yrizoud @ 4/5/2019 00:34 commented on Diorama

I really like that you swapped the birds around so that they take turns.

yrizoud @ 3/9/2019 13:10 commented on Caterpillar tracked robot

Yes! your robot first made me think of older games with more rudimentary gameplays, but Gun Hazard is indeed the most satisfying mech game I ever played, I completed it several times and can't get bored with it.

yrizoud @ 3/8/2019 04:44 commented on Caterpillar tracked robot

Gosh, this reminds me of sidescrollers. I miss non-humanoid avatars as well as science-fiction/robotic settings.

yrizoud @ 3/1/2019 07:04 commented on A Casbah tile for a tile-based game

I'm sure it's challenging at several levels, but I advise you to carry on. The end result is a very specific number of tiles, and even though you'll find room for improvement, it will be complete and usable.

One thing you could rework as soon as possible is the general lighting, ie. the average color of ground, walls, roofs. The green is very saturated, I feel this looks more like Ireland in a cloudy day (ie. any day) than Algeria in a sunny day. You can search online for 'aerial <place>' to get photographs, it should help you compare with what you draw. You will probably want less saturated colors overall, ie. colors where R G and B are closer to each other.

yrizoud @ 3/1/2019 06:22 commented on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Pool of Radiance Redraw

Also, it's amazing how many different styles you can draw.

yrizoud @ 3/1/2019 06:19 commented on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Pool of Radiance Redraw

I just found the original Pool of Radiance screenshots, and indeed you only had a face to start from (and it explains the "looking straight, symmetric face"). All the more merit to you!

Sorry if I sounded like an attack, I only meant to say that I discovered these artists because their art was used in 8bit games (and not always officially, which I learnt much later!) I don't think Pool of Radiance uses/adapts much existing art, except the (box) cover by Clyde Caldwell. He did a lot of famous AD&D illustrations such as the characters of the Dragonlance books/games (Raistlin, Goldmoon, Riverwind...).He also does more sexy fantasy art, but you don't find his sexier stuff in the more family-friendly AD&D products - and I would have been very surprised if such an alluring picture ended up with a Nintendo seal of approval!

Frazetta of course! I knew I remembered some paintings of barbarian girls, but this one name escaped me. This is a nice homage / practice, and especially challenging to interpret naked skin in 4 colors.

I advise viewers who appreciate this pixel art to look up all these artists names. There are many amazing artworks to discover, appreciate, and learn from.

yrizoud @ 3/1/2019 03:11 commented on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Pool of Radiance Redraw

For low-color count like this, the challenge is always in choosing the best-looking levels of shading.

It's difficult to say because of the pauldron, but there may be a size mismatch between the head and body. In general I would expect the cranium to be larger to fit the body, but I understand this can also be part of the caricature / low angle shot (small top and large bottom, to emphasize the character's size/presence) 

This reminds me of Amstrad games, where a lot of covers were heavily inspired (or straight up plagiarized) from artists like Luis Royo. When I think about it, the people who were hired in 80s to do game art had studied in late 70s, so it makes sense that their artistic references would be in the works at this time of Boris Vallejo, the Metal Hurlant publishings, etc.

In this case, publishers of AD&D had licensed artworks that they could provide to the game artists, but I don't recognize a known Forgotten Realms illustration, and I would be surpried that Nintendo allow the lewder fantasy illustrations (I mean even a fully censored/clothed version of this character would still show suggestive hips). Is it possible to see the original/inspiration somewhere ?

yrizoud @ 2/1/2019 09:50 commented on She is not impressed

I am!

And glad to see more pixels from you after all this time! This one shows your ability to mix non-primary colors as well.

yrizoud @ 1/31/2019 07:33 commented on EXP 02

Like one of these nightmarish "find the hidden objects" pictures.

yrizoud @ 1/7/2019 07:24 commented on Big Bird

I got a perfect score as well, despite being colorblind. This "test" was made by people who have no idea what they're doing.

yrizoud @ 1/4/2019 06:07 commented on MAR

I'm afraid this is not pixel art, because you let a program perform a reduction of size (and colors) of one of your animated paintings. Animated GIF does have its uses, especially for the web, and the "grain" of dither pattern can be interesting, but it's really not the same artform. For example at this size / color count the "MAR" sign becomes nearly unreadable, both lit and unlit. It would be more interesting to touch up / fix / or outright redraw the letters using pixel art technique : favoring "full" pixels when possible, and using antialiasing / subpixelling otherwise. I am really sorry to break it to you, because I hope you don't see it as a kind of rejection from the community, but the gallery of PJ is really specialized for pixel art works, so you can expect that this piece will appear "inactive / sent back for revision". I see you are expanding your techniques, and this is great. If you have any time to invest in touching up this piece or start another, don't hesitate to post it in the forum : hybrid pieces are fine there, and as you explain what process you use, people can give feedback and advice on parts that need more work, and which pixel art technique helps what.

