jeremy @ 2/20/2021 16:38 commented on ls 01

No longer a bridesmaid :')

jeremy @ 2/20/2021 16:20 commented on Mythos Expedition

The colours are so great

jeremy @ 2/19/2021 15:21 commented on Mythos Compendium

love these – is the palette from something, or original?

jeremy @ 2/17/2021 01:34 commented on Metroid - Samus

Thanks for the WIPs and process information.

The answer to your question about colour reductions being kosher/not is "it depends"! Pixeljoint used to be very purist about what counted as pixel art, but today the thinking tends to be that 'pixel art' and 'non-pixel art' exist on a spectrum. Various pieces of cure's, for example, use colour reduction as a tool to block out the rough forms before polishing the pixel-level detail and tweaking the colour palette.

To me, there are a few factors that push a work to the pixel art side of the spectrum: the level of polish/'pixel art technique' that is applied to the automatically-generated clusters; palette control; and the artist's level of control over the original artwork (the last one may not make sense, but I feel like colour reducing your own painting is more legit than using a random pic from google images). I'd personally consider this piece to lean more on the 'no' side, but that's ultimately up to the mods – Hapiel has outlined their thinking.

Finally, I'd suggest it's always best to have max transparency in the description if you're submitting something that was created using 'dirty' tools. As you said, it's good for viewers to judge for themselves from the full info.

jeremy @ 2/16/2021 22:57 commented on Keith Haring

Whoops, good catch!

jeremy @ 2/15/2021 01:29 commented on Metroid - Samus

Would you be able to link the 3D sculpt you painted over? And the background reference?

People are suggesting it looks like a colour reduction because there are several colour/technique decisions that aren't naturally done by people but are done by automatic tools. For example:

  • it's exactly 64 colours
  • the white/yellow background at the bottom uses a lot of low-contrast colours, but doesn't appear to have any pixel-level control
  • the inside left leg is anti-aliased in red
  • blues and greys are used to bridge otherwise straightforward colour ramps (e.g. red / grey / red in the helmet)
  • lit areas (breastplate, shoulders, visor) are over-rendered, while planes that are in shadow only use 2-3 colours
  • a bunch of single-pixel noise

jeremy @ 2/9/2021 22:10 commented on Water sprite

i imagined it was the same frog with a growing lady haha

jeremy @ 2/8/2021 00:18 commented on Self Portrait, 2021

Lots of inspo from cure's pic for sure!

jeremy @ 2/7/2021 23:35 commented on Pixie Sprite

nice – the 16px one has tons of personality

jeremy @ 2/6/2021 19:42 commented on My reflection in a dark TV screen

Really moody, nice one

jeremy @ 2/6/2021 02:47 commented on Lixie

the 16px sprite is super readable, great job. love the sparkles too!

jeremy @ 1/1/2021 16:32 commented on Faces in palettes 3

True re C/EGA – updated!

The black shirt is boring, but I was finding the red/green ramps to be really insipid. The Win7 palette is frustrating like that; it looks like it should work better than it actually does.

jeremy @ 12/24/2020 17:17 commented on A present from the sea

tight pixelling :)

jeremy @ 12/24/2020 14:09 commented on Secret Santa

What a palette! Thank you Nightmare :)

jeremy @ 12/24/2020 02:50 commented on The Break-Up

love love love the contrast on the background trees!

my only crit is the banding in the light grey on her thigh.

jeremy @ 11/21/2019 23:32 commented on Da Bird


i thought you'd already posted this on here

jeremy @ 7/13/2019 06:11 commented on Big Bird

this guy's definitely a nazi

jeremy @ 5/31/2019 19:20 commented on The Garage


@skeddles is adding palettes something we can do?

jeremy @ 4/13/2019 23:11 commented on Mmmonkee

this is so good man

jeremy @ 2/4/2019 01:33 commented on Superb Owl Powering Up


jeremy @ 12/25/2018 12:01 commented on Big Bird

hb ska!

jeremy @ 11/27/2018 commented on Big Bird background on this looks like a straight colour reduction, to me

jeremy @ 7/18/2018 03:10 commented on Guardian's Return

this is excellent, but the original still holds up great in a v. different way

jeremy @ 6/3/2018 04:37 commented on Big Bird

beedrill looks like he's waiting for the bus

jeremy @ 5/19/2018 06:44 commented on Big Bird

thank you to whoever fixed that forums profile hover bug !