pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 21:17 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

You're absolutely right, the key does kinda break the style by being static. I will work on an animation for it, thank you for the feedback :)

In the meantime, I've updated and added a new HUD which you can now see if you hit refresh on the page!

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 14:28 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Thanks Mandrill :) Means a lot coming from a pixel artist at your level!

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 07:17 commented on Chesire Cat!

Stolen from here:

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 07:01 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog!

And... stolen for here:

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 07:00 commented on Slime Monster

No, no you have not:

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 06:44 commented on Sikh

Dude, not sure what your going on about, this is great pixeling! The only thing I would suggest at this point is that you AA the skeleton to the background, soften those edges.

pyrometal @ 1/12/2017 14:04 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Yeah, I'm finding out that browsers are not ideal for displaying animations. It will be smoother in-game.

pyrometal @ 1/11/2017 17:05 commented on Skullmachine

This'll mke the weekly showcase for sure! :)

pyrometal @ 1/11/2017 04:11 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Yes, I've started out programming first, but I don't do it as a day job, just a hobby. I studied software engineering in school :) Why do you ask?

pyrometal @ 1/9/2017 19:26 commented on Big Bird

Yet another PJ bug... I've sent emails for all the other ones we've found, but no action yet (not even a response). I wouldn't hold my breath on this one getting addressed anytime soon.

pyrometal @ 1/9/2017 19:01 commented on Made these for an RPG game I'm making

I'll ask you the same question you asked me! Do you have a playable demo available?

pyrometal @ 1/9/2017 18:52 commented on Asilomar State Beach

Amazing execution Adarias! Ended up voting for you!

pyrometal @ 1/9/2017 18:43 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

There we go, think I've fixed it! May need to refresh the page before you can see the change. Thanks for the advice Manupix!

pyrometal @ 1/9/2017 14:09 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Thanks :) Does jumping and breaking block count as telekinetic powers?

pyrometal @ 1/9/2017 14:07 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Frame delay is 60ms in the preview and 15ms in the main file. Had to do it this way to make animation timings match up between the coins and the octopus. Should I try slowing it down some to speed it up? (That statement contradicts itself in a weird way :P)

pyrometal @ 1/9/2017 04:14 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Unfortunately not yet, I'm still in the very early stages of development. I was just creating game assets and wanted to see what it could look like put toghether to help motivate myself.

pyrometal @ 1/8/2017 06:41 commented on Nerd Power

Well done to everyone who participated! The final result is pretty badass

Link to my own tiles if interested

pyrometal @ 1/8/2017 06:12 commented on avatar

Reminds me of Doflamingo from One Piece!

pyrometal @ 1/5/2017 20:29 commented on Big Bird

I'll try that trick sometime but with Aseprite instead of Grafx2! Thanks for the tip!

pyrometal @ 1/4/2017 19:26 commented on Big Bird

Hey that's pretty cool actually! Too bad I cant use GM on Linux...

pyrometal @ 1/1/2017 07:19 commented on Big Bird

Happy New Year everyone! Let's make 2017 an awesome year for pixels

pyrometal @ 12/29/2016 07:14 commented on GlaDOS

Very nice zedOFF :) I notice your art style is continuously improving!

pyrometal @ 12/29/2016 07:09 commented on FlyingMedic

No need to submit upscaled versions, PJ has a pixel perfect zoom feature!

pyrometal @ 12/27/2016 07:07 commented on World of destruction

Great tiles neighbour! :)

pyrometal @ 12/27/2016 07:06 commented on Facial expressions #2

Good stuff, I really like these :)