MarioH2O @ 2/25/2007 12:38 commented on Banjo Icon
Very cartoony, I like it.

MarioH2O @ 2/24/2007 23:22 commented on Year of the donkey
You win this Challenge.

MarioH2O @ 1/20/2007 07:54 commented on Buttersworth
I like your style, and this one is just cool.  I like the colors and the detail, nice job.

MarioH2O @ 1/7/2007 08:20 commented on fighter
I think the arms look really weird, but I dont know if you wanted it to look like that.

MarioH2O @ 1/4/2007 17:03 commented on Urban (Fossil x Mouthpiece collab)
Cool, you got the kind of look i was going for.

MarioH2O @ 12/31/2006 11:41 commented on Colossal Katamari
That is just insane.  I love the clouds and background this whole piece is amazing.

MarioH2O @ 12/21/2006 16:41 commented on Water thing
Looks nice, wayyyy improved.

MarioH2O @ 12/20/2006 22:05 commented on Big Bird
Woo, just finished the semester, no classes till January 2nd

MarioH2O @ 12/19/2006 21:51 commented on Frog
I know the leg on the right is wierd looking, didn't feel like fixing it.

P.S:I have 3 of the DVD's.  :x

MarioH2O @ 12/19/2006 17:10 commented on Small Bone Icon
I loved the comic, and I love this.  Smooth style, I'd suggest a darker colored background to help make it more visible, or I could just use a different PJ theme.  :P

MarioH2O @ 12/18/2006 19:58 commented on Ammut's beast
Looks awesome, my favorite piece from your gallery as well.

MarioH2O @ 12/12/2006 17:31 commented on After Battle
That is an awesome character design.  Nice job.

MarioH2O @ 11/16/2006 23:30 commented on Borat
IZ NICE, but its "my nama borat"
chin quwii

MarioH2O @ 11/14/2006 14:38 commented on HOLD IT, Vegeta! Why did mine cost 2000$?
it looks official, nice job

MarioH2O @ 11/13/2006 09:18 commented on MANTARILLA!
I love this.  Has a cool, freakish look to it.  The tail is excellent...

MarioH2O @ 11/9/2006 18:50 commented on Big Bird
Thanks guys.  :)

MarioH2O @ 11/3/2006 15:35 commented on Big Bird
Who saw Borat a.k.a funniest movie ever?

MarioH2O @ 11/3/2006 10:48 commented on Boxer
Oh, no thats the little split some shorts have.  I'll fix it soon.

MarioH2O @ 9/30/2006 18:48 commented on Black Hole TALKS!
Gah, I wish I went, but I was occupied that day, I cant wait till november.

MarioH2O @ 9/30/2006 07:52 commented on Black Hole TALKS!
Hehe, my friend saw the movie at a private screening.  He told me it was nonstop laughing.

MarioH2O @ 9/21/2006 08:34 commented on Widepixels - c64pal - FIST
That looks awesome.  Has a comic book feel to it.

MarioH2O @ 9/8/2006 16:11 commented on Donnie up, Wake Donnie
This screams style.

MarioH2O @ 8/31/2006 08:44 commented on EL GORILA!
You've achieved your own style, I knew this was done by you before I eevn clicked on it.

MarioH2O @ 8/29/2006 15:48 commented on The Urban Artist
Awesome, I was planning on doing a pixel art based on this kind of stuff, I like it.  It has style.

MarioH2O @ 8/24/2006 13:58 commented on jumprope
This is a travesty, a sham, and a mockery, its a traveshamockery.