35au1 @ 10/9/2019 13:17 commented on Vampyre

yup, I'm pretty sure that artem, polyducks and jeremy will be the top 3, can't decide which one is my favourite, raven would win for best idea, but this is so damn polished/concrete

35au1 @ 7/23/2019 09:17 commented on House c:

I like it, very clear design

35au1 @ 7/22/2019 12:48 commented on Pig Boy

too many Tool fans around, lol (those born in 80')

35au1 @ 7/8/2019 06:45 commented on Girl

Congrats guys! You've just totally broke pixeljoint by skipping 2 challenge rules - size (trippled), amount of colours (80+). I'm out of this place!

35au1 @ 7/8/2019 02:19 commented on In tavern.

perfection, the usage of the darkest colour should be treated as a separate tutorial

35au1 @ 7/3/2019 23:37 commented on Rube Dogeforge!

fair winner

35au1 @ 7/1/2019 14:11 commented on Granbull

@Adarias, I will get back to discussion once the challenge will be closed. Marking that stretching the rule from such limitation (200x150 pixels) to size where 1 pixel is worth 4-6 pixels is more than stretching. It was probably better to cancel the challenge since for a week submission page didn't show any submissions, no one was assuming the challenge is still on-going.

35au1 @ 7/1/2019 07:49 commented on Granbull

nevertheless, please, be upright

35au1 @ 7/1/2019 03:44 commented on Granbull

please, mark that even if submission from zhangyue27334 is a really decent piece, it does not fit challenge requirements (Canvas Size - Exactly. 200 (Width) x 150 (Height))

35au1 @ 6/21/2019 12:05 commented on goat

nice AA! did you add it manually? :O

35au1 @ 6/21/2019 12:02 commented on Piggies

so kawai!

35au1 @ 6/8/2019 11:35 commented on horror animation

yeah, probably e.g. dark cream white, red, brown would fit better, nevertheless, it was just for testing purposes. I may try to reupload it in future

35au1 @ 6/7/2019 01:27 commented on 12 Zodiac Signs

this is very good! keep drawing in this style. Not sure if it is possible, but changing the preview icon would increase this piece popularity

35au1 @ 6/6/2019 01:38 commented on Alice game promo

mix of fantasy-24 from lowspec (half of the colours) minus many dark colours, only 1 light, + fully replaced red colour (4), only 1 green (dark)