trouble anyone 

Thommy @ 5/18/2019 16:36 commented on Battery Powered Rail Gun

thank you!

Thommy @ 4/21/2019 15:33 commented on The Death Shadow

I don't think there is anything objectively wrong or offensive with your challenge and I don't mean to speak for anyone but as a community of artists, we're obviously all dealing with the fire in our own way and some like it was a personal loss. I know I'm still reeling.

I think this chalenge is a nice tribute :)

Thommy @ 4/18/2019 18:36 commented on Not Dead Yet


I picked it up from looking at others' works as well :)

Thommy @ 4/14/2019 10:49 commented on Metal gear Plus

Great shapes!

Thommy @ 3/11/2019 16:44 commented on A slug

wow, great use of that palette! 

Thommy @ 3/11/2019 16:41 commented on Jelly Ghost King

thanks, Illusion!