MicmasH @ 10/11/2019 17:32 commented on Octobit - Day 11 - Dodgeball

Oh dang I wish this game was a reality :)

MicmasH @ 8/22/2019 13:13 commented on King Boo

Wow, you're animation has really stepped up since I've last seen it! Nice work :3

MicmasH @ 8/16/2019 19:23 commented on Shiva

Everything you do is so beautiful! (and non-nsfw)


MicmasH @ 7/30/2019 15:32 commented on Courtyard

so photorealistic, even at a low resolution, great job!

MicmasH @ 7/30/2019 15:30 commented on Apollo 11

This is so amazing, I can't believe it. That reflection dithering is perfect.

MicmasH @ 7/30/2019 15:26 commented on 8th Century Viking Warrior

This lighting is so beautiful on this one, great job!

MicmasH @ 7/29/2019 14:03 commented on bunny2

Oh no, it did pan out :3 it's just the top of the leg that has the background color showing through, and then the leg that is completely dark doesn't make that much sense, if it's a shadow maybe I would make a diagonal dark line across the leg. Were you going for the kind of, Firewatch or TF2 cel shaded chunky look? Your very close to it, it's just got a few too many stray pixels, and of course the leg lighting. But that's all of course my opinion, I really love this character otherwise, I love the pallette, pose and the sword, and the face is perfect. I'm definantly gonna have to learn from you on that :)

MicmasH @ 7/26/2019 19:52 commented on Rainy day

Moody! I love it. I personally wish there was a little more side-to-side swinging to better match the wind, but subtle like it is now. Just cause I've spent most of my younger life watching and playing on swings :)

MicmasH @ 7/26/2019 19:47 commented on Hey its me jouj

Yeah! Lupin III, from the Castle of Cagliostro, to be exact :)

MicmasH @ 7/26/2019 19:46 commented on Hang on Little Tomato

That's a very unique idea! If you ever go through with it I would love to play it!

MicmasH @ 7/26/2019 19:45 commented on Berd's Drill

This is such a good sprite! I love the vibration on it!

MicmasH @ 7/26/2019 08:32 commented on bunny2

Nice job! Although, it seems to be a little unfinished in the coloring. Is this a wip?

Other than that the pose is great, and I love the face and the sword.

By the way, even if it wasn't carrot juice I'm not sure that it qualifies as NSFW, really.

Your antialiasing is perfectly beatiful.

MicmasH @ 7/25/2019 19:34 commented on Summer Gal

Yep. TV's more NSFW than this :)

Great cloth work and AA!

MicmasH @ 7/21/2019 21:41 commented on One last Smoke.

He's a character from a video game, sorry :)

\\\ I feel the same way, I want to find a style that's realistic and extremely simplified at the same time, though I lean towards abstract and angular shapes in alot of my art (Ahem... scribbling if we're being totally honest here :)

I really like the way you used light and dark in this, it really sets the mood. I also like the composition, very clear!

MicmasH @ 7/21/2019 10:45 commented on One last Smoke.

Neat, though why is Link smoking?? :)

MicmasH @ 7/20/2019 15:33 commented on Glass of cola

Hey, good job with the ice!  It looks like it's actually submerged in soda, the way it recedes back.

MicmasH @ 7/20/2019 15:20 commented on "Final Eclipse"

she protecc

she attac

but most importantly

she clicc

Eyy nice job! ;)

I like it better than the original.

MicmasH @ 7/20/2019 15:17 commented on Tetsuo and Kaneda

I knew what this was the instant I saw it. That anime style is so immediately recognizable and you captured it pretty well!

MicmasH @ 7/19/2019 06:55 commented on Ghibli Tea Set

Nice job........

And happy birthday Mal!

### Wait a minute, your birthdays not showing up... Ireenart posted happy birthday in the iso collab today, are we both wrong? ##

MicmasH @ 7/19/2019 06:47 commented on Frost Rose

Such a soothing blue color!

MicmasH @ 7/18/2019 18:30 commented on Sofia

This actually looks like my mom when she was younger. She even wears glasses. Good job with the turnaround animation.

MicmasH @ 7/18/2019 18:19 commented on Sikh

Guess you could say he's feeling pretty sikh...

MicmasH @ 7/18/2019 08:54 commented on samurai chaos space marines

Wow, this makes me think of Mortal Kombat when I see it. Amazing!

MicmasH @ 7/18/2019 08:44 commented on The Three Stooges Get Brained

Shemp forever! Curly was out of place for an adult.

MicmasH @ 7/18/2019 08:41 commented on Nostalgia

Nobody want's to play Sega with Harrison Ford...