shm31 @ 4/9/2020 22:12 commented on zombie rpg mockup

You're acing it, keep it up 

shm31 @ 4/9/2020 22:09 commented on Theseus stunned animation

Great stuff ! however a collage of all your submissions would've made it go straight to the weekly showcase

shm31 @ 3/14/2020 10:00 commented on Gyro Zeppeli

steel ball run !

shm31 @ 3/10/2020 10:57 commented on heinZen

A valiant effort ! 

shm31 @ 3/1/2020 07:42 commented on Pepe The Frog

of course he's taking an upper decker 

shm31 @ 2/27/2020 08:44 commented on Fighting game girl

as long as you drew it yourself, you can draw characters from anything you like.

shm31 @ 2/27/2020 08:42 commented on Yerin

this is awesome,

but the preview is really understating the work you put on it, you should make a new preview for this because I saw it a couple of time this day and I didn't click on it :/

shm31 @ 2/26/2020 01:51 commented on Fighting game girl

this would look great with a simple idle animation :)

shm31 @ 2/14/2020 05:48 commented on Geo Gal

I like spontaneous art, very good 

shm31 @ 2/13/2020 04:59 commented on The Rats in the Walls (WIP in the description)

@Victor thanks buddy ^^ 

shm31 @ 2/13/2020 04:57 commented on 15 Portraits

Beautiful work and very interesting characters ! I'll keep an eye on this project !  

shm31 @ 2/12/2020 08:26 commented on Majora's Mask Demake

oh my god this is absolutely amazing ! 

shm31 @ 2/12/2020 08:25 commented on Tea pot, tea cup

masterfully done, good job ! 

shm31 @ 2/12/2020 08:25 commented on Stump House

awesome ! keep up the good work ! 

shm31 @ 2/8/2020 14:46 commented on Hellbound (Preview)

thanks buddy ! 

shm31 @ 2/8/2020 06:08 commented on Painter guys

I don't know why but it reminds me of The Dark Eye

great piece ! 

shm31 @ 2/3/2020 05:03 commented on Dramatic Impaler


shm31 @ 2/2/2020 15:12 commented on Pestilent Bluffs

Also, that palette... *chef's kiss*

edit : excuse me if I'm being curious, but why didn't you post the animated version directly on pixeljoint ? (if it's because of the mist, why not dither it ?), just asking because it's 10x more amazing animated !

shm31 @ 2/2/2020 08:32 commented on Hellbound (Preview)

Thanks @Mandrill glad you liked it, imagine my surprise when I realized there's more to the hellraiser universe than the two (only) movies  

@Zch Thanks, I liked your submission too !

shm31 @ 1/29/2020 08:48 commented on GTar

Oh ! this is even better ! I am glad I have asked :)

shm31 @ 1/29/2020 08:00 commented on GTar

Hello, does it has to be bloody red or hepatitis yellow ? can't we  use something like "slightly" desaturated red for instance ?


edit : uh nevermind Adarias answered the question, and I can't even delete my post. I am a buffoon.

shm31 @ 1/15/2020 03:31 commented on Omnimon The Mercyfulnes

Awesome piece ! 

shm31 @ 12/12/2019 17:02 commented on Intel 4004 CPU Simulation

Is it possible to learn such power ?

shm31 @ 10/18/2019 01:32 commented on Classroom

Very well made, and very good use of the NES palette, it's not an easy palette to use ! 

shm31 @ 10/18/2019 01:22 commented on Zoee Gets A Kiss

As always, very nice