pyrometal @ 5/23/2018 14:13 commented on 48h Game Jam

Black background will be fine in this case

pyrometal @ 5/22/2018 19:47 commented on 48h Game Jam

This is good work! Unfortunately we can't accept your piece into the gallery in its current state because of the background. Is it possible for you to edit your submission and remove it?

pyrometal @ 5/22/2018 19:17 commented on Tank-tank

That's gotta be one of the cutest tanks I've ever seen

pyrometal @ 5/22/2018 19:14 commented on Pig

I gotta say you've really stepped your style up a notch in the last couple months DieMango! I look forward to seeing what you draw next

pyrometal @ 5/22/2018 18:22 commented on Teamwork - An Unlikely Couple

Great work on this guys, I like how it turned out!

pyrometal @ 5/17/2018 14:26 commented on Hit & Run Tank

Smooth animation, well done! Good luck on the challenge

pyrometal @ 5/17/2018 14:18 commented on Collab Tiles

Thanks I look like an amateur compared to you though, haha

pyrometal @ 5/17/2018 04:29 commented on Collab Tiles

Thanks for the compliment neighbour

pyrometal @ 5/16/2018 19:28 commented on Collab Tiles

Thanks, glad you like it

pyrometal @ 5/16/2018 04:01 commented on ninja stance

This is technically not published yet. Lakelezz's tools seem to scan through this anyway though and publish on the chat. Wonder if there is anything that can be done about it.

Guess cat is out of the bag now though

pyrometal @ 5/15/2018 19:51 commented on Big Bird

It's more of a case of your piece not making it into the challenge in the first place because of unfortunate quirks with the system. We've already noticed that your piece hadn't made it in.

Since the system won't let us fix this post challenge closing, we give out "Victim of Circumstances" awards (bronze star) for those members affected. Mandrill has already noted your case and will be awarding you the star next Monday.

I know it doesn't quite make up for losing a shot at the challenge but its the best we can do until PJv4.

pyrometal @ 5/15/2018 19:38 commented on owl

I just fixed it, sorry about that!

pyrometal @ 5/15/2018 16:16 commented on owl

Congrats everyone, but especially to Deceiver and slym for both having 2 entries each in this top 10

pyrometal @ 5/15/2018 15:07 commented on Aoi meets Ista

Fantastic work as always, you are a very skilled pixel artist

pyrometal @ 5/15/2018 14:55 commented on Big Bird

Let's keep the momentum going! Happy birthday Squirrelsquid

pyrometal @ 5/12/2018 06:18 commented on Devil girl walking

Sorry but we cannot allow this into the gallery as is right now. This is a good piece in many ways, but you need to resubmit not prescaled and need to clean up the "pixel noise" created by the rotation tool you've used.

If nothing else, you can just submit the static sprite, that will get accepted into the gallery for sure.

Look forward to seeing what you do next

pyrometal @ 5/7/2018 19:57 commented on Big Bird

@jok Just noticed your comment here... I PMed Mandrill about it to see what we're gonna do about it. Nice challenge entry by the way

pyrometal @ 5/7/2018 19:38 commented on Electricity

I unfortunately have to take this down because some of the frames in your animation are copied straight from the tutorial (to the exact pixel). Good try however, glad to see you are using resources to help yourself learn!

pyrometal @ 5/6/2018 15:32 commented on Tilemaps

Well done Fusionnist, this is some real sexy tile work right here

pyrometal @ 5/6/2018 06:34 commented on Military man [run]

Looks like an edit of Megaman 7. Did you use a base? If so this goes against submission rule #1.

pyrometal @ 4/29/2018 10:23 commented on journey

This a cool piece in my opinion :) A slight improvement you could try is to reduce the color count a bit (54 right now, some colors being redundant) Cheers!

pyrometal @ 4/25/2018 20:13 commented on My Crappy Avatar

Apologies, this is a bit late coming out this month. Circumstances...

pyrometal @ 4/16/2018 13:49 commented on Greens Performance

This is so timely, I was just thinking of doing this as a splash intro for my game project! I'm in

pyrometal @ 4/10/2018 18:34 commented on By the campfire

Upon further review, we are sending this piece back for revision. It requires more polish in the areas of palette management and pixel level control. Contact me if you have any questions, and also feel free to use the forums!

pyrometal @ 4/9/2018 21:49 commented on Hannya Mask

Your preview image is blurred which is not acceptable per gallery standards. Please fix it when you have a chance. I will be checking up on this again by the end of the week. Thanks!