Prenn Saranda @ 1/25/2010 06:46 commented on Shadow Rabbit [Weekly Challenge]

 It is actually two hands :) And it is possible to hold the hands like that :P 

Prenn Saranda @ 1/21/2010 13:20 commented on Shadow Rabbit [Weekly Challenge]

Thanks all :) 

Denmen707 - Yeah, see your point, if I have some sparetime tomorrow or in the weekend, I'll see if I can make it a little more exciting.

shibumi - If I have time to do it I'll make some more contrast on the thumbnail :) About the pointing finger, it is actually ment to bend, because the right hand thumb is holding around the tip of it.

Prenn Saranda @ 1/7/2010 04:46 commented on Initial M, black and white [Weekly Challenge]

 It is meant to be the way it is :) Like initials like this:

But thanks for the suggestion :D 

Prenn Saranda @ 11/2/2009 13:30 commented on better late than never!

 I can almost hear it laught when it flashes! :D "Mwaaa ha ha ha haa"

Prenn Saranda @ 10/16/2009 06:29 commented on Silly mr. Gray [Weekly]

 Thanks for the comments :) I do not have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, but if I have some time before the deadline (..or maybe after) I'll try to fix the things you have pointed out :D 

Prenn Saranda @ 9/26/2009 05:26 commented on Let Hell people throw stones too! (Weekly Challenge)

 Yeah, thought it would be hard to see :/ 

He is holding a stone in his hands in a ready to throw stance :) 

Prenn Saranda @ 8/4/2009 12:04 commented on Mysterious glow

 Reminds me of Austin Powers (goldmember) 

Really great peace Fool  I admire you 

Prenn Saranda @ 8/3/2009 11:27 commented on When you need to.. (Weekly Challenge)

@asukicco - Tanks ;D Yeah, but I think I'll let it be as it is :P 

@Ails - Thanks :D 

@dpixel - Haha, me too ;) Meteorite-pee :D 

@Jabberwock - Don't know xD 

@Ademisk - No, it is meant to be normal pee, but because of the low gravity, it just keeps moving ;D 

Prenn Saranda @ 7/26/2009 14:10 commented on Potion: x3

 I think the two last ones is the best.. Number one is okay, but I think number two looks too much like a pear xD But that may just be me :P 

Prenn Saranda @ 7/12/2009 13:04 commented on mega mesnch

Hahaha, loves it :D First thought it was a spoof of batman because of the preview xD 

Prenn Saranda @ 7/10/2009 05:38 commented on Mudokon (Weekly Challenge)


A question: Can I update this pixel-art, even though I am in the challenge? :O 


EDIT: I'll take the chance..

Prenn Saranda @ 7/2/2009 15:24 commented on Pattern Avatar

 Thanks :D 

Prenn Saranda @ 7/1/2009 05:37 commented on Toon-Dinosaur run-animation

 Thanks :P 

Prenn Saranda @ 7/1/2009 05:34 commented on Pattern Avatar

 Thanks :) 

Prenn Saranda @ 7/1/2009 05:31 commented on Ancient Spells.. (Weekly Challenge)

 kvetacek: Thanks, I see the problems with the palm, but I can't make it look right :-/ 

Celri: Thanks ^^

ommikoshii: What was what? O.o 

Prenn Saranda @ 6/19/2009 16:30 commented on Angel of Music

 Likes it :D Could see right away what it was xD

Maybe a little too red *-)  But it's a long time since I saw the movie, and I can't remember how red that part of his face is.. :P 

Prenn Saranda @ 1/25/2009 11:07 commented on Toon-Dinosaur run-animation
Thanks :P Sorry if I sounds dumb, but what is CG? xD

Prenn Saranda @ 1/25/2009 11:06 commented on Bubbles
pixelblink - I know, but that was the only thing I had in my head xD

Igor K - Yes it is very small :P Thanks :)

Prenn Saranda @ 12/18/2008 04:44 commented on Toon-Dinosaur run-animation
Thanks xD But it is not one of my first :/

Prenn Saranda @ 12/18/2008 04:41 commented on Toon-Dinosaur turn-animation
You are right about that :P Mayby I will change that later xD Thanks :)

Prenn Saranda @ 10/14/2008 15:48 commented on Sea scorpian

Great sprite! Saw it first time on GMC. Shouldn't you give credit to Omerta, for the lineart. (don't know how it is spelled? also, I'm new here, so don't know if there is a rule here about it) But anyways, good job!