pyrometal @ 1/4/2019 09:23 commented on MAR

It's much more about your demeanor than the truth; you'll notice the mods have removed the piece as well. There are ways to make your point without throwing insults.

pyrometal @ 1/4/2019 08:59 commented on MAR

Good to see you are being your usual self DB.

pyrometal @ 11/28/2018 14:12 commented on Overdone.

Thanks guys

pyrometal @ 11/27/2018 20:32 commented on Overdone.

Congrats to all of you in the top 10 for October but especially to vierbit for taking 4 of the 10 spots!!!

Sidenote: This will be my last action as a moderator here at pixeljoint; I am officially stepping down. I'll still be around as a regular member though, but a whole lot less active.

pyrometal @ 10/16/2018 19:29 commented on Klimt's Judith I

Nice piece!  However, please add a "NSFW" warning on your preview image due to the slight nudity. We'll accept into the gallery after you've done that

pyrometal @ 8/23/2018 19:58 commented on don't ask

Perfect, I'll approve it in the next batch if no one else gets to it first

pyrometal @ 8/20/2018 16:25 commented on don't ask

We can't approve this into the gallery until you put up that NSFW warning on the preview, as eishiya stated earlier. Thanks

pyrometal @ 8/20/2018 16:15 commented on Aqua - Kingdom Hearts

There's a couple things you should fix before we can allow your piece into the gallery:

  1. Remove the white bg on the preview
  2. Your colour count is 73 (high), and has many redundant colours in the palette. Can you reduce this? Check here

pyrometal @ 8/13/2018 15:57 commented on flcl robot (avatar)

You're right, we had some prep work done for rules of the side collab actually. Unfortunately, I'm just very limited on available time + some actual artwork is required to get it started properly, so we never got it off the ground...

Since it's being brought up, I'll look into it again, see what I can do.

pyrometal @ 8/13/2018 15:33 commented on Big Bird

It's a tough balancing act sometimes, and what compounds the problem is people have different stances on these types of topics. You're always bound to displease somebody at the end of the day whatever decision you take, so you gotta learn to live with that fact I guess...

Discord link here, suprised you weren't a member yet!

(edit: accidentally shared the PJ Mod discord, now fixed)

pyrometal @ 8/8/2018 20:03 commented on Retro Mockup - My Hero (SMS2)

You have some overlayed transparency effects in this piece which we unfortunately do not allow in the gallery. Can you edit this piece and remove the effects? I am returning this for now...

pyrometal @ 8/8/2018 19:38 commented on Crystal Sage

Most of the effect frames in your animation spike the colour count up significantly in your piece. Not sure if this is because you've use semi-transparency to accomplish part of the effect, but unfortunately this is not allowed here at PJ. I am putting your piece back for revision for now. If you can fix this issue and resubmit, that would be great

pyrometal @ 8/6/2018 16:46 commented on YADERNIY THRONE

Unfortunately I need to take this piece down because it features assets not created by yourself or the other artists mentioned. Example, the tiles are from Nuclear Throne and not original work.

pyrometal @ 7/29/2018 19:50 commented on Retro Mockup - Asterix

This piece is prescaled and contains a lot of non-pixelart effects. We unfortunately can't accept this piece into the gallery as is. If you can submit a version without these issues, please do so!

pyrometal @ 7/29/2018 19:42 commented on Retro Mockup - Donkey Kong (Arcade)

Please do not upload your pieces prescaled! The site has a feature for that.

pyrometal @ 7/26/2018 16:16 commented on Creepy girl

Your preview is NPA, returning for now. Can you not use those filter effects on the preview image?

pyrometal @ 7/26/2018 15:37 commented on Big Bird

Testing, and report if broken

Edit: Everyone is just trolling (fyi)

pyrometal @ 7/20/2018 18:04 commented on Reese's Golem

That's badass, I really like it!

pyrometal @ 7/18/2018 14:15 commented on Beat-up Tent

Thanks man, I'm glad you like it

pyrometal @ 7/15/2018 12:09 commented on Kindom Overlook

Nit pick, I know

pyrometal @ 7/15/2018 07:39 commented on Kindom Overlook

Failed to notice earlier, but the weekly requires you to have transparency... Can you modify the edges of your image just a bit?

pyrometal @ 7/15/2018 07:22 commented on Tiny House

Super nice entry! However the challenge requires transparency to be used... Maybe do something like ArmyFrog did?

pyrometal @ 7/15/2018 05:18 commented on Tiny building

Transparency is required for the challenge, can you remove the white background? Otherwise, nice use of perspective drawing, I like it

pyrometal @ 7/14/2018 21:27 commented on Critical Failure!!!

You're right, the diter patterns are only there to texture the thing a bit, otherwise I thought it looked too "perfect". There were probably better ways to do this, but too late now Thanks for the comment

pyrometal @ 7/14/2018 10:51 commented on Kindom Overlook

This is really good! Good luck on the challenge