Wedmak @ 6/6/2018 00:20 commented on Avatar

Thanks for the feedback guys! So may be I will post some game graphics on PJ - there're plenty assets that I may to show.

About "post-mortem" or "making of'. English isn't my native tongue as you can see, and it's still hard for me but I will try to make some text :)

Wedmak @ 11/3/2014 01:18 commented on Portable Potable Potions and Lotions

Fox drawing reminds me "Redwall" animated series ) Thank you for pleasant memories!

Wedmak @ 10/24/2013 01:54 commented on Pixelart Landscape 3

 Great, great, great! Very interesting technic , in spite of the unreal scale of woods. The atmosphere and depth of this picture are gorgeous.

Wedmak @ 9/23/2013 01:30 commented on Autumn landscape

Thanks for comment all!

So, I know that this picture isn't so much detailed. And from my point of view it's good, because you can turn on your imagination, think what these or that spot means ) I paint this way.

I will keep the work in future pixel images )

Wedmak @ 8/14/2011 02:31 commented on H|F's Deer

It's rememer me the statue in our town department store:

Unusual proportions :)

Wedmak @ 8/5/2011 07:35 commented on The Turkish sitizen's son

It's a play of the words - "Turkish sitizen's son" - the name of Russian Empire's people (beginning of the XX century), which lived on the Turkish border and passed under Turkish citizenship. It could be not only Turks, often.

So, a main hero of "The twelve chairs" is Ostap Bender (on the picture, cartoon variant), and HE was Turkish sitizen's son. By the way, I recommend this book to read - very interesting and ironic piece :)

I'm very sorry for my English, I didn't speak (and write too) it very long (

Wedmak @ 8/4/2011 20:50 commented on Welcome, stranger!

Thanks, guys! I agree with you - the work looks rather unfinished, thats why I posted it there :) Thanks for comments, fortunately I have some time to continue this work. Maybe I will update it =)

By the way, this one was just an old sketch:

Wedmak @ 8/13/2010 07:10 commented on Picture about morning clouds

Kumiko, it was really interesting. So much ineffable feelings )

Thank you!

Wedmak @ 8/13/2010 06:10 commented on Picture about morning clouds

Paulo, thank you! No, I have done it with my laptop on the nature. On one of weekend of June I went to the country side near my town, for relax ) It's result..

Mambazo, Ixolite, thank guys!

Wedmak @ 7/24/2010 03:33 commented on Housing complexes

I live in NN, and I see the same picture near my house :D

Wedmak @ 5/24/2009 13:01 commented on Soviet locomotive TEP10

d9nis, yes, there is 37 colors, with background and font color.

yrizoud, in the game this should look better )

Wedmak @ 1/10/2009 01:03 commented on Landing transport "Fat man McCarthy"
Adam, I will try to use your recommendation in its future work, many thanks!

Wedmak @ 1/9/2009 13:29 commented on Landing transport "Fat man McCarthy"
Ky3bMu4, thanks :)

Wedmak @ 1/9/2009 12:00 commented on Landing transport "Fat man McCarthy"
xXHalfieXx, Thank you for your advice, I will try to follow him

Wedmak @ 12/22/2008 00:28 commented on Steampunk
Great job! I like the human's face, and the choice of colors, technique execution!

Wedmak @ 12/22/2008 00:23 commented on Get naked!!! (Warning - nude persons!)
I like this :) Очешуенная работа!!!
+100 to all!

Wedmak @ 12/18/2008 22:57 commented on Slavic magician "volhv"
skamocore, I'm very sorry, I have edited the image.

Wedmak @ 12/18/2008 14:41 commented on Wize, mad and the ugly
Brilliant work!

Wedmak @ 12/18/2008 14:20 commented on The New Year in New York
Balamoot, it's great idea ^_^ !!! I remember the film "Postal"

Wedmak @ 12/18/2008 02:59 commented on Rolls Royce Phantom
I join the latest comrades - the work is unfinished and somewhat grim. But I like painting technique, so you must to continue to work in this style :)

Wedmak @ 12/18/2008 02:52 commented on Animated Hamster!!
It's so funny Nice work, comrade!

Wedmak @ 12/17/2008 23:36 commented on "Big Mag!"
Maybe:) Unfortunately, the style of Metal Slug is still far - there are funny and a little lightly. Well and it more picturesque.
In general, I will still draw and experiment ))

Wedmak @ 12/17/2008 15:15 commented on "Big Mag!"
Thanks :) I will try to continue )

Wedmak @ 12/10/2008 23:34 commented on Armored snail!
Thank, guys! :) I think to paint anything else in this style, and constructive criticism so important to me )

Wedmak @ 12/10/2008 10:21 commented on Armored snail!
Igor K., why? :) Background can be removed, but why palette clean?