pyrometal @ 4/22/2017 20:52 commented on The Dragon Coast

Who are you trying to fool here!?

Nice terrain rendition

pyrometal @ 4/22/2017 06:32 commented on small house

This is a nice little piece! The preview image doesn't do it justice unfortunately; if I were you I would change it.

pyrometal @ 4/21/2017 19:34 commented on Ressiti

If you send me a link to the prescaled image I will make the change, it's no trouble really.

pyrometal @ 4/19/2017 13:55 commented on Trooper

Yes, must be a specific pixel artist, though it doesn't need to be someone at Pixel Joint as long as you can link to their gallery somewhere on the net.

pyrometal @ 4/18/2017 14:51 commented on Trooper

Woops, that was my mistake, thanks for telling us!

pyrometal @ 4/18/2017 14:26 commented on Big Bird

I've reset your counts, they should be fine now

pyrometal @ 4/17/2017 20:02 commented on Big Bird

Oh wow, that a great article!

pyrometal @ 4/17/2017 14:46 commented on Big Bird

Guys, in case anyone is wondering, we ran into some technical difficulties posting the new weekly challenge this morning. We are trying to fix the situation...

pyrometal @ 4/16/2017 05:16 commented on Golden sun - Isaac

So many jagged lines... You need to take time and polish your pieces before posting because at this stage I would consider this to be a "Work in Progress". If you need help / advice, post this in our forums!

pyrometal @ 4/15/2017 20:38 commented on Aethereal Gear - Castle

A couple issues need to be fixed before this can be admitted into the gallery:

  1. Do not upscale the detailed file, reupload at x1
  2. The color count is currently 1134

pyrometal @ 4/15/2017 20:32 commented on Island (Pixel Challenge)

Please reupload the detailed file at x1 scale.

pyrometal @ 4/15/2017 20:29 commented on Village party

There are a lot of great quality assets on display here, but unfortunately I cannot currently allow your piece into the gallery for several reasons:

  1. The preview image is a rescale of the original, therefore not pixelart.
  2. Your piece is prescaled to x2. The site has a zoom feature for this purpose
  3. The font is not hand pixeled and is rendered at a different resolution than the rest of the piece
  4. Looks like the shadows are the result of some alpha blending using the game engine.

If you can fix / explain all these issues, I will push your piece forward.

Btw, welcome to Pixel Joint

pyrometal @ 4/15/2017 14:04 commented on Throwback Thursday 1

lol, I accidentally deleted my own comment through the mod's console

pyrometal @ 4/15/2017 05:33 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Ha ha thanks, I actually did end up making that change a little while ago

pyrometal @ 4/14/2017 20:01 commented on U NO MATCH 4 ME

This is funny and well executed

pyrometal @ 4/14/2017 14:27 commented on Nice Lolita

You're welcome 

pyrometal @ 4/13/2017 19:00 commented on Root of all Color

Thanks man, I appreciate it

pyrometal @ 4/13/2017 05:41 commented on Avatar

I've removed it from the challenge

pyrometal @ 4/12/2017 20:43 commented on Gun Game

You have a lot of bad scaling artifacts in your image which need to be fixed. This unfortunatey does not pass the Pixel Joint quaility standards, mainly for that reason.

pyrometal @ 4/12/2017 19:32 commented on waterfalls battlefield

All of the stolen works reported by our community seem to have been taken down, which is great news

pyrometal @ 4/12/2017 19:22 commented on Goblin Portrait v2.0

I agree with adscomics, it's definitely an improvement over the first version

pyrometal @ 4/12/2017 15:27 commented on Avatar

I love pugs

If you are going to have a background then you should anti-alias your piece to that background. There are a couple other areas that could also use a bit more attention, such as jaggies an AA around the snout (especially on the left side).

Otherwise well done

pyrometal @ 4/12/2017 09:47 commented on Big Bird

@Mandrill: That's the type of level that designed to be tool assisted. Without that, it's practically impossible, lol

pyrometal @ 4/10/2017 13:11 commented on Comfy Charlotte

The main flaw I can spot are the stray pink pixels on the outer edge of the cushion's outline, as if you were trying to anti-alias to a white background. You should clean those up. Otherwise really cute piece and approving it into your gallery!

Welcome to Pixel Joint

pyrometal @ 4/10/2017 08:08 commented on Big Bird

@Yanrishatum: Sorry but the mods do not have the ability to change those links. As far as we know, only sedgemonkey can do this. I suggest you send him a PM.