pyrometal @ 11/13/2017 16:48 commented on Restless [New Soundtrack]

Already 73 favs! I'm thinking this piece is going to make it into the hall of fame Fantastic work!

pyrometal @ 10/14/2017 16:14 commented on Big Bird

Also, get hyped for PJ v4! See Sedge's announcement on the main page

pyrometal @ 10/14/2017 15:03 commented on Rabbeat LeChunk AHOY!

Woot, the offical announcement has finally been made Can't wait to get cracking on this!

pyrometal @ 10/13/2017 22:09 commented on The Gather (inspired by Frankie's WeekendRPG)

Recognized that Frankie vibe right away and had to click to see if it was his! Well done, you've reproduced his style quite well

pyrometal @ 10/4/2017 14:24 commented on Profile Picture

The small image file needs to be max 64 by 64 pixels in order to be used as your avatar. Right now its 65 by 65, one pixel too big in both dimensions.

pyrometal @ 9/25/2017 05:13 commented on Big Bird

It's definitely possible but requires a mod to do it. We typically allow users to change their handle only once though to prevent abuse. So choose wisely and send me a PM.

pyrometal @ 9/2/2017 06:40 commented on Big Bird

Credit mostly goes to Mandrill

pyrometal @ 8/31/2017 14:39 commented on Big Bird

It's possible but it would be a lot of work. I create the monthly top manually in order to get it to look the way it does now. The weekly challenge winner messages are currently semi-automated. Perhaps in a PJ v4 someday :)

pyrometal @ 8/30/2017 14:40 commented on Big Bird

Sedge is the only person who can do that right now. It's been there for like a month I think.

pyrometal @ 8/29/2017 19:31 commented on Big Bird

The standard is max 5 pieces approved per user per day since we don't normally want a single user to dominate the front page. So yes, some pieces will likely sit a bit longer than others.

pyrometal @ 8/29/2017 19:13 commented on Big Bird

omg, you were holding a lot of stuff back! I guess the queue stretches into people's personal folders at this point, haha

pyrometal @ 8/29/2017 19:02 commented on Goku running!

Sorry to hear that you feel disappointed about that  Your piece ranked 14th overall for the month of July, based on member ratings.

For what it's worth, I think your art is amazing I'm sure it's just a matter of time before you break into the top 10s regularly!

Edit: Right now you are ranked in the top 10 for next month with this piece. Currently 7th!

pyrometal @ 8/29/2017 18:28 commented on Goku running!

Sorry all, I realize this is a bit late, but here it is!

pyrometal @ 8/28/2017 20:59 commented on Jack Avatar 64x64

You may have forgotten to check the box to submit to the weekly? In any case, when this happens, we end up award "victim of circumstance" bronze stars. You aren't the first case we've had, and probably not the last. I'll let Mandrill know.

pyrometal @ 8/28/2017 16:27 commented on Big Bird

Guys, I'd just like to thank everyone who has contributed to the debates in the last few days, especially now that it seems to be slowing. I have probed the other mods to direct their attention to the conversation so that we may discuss and make a few decisions about these matters. I have no doubts that your inputs will prove valuable in one way or another.

That said, I'm not really ready to make any further statements on these topics at this time. Hope you can understand why.

Controversial topics always generate a lot of heat, but I beleive that this is because these are things worth discussing. Just remember to keep things respectful when tension runs high. Criticising opinions is fine, but blatant personal attacks/insults are not.


pyrometal @ 8/28/2017 14:13 commented on Smoker Avatar

I see what you did there

pyrometal @ 8/27/2017 21:42 commented on Big Bird

That's quite a few concerns being brought up in a short span. Don't know why it is that this happens when I'm not around to monitor the site... But anyway, I'll try and alleviate some of the concerns and questions below by topic.

RAV being banned

Ultimately it was me and Geci that made the call to ban him, but I am the one who took action. The main reasons were as followed:

  1. His most recent rants got very hostile and he deliberately insulted many other members directly.
  2. History of bad behavior similar to the incident above.
  3. Not using the site for anything pixel art related as far as we could tell, nor was he contributing to the community in a positive way.
  4. Incident with another member of the community, directly attributable to him. In respect of this member's privacy, I am not going to give the details on this one.

Members like him end up driving other members away from the site and that is not something that we want. That is why he was banned.

@greenraven: You say you know him well? If that is the case, you can relay this to him. I'm willing to listen to what he has to say and consider reactivating his account (depending on how that goes).

Status of the public queue

This has been discussed here before, so here are the 2 main factors causing the problem:

  1. The mods can only see and approve the first 2 pages worth of most recent entries. This is a limitation due to how the site was built.
  2. Not enough new art displayed on the front page. We try and give pieces enough exposure before approving more. Were limit the flow to 6 new pieces every few hours.

PJ fixes/upgrade

I'm sure most of you agree that the site needs to, at the very least, be fixed up a bit. The public queue issue above is one of many examples. Hapiel and I have been exchanging emails with Sedge on this topic a couple months ago, for a potential PJ v4. Talks looked promising and I was to begin doing a forum upgrade with better site integration as one of the main goals. However, Sedge has been extremely busy and has yet to give me access to the things I require. We will poke him again sometime soon.

If we ever get PJ v4 development started, we have the intention to release a survey to get a better appreciation for what the community would like to get as new features / modifications.

We'll keep you apprised of any significant developments if we get anywhere with this.

Mod Leadership

Jal's disappearance has been a huge loss for the community and since then none of your other mods have really taken the lead. You have to understand that those are some really big shoes to fill and also quite a big commitment. Perhaps none of us feel worthy of being his successor, at least not yet. That is certainly the case with me; as the most junior mod I don't think it is my place to take on that role.

The other mod team members right now are the following people:

  • Skamocore
  • Gecimen
  • Mandrill
  •  Finlal


I realize that I'm probably the most hated mod due to the fact that I publicly threathened to ban members and actually did end up banning RAV a few months ago. I have had many conversations after the fact about the way I handled situation and have come to realize that my actions were too heavyhanded. Therefore I would like to publically apologize to all of you for that incident. It won't happen again.

Hope this sufficiently answers everyone's questions. Let me know if anything needs clarification and feel free to private message me anytime.

pyrometal @ 8/22/2017 18:17 commented on Sonic

Gotta go fast!

pyrometal @ 8/19/2017 07:58 commented on Profile Picture

This is quite a jump from your usual style. Did you use a tool to perform color reduction on your reference photo?

pyrometal @ 8/9/2017 07:24 commented on Eldritch guard.

This is a really good piece! Your style is progressively becoming more organic which is a good thing in my opinion

Are you contemplating trying to draw a complete scene one of these days (background and all)? I think that's something you should explore next which would help you improve even further! Just a suggestion of course.

pyrometal @ 8/9/2017 07:06 commented on Big Bird

Not to sure what happened to the server/site, but whatever it was we got Sedge to fix it for us.

Glad to see things are back in order (more or less)

pyrometal @ 7/19/2017 13:58 commented on Painter's Port

Well done Geci

pyrometal @ 7/16/2017 16:11 commented on Big Bird

Mandrill is working on an interview right now actually

pyrometal @ 7/13/2017 05:16 commented on Big Bird

Your mod team caught wind of this a little while back. With his permission, we are trying to get his gallery restored since he is/was one of our featured pixel artists.

pyrometal @ 7/10/2017 20:48 commented on Wee Mee

"There Can Be Only One" - Highlander  ... I'll give it a shot if I find the time ...

Blonde Ant, should be fine as long as you are not deliberately trying to offend