yrizoud @ 11/30/2018 03:03 commented on t-rex

This has the perfect mix of cute and creepy for an enemy in a 2d game :)

yrizoud @ 11/20/2018 07:18 commented on Azrenadi Paper Doll

I suppose a lot of unnatural proportions are a voluntary change from human anatomy, but I see one odd mismatch, that may make the character's body language hard to read, and I'm not sure it something you fully want : The shoulders are stretched back, as they would for someone who stands very straight, however the legs are flexed in a way that reminds much more of the way a boxer would "rest", and in this position, the head and shoulders would be leaning more forward (These legs immediately made me think of Cody's standing pose in the old Final Fight).

In any case, the pixelling is sharp and everything is interesting to look at, this is Capcom skill level :)

yrizoud @ 11/15/2018 04:11 commented on TheRetroDragon

I like the line art, together with the color choice it reminds me of the late 70s comics, Moebius specifically.

yrizoud @ 11/12/2018 09:53 commented on Pick ax attack

For example here

Weapon-based VS fighting games (Samurai showdown?) certainly have the better striking movements, but it's harder to study a 20-frame animation : The double dragon case is 4 images, and it's interesting to see which 4 frames they chose (no wonder there's the concept of "key frames")

yrizoud @ 11/12/2018 00:55 commented on Pick ax attack

It animates nicely, but it's a very short range attack (You may find it too awkward in an actual game), and the pickaxe doesn't seem to have much weight. A reference I often use for a weapon swing if the baseball bat from Double Dragon : the character leans his shoulders away from the weapon at all times in order to compensate for the moving center of gravity, it shows a lot of power.

yrizoud @ 10/26/2018 18:01 commented on lab

My memory is fuzzy after all these years. In any case, this scene reminds me the cozy less-than-fullscreen rooms that really make you feel you're in a real place.

yrizoud @ 10/26/2018 07:28 commented on lab

I can't help thinking I know this place. Isn't there a similar room in Cave Story, the right exit leading to a long corridor with giant eggs ?

yrizoud @ 10/18/2018 05:27 commented on Vehicle

Some people may not know this object, it's called a pallet jack, and used in wharehouses to carry crates.

yrizoud @ 10/3/2018 09:23 commented on Insanity

I found the broken / late ones :) Very nice job on the scene lighting, it really makes it "3D"


yrizoud @ 9/28/2018 02:31 commented on Map, Grass field

This is extremely well pixelled, though rather "classic" in design.

The pines however would need a thinner trunk...

yrizoud @ 9/27/2018 02:11 commented on Lethal Lava Land

At first glance the level design looks "scrambled", you have to study the image in detail in order to make out the platforms as a path (including jumps). I think this is because the playing area uses simple "flat" shapes, while the background has texture and contrast - and red is a vibrant color, while grey doesn't jump to the eye as much.

yrizoud @ 9/26/2018 07:58 commented on Pixel Tribute: Seb McKinnon's Archfiend of Ifnir

It really depends what you want to copy (keep). Keeping subtle color ranges faithful to the original condemned you to a very large and complex palette.

A monochrome rendition would have been more manageable (or near-monochrome : two color ranges, one hot and one cold)

Very often, copies/transfers are not meant to be viewed side by side with the original, so they have the possibility to explore very different color spaces : Example with a transfer to amstrad which has a very small and unforgiving palette :

Original :

The pink jacket is only jarring if you compare. If you watch the transferred image on its own merits, it fits.

yrizoud @ 9/12/2018 07:41 commented on The Succubus' Selfie

This reminds me a lot of the comic book "Saga". This is not an anthropomorphized monster, you show an actual person that happens to not be human. 

yrizoud @ 8/17/2018 06:32 commented on Big cat

Did you have a reference for the stance ? It's a very interesting view, it seems familiar, but I couldn't find what it reminds me. I probably saw a RPG use simlilar pose for a battle sprite, for panther / lion / manticora / displacer beast. In any case, the pixelling is top notch. You have a real skill for representing animals / creatures.