Zaac @ 1/23/2009 08:24 commented on Vroum Paf
I like everything !

Zaac @ 1/23/2009 08:08 commented on Snoop Dogg
Hi Wade ! I really like this picture, all these little stains and highlights add depth to your picture.

Zaac @ 1/14/2009 05:51 commented on A hamster
All: thank you for all these nice comments!

Zaac @ 1/14/2009 05:48 commented on A hamster
Arylic: you are right, the background is not usefull, but for me, it is not a problem neither... So I choosed to upload a small version of the hamster with a transparent background specially done for PixelJoint and to upload the original version as detailled picture.

Zaac @ 1/14/2009 05:39 commented on A hamster
Fuzzyleaves: so I must write "A hamster" ? Thank you, I was really doubting and the research with Google did not help me.

Zaac @ 1/11/2009 11:00 commented on beachboy
Simple, nice and efficient. I like the way you animated the hairs.

Zaac @ 1/7/2009 17:22 commented on Kiss the ring
Chelle: It 's imposible for me to find all the references, since I have done this picture I moved houses several times and left France for Spain...

Dex, iLKke, Antiboton: ...but I took with me my beloved Amiga and this week-end I have extracted steps of this picture from the old hard disk.

The rescue mission was rather complicated, I had to format disk of 720ko (this option is not directly available with XP or Vista...) and to remember ancient concepts like "mounting the PC0"... I have taken photos of the operation:

...and finally some of the steps (I could not find all the process):

Zaac @ 12/2/2008 16:25 commented on Kiss the ring
oops... I guess I did something wrong with the last comments... They are not appearing any more.

Zaac @ 12/2/2008 16:16 commented on Kiss the ring

After a little issue, I write again my answer:
I did it using the classical grid technique, well-known by all the artists of the demo scene (and the all the old ones of the history of art).

The first trick is to choose references with similar palettes: this is why all the characters depicted are black. Another trick remains in the choice of the three gradients used here; they are all sharing starting and ending colors: the pink and the orange gradient are both finishing by the two same maroons: after the lighter pink, I could use the lighter yellow and the white (the last colors of the orange gradient): as you can see on the Coolio’s face done with the pink gradient, I could use the same light colors to end the green/gray gradient...

adamplays: I moved house so many times since I did this picture that it will be difficult to localize the old magazines with the references, but I will try to reanimate for a while my Amiga’s hard disk to exhume the steps.

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Zaac @ 12/2/2008 02:49 commented on Tales from heaven
Picture updated.

Zaac @ 12/2/2008 02:47 commented on Tales from heaven
dogmeat is right! There are sparkles in the original one:

Good eyes! :D I get the picture I uploaded from another website some times ago, I was not thinking they processed it. But it looks like they slightly changed the value of the colors and they mixed the palette.

tomic: thanks!
pixelblink: technically this picture is a mix between two dithering styles, the use of small round bunches of pixels (on the shoe, on some parts of the face, on the hair) rather popular in the amiga demoscene in the late 90's (Made, Exocet...) and a more basic and traditional way. Actually I don't remember why I choosed to use a 256 colors palette, I guess it was a more comfortable.