dragonzrule @ 6/29/2009 15:13 commented on Big Bird

In graphic's gale, I don't know how to start a new palette.  I get this nasty default palette and I don't know how to start my own. Help plox.

dragonzrule @ 4/27/2009 15:49 commented on ∆

Its good, but it reminds me a lot of the Aida Concept album cover:


dragonzrule @ 12/13/2008 08:53 commented on nO!wAy
That is really smooth.  I like it very much.  The only thing that you should add is AAing on the wihte coming from the stars.  Other than that, its very dynamic. 

dragonzrule @ 11/10/2008 17:03 commented on Knowledge
The eyebrows are long becauseIt looked better than no eye brows. 

dragonzrule @ 11/2/2008 14:56 commented on Ghost Gasmask fakemon
I think you understand what I mean.  I'll work on hue shifting on my non-d/p styled work.  This one won't get an evo, but I will keep making fakemon.

dragonzrule @ 11/1/2008 18:25 commented on Big Bird

Ummm, hi.  *feels scared*


dragonzrule @ 10/27/2008 13:39 commented on Trioculi
It kidof reminds me of war of the worlds, except 10x more scary and amazing.