pyrometal @ 2/17/2017 11:59 commented on widowmaker experiment

lol unfortunately no. Here's Pop Nebula Dreamer's submission of the same piece on Deviant Art:

pyrometal @ 2/16/2017 15:04 commented on widowmaker experiment

Looks like you forgot to upload the main file!

pyrometal @ 2/15/2017 20:25 commented on 8x8 Tile Font

I think the font has a cool aesthetic! Planning on using it anywhere?

pyrometal @ 2/13/2017 14:27 commented on Sushi

Yeah, I suppose that would give you an unfair advantage if you knew when it was coming up! Great challenge idea btw!

pyrometal @ 2/13/2017 14:25 commented on This is a crime!

Thanks! The compliment means a lot since I didn't actually use of any references

pyrometal @ 2/13/2017 05:07 commented on This is a crime!

lol, thanks!

pyrometal @ 2/12/2017 18:31 commented on This is a crime!

lol, I guess you make a fair point since there aren't any good ways to eat those without making a mess There are exceptions for everything!

pyrometal @ 2/12/2017 17:57 commented on Sushi

Is this meant to be for the weekly challenge? If so, the dimensions of the image are over the 64x64 maximum :(

pyrometal @ 1/31/2017 13:57 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Thank you :)

pyrometal @ 1/27/2017 19:49 commented on King

Please reupload a non-scaled up version. PixelJoint has zoom feature for this purpose! Otherwise this piece has an interesting style!

pyrometal @ 1/23/2017 17:12 commented on Big Bird

Almost sounds as if we're heading towards another PJ redesign

pyrometal @ 1/20/2017 19:45 commented on Big Bird

We're starting to build up quite a backlog in the public queue... There are some pieces in there that should make it into the gallery that have been stuck in there for a long time.

Any way to get this actioned? Not sure if enough votes can automatically get a piece accepted or rejected...

pyrometal @ 1/20/2017 15:59 commented on Tree Frog

...And again, I am the user "zeroandnull" on Deviant Art. I get that you're upset that I blew the whissle on you, but this retaliation is pretty pointless.

pyrometal @ 1/20/2017 15:54 commented on King Koopa

Nice try, except I am the user "zeroandnull" on Deviant Art. Send a PM and see for yourself.

pyrometal @ 1/20/2017 15:48 commented on Pixelated Skull

Thanks :) Your art is amazing by the way!

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 21:17 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

You're absolutely right, the key does kinda break the style by being static. I will work on an animation for it, thank you for the feedback :)

In the meantime, I've updated and added a new HUD which you can now see if you hit refresh on the page!

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 14:28 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Thanks Mandrill :) Means a lot coming from a pixel artist at your level!

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 07:17 commented on Chesire Cat!

Stolen from here:

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 07:01 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog!

And... stolen for here:

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 07:00 commented on Slime Monster

No, no you have not:

pyrometal @ 1/14/2017 06:44 commented on Sikh

Dude, not sure what your going on about, this is great pixeling! The only thing I would suggest at this point is that you AA the skeleton to the background, soften those edges.

pyrometal @ 1/12/2017 14:04 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Yeah, I'm finding out that browsers are not ideal for displaying animations. It will be smoother in-game.

pyrometal @ 1/11/2017 17:05 commented on Skullmachine

This'll mke the weekly showcase for sure! :)

pyrometal @ 1/11/2017 04:11 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Yes, I've started out programming first, but I don't do it as a day job, just a hobby. I studied software engineering in school :) Why do you ask?

pyrometal @ 1/9/2017 19:26 commented on Big Bird

Yet another PJ bug... I've sent emails for all the other ones we've found, but no action yet (not even a response). I wouldn't hold my breath on this one getting addressed anytime soon.