pyrometal @ 3/26/2017 09:16 commented on It`s muffin time!

Om nom nom...

pyrometal @ 3/26/2017 07:46 commented on ISOcalypse Now! Collab Tiles

All collabs have "ISO" in the name.

pyrometal @ 3/25/2017 17:25 commented on Big Bird


Very nice! The screenshot looks promising

pyrometal @ 3/25/2017 17:13 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Thanks! The game is on hold for now. As for the background, I need to keep it uncluttered due to the confusing nature of this game, lol.

pyrometal @ 3/25/2017 17:06 commented on ISOcalypse Now! Collab Tiles

Thanks! Check the forums for the collabs. The next one will be posted in the next little while.

pyrometal @ 3/25/2017 10:44 commented on Big Bird


Don't think the pot of money is very big. Scroll down to see the complete list of donors since 2007... I doubt we would be able to raise enough hire a dev. Regardless, we don't own the site so it's not our call to make.


Sent you a PM!

pyrometal @ 3/23/2017 21:06 commented on Obnoxious Lady

Feels like an enemy from Earthbound!

pyrometal @ 3/23/2017 18:49 commented on Big Bird

We don't need any genies, just people with enough spare time

Sad to hear that we still haven't got any news from Jal...

pyrometal @ 3/22/2017 16:54 commented on Sexy_robot

Please remove the scaled up detailed file. PJ has a zoom feature for this purpose!

pyrometal @ 3/21/2017 18:52 commented on She had to grab the hammer...

The color count is 422. Seems like a setting issue with the tool you are using when you are saving your art. Please fix before we can admit this piece into your gallery.

pyrometal @ 3/20/2017 18:53 commented on Big Bird


No clue where we would find an expert web developer and we unfortunately can't hire one.

As for me, I'm willing to volunteer to take that role on. I studied software engineering in school and worked as part of a team of software developers years ago developing some mission critical applications for the Canadian military. Since then I've acquired a lot of leadership and management experience (had a team of 55 people working for me at one time).

Someone in this community might be more qualified than I am though and I'd be perfectly content just helping with web dev.


All those are great ideas for upgrades and that's just scratching the surface! This community could gain a lot from an upgraded platform in my opinion

pyrometal @ 3/19/2017 21:40 commented on Big Bird

I personally hate the likes of Twitter, Facebook, etc for the reasons you've mentioned and definetly see value to PixelJoint's existence.

The thought of building a new site has crossed my mind on multiple occasions and this conversation has reignited that spark. If enough people are interested, perhaps we could recruit a small dev team? This has the potential to be a really cool community project!

I'm putting my name forward if anyone else is willing to join me. I have some web development experience (PHP, SQL, some JS) but nothing extensive.

pyrometal @ 3/19/2017 20:57 commented on Birb joined the party!

Absolutely loving the style :) Well done!

pyrometal @ 2/17/2017 11:59 commented on widowmaker experiment

lol unfortunately no. Here's Pop Nebula Dreamer's submission of the same piece on Deviant Art:

pyrometal @ 2/16/2017 15:04 commented on widowmaker experiment

Looks like you forgot to upload the main file!

pyrometal @ 2/15/2017 20:25 commented on 8x8 Tile Font

I think the font has a cool aesthetic! Planning on using it anywhere?

pyrometal @ 2/13/2017 14:27 commented on Sushi

Yeah, I suppose that would give you an unfair advantage if you knew when it was coming up! Great challenge idea btw!

pyrometal @ 2/13/2017 14:25 commented on This is a crime!

Thanks! The compliment means a lot since I didn't actually use of any references

pyrometal @ 2/13/2017 05:07 commented on This is a crime!

lol, thanks!

pyrometal @ 2/12/2017 18:31 commented on This is a crime!

lol, I guess you make a fair point since there aren't any good ways to eat those without making a mess There are exceptions for everything!

pyrometal @ 2/12/2017 17:57 commented on Sushi

Is this meant to be for the weekly challenge? If so, the dimensions of the image are over the 64x64 maximum :(

pyrometal @ 1/31/2017 13:57 commented on MazeThing (Game Mockup)

Thank you :)

pyrometal @ 1/27/2017 19:49 commented on King

Please reupload a non-scaled up version. PixelJoint has zoom feature for this purpose! Otherwise this piece has an interesting style!

pyrometal @ 1/23/2017 17:12 commented on Big Bird

Almost sounds as if we're heading towards another PJ redesign

pyrometal @ 1/20/2017 19:45 commented on Big Bird

We're starting to build up quite a backlog in the public queue... There are some pieces in there that should make it into the gallery that have been stuck in there for a long time.

Any way to get this actioned? Not sure if enough votes can automatically get a piece accepted or rejected...