pyrometal @ 7/19/2017 13:58 commented on Painter's Port

Well done Geci

pyrometal @ 7/16/2017 16:11 commented on Big Bird

Mandrill is working on an interview right now actually

pyrometal @ 7/13/2017 05:16 commented on Big Bird

Your mod team caught wind of this a little while back. With his permission, we are trying to get his gallery restored since he is/was one of our featured pixel artists.

pyrometal @ 7/10/2017 20:48 commented on Wee Mee

"There Can Be Only One" - Highlander  ... I'll give it a shot if I find the time ...

Blonde Ant, should be fine as long as you are not deliberately trying to offend

pyrometal @ 7/9/2017 18:50 commented on Minecraft chess set

I think the Minecraft theme is a great idea! And well executed to boot 

pyrometal @ 7/9/2017 17:47 commented on Human Chess Extravaganza

Very nice, I had a good laugh at the idea of having actors dueling it out

pyrometal @ 7/9/2017 17:44 commented on Chess Set

I agree with PBDC, the perspective is great

pyrometal @ 7/9/2017 17:09 commented on Isometeric Room

Sure The way I see it, you are only exceeding the minimum requirements. Some users have already produced black variations of their own sets.

pyrometal @ 7/9/2017 16:59 commented on C64 Chess Set

Thanks man

pyrometal @ 7/9/2017 16:58 commented on C64 Chess Set

Thanks ptoing! The 32px wide thing is because of the weekly challenge restrictions. Had I thought things through I would have used a different angle on the head...

I'll revise the K a bit, see what I can do

pyrometal @ 7/9/2017 16:14 commented on Big Bird

Unfortunately that search turns up dissappointing results... Google incorrectly assumes that you meant "king". Even when forced to execute the search, it seems like this isn't a common fetish

p.s. I made sure the safe search feature was off

pyrometal @ 7/6/2017 21:10 commented on A Necromancer's Chess

You're good to go

pyrometal @ 7/6/2017 16:06 commented on A Necromancer's Chess

You have 17 colors since transparency technically counts as a color... I would suggest that you remove the transparency to keep within the challenge rules. Design a background with the colors you currently have.

pyrometal @ 7/3/2017 13:47 commented on Big Bird

I think it safe to say  that we are all very appreciative of your critiquing efforts

You've definitely helped me out personnaly on multiple occasions. I give you credit for making me a better artist

pyrometal @ 7/3/2017 13:36 commented on Isometeric Room

Chess pieces based on existing characters and etc are fine

The count is off likely due to one of us mods deleting a spam comment (I am guessing).

pyrometal @ 6/29/2017 14:08 commented on Big Bird

There were a few more factors that you guys are not aprised of which motivated this decision by your mod staff. We didn't take the decision lightly, but we think it's in this community's best interest in his specific case.

pyrometal @ 6/26/2017 16:22 commented on Sweat smiley

This is challenge is right up UltimoGames' alley!

pyrometal @ 6/24/2017 17:56 commented on Colorado, Route 12

Good to see you are still around Meant to ask, is that's supposed to be grass or water in the background? Added to my favs.

pyrometal @ 6/24/2017 16:09 commented on Them Apples

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply I'll try and give it a shot one of these days and see what I can do!

pyrometal @ 6/22/2017 18:16 commented on Big Bird

I love aseprite and I do all my pixel art in it. The docs are actually a good place to start in this case!

I would also recommend that you learn the keybindings; these will speed you up a lot once you are comfortable with them.

pyrometal @ 6/20/2017 04:20 commented on Fry

Can't say for sure, but from the looks of things, the software is still actively maintained.

pyrometal @ 6/19/2017 20:14 commented on Fry

I'll put this here as a footnote; Kato is the user who brought this up to our attention in the forums. Give credit where credit is due!

pyrometal @ 6/18/2017 20:09 commented on Big Bird

lol, well played

I actually had to google that...

pyrometal @ 6/18/2017 17:05 commented on Big Bird

Don't misunderstand me on this, I meant that in the context of the recent conversation. I'm not here to police everything you say; I very much do want the chat to remain an open platform as much as possible.

But when things get out of control, someone needs to step in to reestablish the peace.

Also, banning need not be a permanent action, you know. More like a timeout...

PM me if you want to talk some more about this.

pyrometal @ 6/18/2017 16:14 commented on Big Bird

oh wow, I missed all that discussion earlier...

Warning to all: No more talk of politics / controversial topics. Don't care which side of the argument you are on; I will ban anyone reignites the thread below.

That said, looks like the public queue is getting out of hand again... I'll try and clean it up this week. If you want to help, go to the queue and rate pieces

Edit: Sorry for being a hardass on this one, must be the military background...