gawrone @ 2/18/2020 00:06 commented on Princess

Why not in the The Inheritor challenge? Fits the theme. Looks great.

gawrone @ 2/17/2020 23:54 commented on Big Bird

Amazonite, I have no idea why you wrote this, but I thank you. Please do join the collab, there are still some cool free tiles waiting to be filled. Planet ISO is the first I’ve done and I’m also a newbie in pixel art in general. There are plenty helpful people, who are much more experienced in pixel art and in ISO collabs than me, but I will try to help you as much as I can.

gawrone @ 2/17/2020 04:41 commented on Mycelium

I've got used to Clint Eastwood but doesn't matter because this is amazing!

gawrone @ 2/17/2020 02:41 commented on Big Bird

I'm not saying I know anything about it or that it's easy, but maybe a Pixel joint mobile app could increase the stats that are going down (comments and ratings), and make the community stronger, more talkable and "up-to-date"?

gawrone @ 2/17/2020 00:42 commented on Gummy Bros

Ya goin' ta lure all da cops with that thing!

gawrone @ 2/15/2020 04:15 commented on 15 Portraits

Thank you very much. Next step is to add each one of them a set of expressions, which will have to reflect the personalities.

gawrone @ 2/15/2020 03:49 commented on Madame President

Interesting effect with hair colours outside the outline. Gives it a feel of a coloured pencil drawing. The pale and low contrasted building outside the window looks incredible.

gawrone @ 2/15/2020 03:27 commented on Descent

Pixel art masterpiece like that does look good viewed at 2x but is also worth inspecting carefully in 8x.

gawrone @ 2/14/2020 05:00 commented on Gummy Bros

Thanks, but if you want to buy sone of that STUFF, gotta stand in line, and prepare cold, hard cash. No refunds!

gawrone @ 2/14/2020 01:15 commented on Broccoli

Hello, you don't have to (and shouldn't) enlarge your picture before uploading. PJ has a zooming thingy under the images. You can reupload your pic in normal size by editing it.

gawrone @ 2/14/2020 01:08 commented on Gummy Bros

You could try, but they will not go down easily!

gawrone @ 2/13/2020 11:24 commented on 15 Portraits

I highly appreciate your complimet shm31, thank you!

gawrone @ 2/13/2020 04:30 commented on 15 Portraits

Thanks! I think I will...after some break :)

gawrone @ 2/12/2020 14:40 commented on Spooky Scary Skeleton

Great choices with colours and crafty animation allowed this skeleton to look super cute. Nice work.

gawrone @ 2/12/2020 13:44 commented on Stump House

Lots of colours but in case of this wonderful, hallucinatory artwork is completely justified - even needed. I love those colours.

gawrone @ 2/12/2020 13:40 commented on Tea pot, tea cup

Incredibly impressive!

gawrone @ 2/11/2020 06:00 commented on Betty Bootstrap - Old Sprites

Betty Bootstrap is now one of my favorite female game characters. The design is amazing. After showing this there is no escape now. This have to become a game.

gawrone @ 2/10/2020 09:35 commented on Big Bird

I have to say that I do not buy what you wrote. I’m 10 years older than you and I find discord an amazing communicating tool. Something like Skype aspired to be years ago but failed, and with much more useful options. And with using it I was feeling overwhelmed at start but just few instructions (from someone older than me) was enough for me to use it at least efficiently. You can’t compare forums to communicators. Different tools for different tasks.

gawrone @ 2/10/2020 06:14 commented on Big Bird

I would agree with ParkerBabyDiaperCompany's suggestion, which I understood as "you don't have to go anywhere else than here". I don't know about pixeljoint-discord but I uderstand those are two completely different things. I do not see this place ( as dead. Not at all.

I would also like to differ some types of activity. I see that twitter's is very rapid, but in my personal experience (which of course might be distorted), it is only about sharing art in a flex manner, within the boundries of your bubble's bubble, with not much depth in it. So yes, quallity will depend on who you follow, but is that a good thing?

In my view Pixel joint is more accesible. Allows beginners to experience much more than insecurity while watching all those amazing top artists. Here you are a part of the pixel art community from the beginning. Pixeljoint's activity feels much more "cozy" to me, and less elitist or celebritish even. Being open for new people is how I understant "active", becasue you can't sustain activity forever if you wish to have elitist community of only familiar faces trying to sustain high quality, and keeping the flood away.

But that's a new guy's opinion. If I don't understand twitter's pixel art and just type prejudice, please let me know.

gawrone @ 2/10/2020 03:00 commented on Metal Snake Capricorn

I was considering many difefrent ideas for this challenge entry, but Capricorn and Snake was not among them and it is mindblowing! Your realisation is much more than multilevel hybrid of a hybrid (like including metal). And that tail is lovely.

gawrone @ 2/10/2020 02:53 commented on Reverse Naga

Amazonite, there are much more bright, colorful, clean, and well made entries in this challenge, but knowing that you like my piece so much makes me feel like a winner already, and I don't think I need anything more. Thank you!

gawrone @ 2/10/2020 02:45 commented on Draco-Taurus

Irena, you post art so rarely (I know that you are very busy, so it is not a complaint), that each time you do it is a joyful event to me. When you add to it, that it always have such great standard, I cannot imagine how good it could be, if you were able to fully devote to it.

gawrone @ 2/10/2020 02:32 commented on Double Zodiac Dog Virgo

You did well. I consider myself a newbie in pixel art, so it feels wrong for me to act like a smartass, but I would like to say that not all stress have to be negative. If it is not an overwhealming distress, than it is a good thing (it mobilizes you into action), and thanks to it you finished your work. Now you have a very positive feeling of acomplishment, which is awesome. I think that it is normal, that you can't always have fun with your pixels, but you can at least try to use your stress in a good way. I think that the real problem would be if the challenge would bore you.

gawrone @ 2/10/2020 00:07 commented on Reverse Naga

Thanks for liking my post. Yeah, those can be really cool. But this double sign idea could lead to even more crazy stuff. One of my ideas was connecting Horse with Sagittarius - the centaur version, so if a centaur is four legs of a horse connected with upper body of a human, you replace human part with another horse part and you get a six legged horse (I claim copyright for that idea :P).

gawrone @ 2/9/2020 14:13 commented on Reverse Naga

Feels great to read that. Thank you!