pyrometal @ 5/25/2017 14:52 commented on Big Bird

Ah, there you are Ed! Been wondering where you were



I have another feature for FJ I was thinking of developing. I'll wait for you to reply to my other PMs first though, haha


pyrometal @ 5/20/2017 21:16 commented on Set of Tracer Poses

Can you replace the bg color with transparency? Or at least a color that is easier on the eyes? I will approve this piece into your gallery once you have done so.



pyrometal @ 5/20/2017 20:56 commented on Fysol

Nice work!

pyrometal @ 5/20/2017 20:35 commented on Big Bird

Careful now, the mods are watching

pyrometal @ 5/17/2017 16:50 commented on Big Bird

PJ's comments, articles and private messages all use the same formatting system 

pyrometal @ 5/17/2017 14:51 commented on Big Bird

Yes, that is also an option



The advantage of modifying the page source directly is that it gives a live preview right on the page with PJ's CSS already applied to it.


I guess it comes down to personal preference though!


pyrometal @ 5/16/2017 20:23 commented on Big Bird

Thanks everyone



If you think this is cool, wait until next month! After some more preliminary testing today, I think you will be quite pleased with the extent to which articles can formatted


Thinking maybe I should post a tutorial in the forums that explains how to do this so others can enhance their articles. Requires knowledge of HTML/CSS + using your browser's "web developer mode" though...


pyrometal @ 5/16/2017 19:02 commented on Dylan_Hunt

Jeez, you guys are making me blush . Didn't expect this to be so well received!



This isn't even the full extent of what I can do with formatting; just wait and see what I will pull off next month

pyrometal @ 5/16/2017 03:57 commented on Dylan_Hunt

Thanks! This was actually a huge pain to get right

pyrometal @ 5/12/2017 14:42 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, sorry about that, I've been binge approving/rejecting the older pieces in the queue this week.

On the bright side, we now have a workaround for the admin queue issue which will be available to all the mods soon. EdJr is working on integrating my script into his FixelJoint plugin.

8 page queues should now be a thing of the past.

pyrometal @ 5/7/2017 21:52 commented on Curias' Zyphalion, the Skyworthy and Sacrosanct Lance of Interminable Prestige

NPA = Not Pixel Art

Please fix before we can approve into the gallery

pyrometal @ 5/7/2017 19:23 commented on Big Bird

Yes, I was aiming at a "PJ Plus" type of experience for this project.

To be honest, the thoughts you expressed about potentially fragmenting the community and hard road to adoption are ones that I have as well. As eishyia stated in the forum posts, it would be fantastic if this site could be PJ's direct successor, retaining the same name. I would then be able to port all of PJs data over with minimal impact to the community . This is something I plan on negotiating with sedge in the future once closer to completion. I have his email address

Might you be interested in joining me in the development at some point? Probably still too early for now since the structure is barely established and am still focusing on look and feel aspects.

pyrometal @ 5/6/2017 20:43 commented on Big Bird

I intend to implement these types of enhanced zoom features in my current project



pyrometal @ 5/5/2017 19:58 commented on Me on RPG

+20 points for the following users: scriblroid, osmasker, king_bobston, wido2000, and Pm10 for making their entries Easter themed!



pyrometal @ 5/5/2017 19:29 commented on Big Bird

I think any of the mods are willing to listen, myself included, but the mod who primarily takes care of the weekly challenges nowdays is Mandrill

pyrometal @ 5/3/2017 17:31 commented on Big Bird

Very interesting, I was not aware of Flixel Joint's existence, very cool! It's actually going to be necessary that we integrate into your addon to circumvent Same Origin Policy issues. I am running into this problem while trying to modify PJ content loaded inside an iframe with JS.



I'll likely send you a PM this weekend when I have more time to look into this.


pyrometal @ 5/1/2017 21:12 commented on Big Bird

It is definitely possible to coherce the approval system and in fact just did with this piece as a proof of concept. All that was needed was to change some form values around with those of the piece I wanted to approve (piece id + corresponding user id inside hidden input fields).

Very time consuming and impractical to do it this way however.

You have a great idea there with writting a script! Let me give it a shot. I'm a mod and could also use this to sharpen up my rusty web dev skills.

pyrometal @ 4/24/2017 22:28 commented on Big Bird

The truth of the matter is that the system won't let us see past 2 pages worth of what sits in the queue for approval (on the admin side)... So it works more like a stack than a queue in that we have to approve new pieces before we can action the older ones. With new stuff coming in all the time, it's hard for us to get to the older pieces.

The problem gets compounded anytime a user comes in and submits a ton of small sprites which pushes everything even further down...

pyrometal @ 4/22/2017 20:52 commented on The Dragon Coast

Who are you trying to fool here!?

Nice terrain rendition

pyrometal @ 4/22/2017 06:32 commented on small house

This is a nice little piece! The preview image doesn't do it justice unfortunately; if I were you I would change it.

pyrometal @ 4/21/2017 19:34 commented on Ressiti

If you send me a link to the prescaled image I will make the change, it's no trouble really.

pyrometal @ 4/19/2017 13:55 commented on Trooper

Yes, must be a specific pixel artist, though it doesn't need to be someone at Pixel Joint as long as you can link to their gallery somewhere on the net.

pyrometal @ 4/18/2017 14:51 commented on Trooper

Woops, that was my mistake, thanks for telling us!

pyrometal @ 4/18/2017 14:26 commented on Big Bird

I've reset your counts, they should be fine now

pyrometal @ 4/17/2017 20:02 commented on Big Bird

Oh wow, that a great article!