pyrometal @ 2/19/2018 20:25 commented on A Bear

Hey, thanks for that additional clarification! I especially like that first and fourth image, haha

pyrometal @ 2/19/2018 20:13 commented on violet180217

Welcome to PJ! I'm approving this into the gallery, however you should consider removing the gradient effects on the sides of your piece. This is still a contentious issue with some in our community. But otherwise your piece is great and clearly pixel art

pyrometal @ 2/19/2018 14:41 commented on A Bear

The original Carter is the first image. Everything else is a variation off of that

pyrometal @ 2/16/2018 20:32 commented on A Steven Warrior

Finally got around to reading this. Great interview, sure to be inspiring for newcomers into the medium 

pyrometal @ 2/16/2018 19:23 commented on bored android going to work

Please reupload the image at 1x zoom before we can approve into the gallery

pyrometal @ 2/13/2018 20:12 commented on Worm

This piece needs more polish before we can admit into the gallery. The line art in particular needs work as it is not currently smooth (e.g has lots of jaggies)

pyrometal @ 2/9/2018 19:47 commented on Auf Wiedersehen Cover

Sorry crabby, but I have to take your piece down; it was reported by 4 different users. Don't get us wrong though, as we actually do like this piece, it's just because of the high quantity of NPA elements, which is not something we want to actively promote or encourage here.

But regardless, welcome to Pixel Joint We think you are a fine artist and hope you like it here!

pyrometal @ 1/28/2018 05:05 commented on Jewel, Gem, Golden Diamond

A few of your images are blurred, you will need to fix this before they can be admitted into the gallery.

pyrometal @ 1/28/2018 04:48 commented on Probably the best thing in the world

lol, that's trippy! Well done

pyrometal @ 1/27/2018 08:30 commented on Idle animation

Hey, good progress! I was following your forum thread

pyrometal @ 1/27/2018 08:29 commented on [METROID] Mock Loading Screen

This is awesome, however I almost skipped over it completely due to the preview! You should consider changing it or it will get missed!

pyrometal @ 1/24/2018 18:04 commented on I was sketching and....3

This type of art doesn't display pixel-level polish and is not suitable for the pj gallery. Sorry, but I have to return this and your other Hitler piece.

pyrometal @ 1/23/2018 20:08 commented on VoC - eye walk

Hi kunkatorka! Could you please combine pieces for the same enemy into one file? Otherwise the product is having a lot of redundant pieces in the gallery which we would like to avoid. Thanks

pyrometal @ 1/21/2018 05:32 commented on drinks after work

Looks great, awesome work! However you have a couple things to fix before we can allow into the gallery:

  1. Please don't upload upscaled version of your art
  2. Your reflection effects look partly automated and contain a large number of extraneous colors. (Your total is 220) see here

pyrometal @ 1/19/2018 22:41 commented on IceDragonHead

Unfortunately this piece does not display good pixel placement control or palette management. I'm am therefore sending this back for revision.

pyrometal @ 1/14/2018 19:25 commented on Big Bird

Though I understand you have a distaste for Robertson and his style, please refrain from using insults in the chat. I realize he's no longer part of the community, but that's no excuse. Thanks

pyrometal @ 1/14/2018 19:14 commented on Retro RPG

The red text on the bottom right was not hand-pixel and is bumping your color count by quite a bit (including semi transparencies). Please fix this issue when you get a chance. Thanks

pyrometal @ 1/14/2018 18:37 commented on Ninja Squirrel Site Logo

Damn it Lakelezz, I lost so many hours to AGDQ this weekend, and it's all YOUR fault! (jk of course )

pyrometal @ 1/8/2018 21:15 commented on News Banner

That's some sexy stuff right here! Keep em coming

pyrometal @ 12/28/2017 18:00 commented on You Float Too

Just noticed this too; unfortunately I've had to remove your piece from the weekly. Please follow the theme and rules for the challenge from the site home page.

pyrometal @ 12/22/2017 11:32 commented on Me

Featuring an icon by ArmyFrog from the currently ongoing News Icon Competition . Don't forget to enter!

Congrats to all the amazing artists featured above!

pyrometal @ 12/20/2017 09:41 commented on Flower

This is a good piece, but you need to remove the white background before we can allow into the gallery

pyrometal @ 12/19/2017 20:35 commented on Fighting Game

This is now officially the first icon of the competition that we've used for an actual news article!

pyrometal @ 12/18/2017 09:40 commented on Togedemaru & Mimikyu!

No need to submit upscaled art versions, this site has a zoom feature for this purpose! You can go back and remove the detailed file.

Otherwise, nice work

pyrometal @ 12/18/2017 09:30 commented on I won't submit

I like the atmosphere you created in this piece and especially like the background! I can tell you put a good amount of effort into this

There are however some points that need improvement:

1. The perspective gets a bit wonky at the front of the image where the tree roots and the rocks are (it gets too "top-down")

2. You tree trunk lacks depth and the tree overall needs some AA.