jeremy @ 3/21/2018 23:50 commented on flagbearer

this is great!

jeremy @ 1/25/2018 00:19 commented on enjoy the veiw

congrats & welcome !

jeremy @ 1/22/2018 21:13 commented on Cold Hirst

Thank you! 

jeremy @ 1/21/2018 16:10 commented on Cold Hirst


jeremy @ 1/21/2018 15:01 commented on Cold Hirst

Okay, I *think* I've found all the 5 colour characters using DB's Grafx2 script, so it should be proper MCOL now. Also opted for your version of the palette, on reflection I prefer the lower contrast.

Yes please to the executable /, that'd be great :)

jeremy @ 1/21/2018 06:58 commented on Cold Hirst

Thanks for spotting the cyan dupe – not sure how that happened!

I realised the proper border was too big for the challenge, so trimmed 17px from each side. For the palette, I used Pepto's 2017 version, which is a lot more vibrant. Not sure if you've seen it / have any thoughts on its accuracy – keen to hear them.

Here's it is using your palette, with the proper border.

jeremy @ 1/20/2018 20:51 commented on sleep.png

this is sick!

fyi, the preview is 22kb so it won't show up on the front page

jeremy @ 1/13/2018 01:54 commented on Pixel typefaces

thank you! i've decided to Do Art in 2018.

jeremy @ 12/25/2017 05:06 commented on Big Bird

was just about to post the same!

jeremy @ 10/31/2017 02:07 commented on Big Bird

halloween av test

jeremy @ 10/15/2017 23:16 commented on Vandalism News banners

that echidna(?) is sick

jeremy @ 10/15/2017 23:12 commented on Big Bird

fuck tha mods

jeremy @ 7/31/2017 21:15 commented on Big Bird

i've got like 60 of them :D

jeremy @ 7/31/2017 19:17 commented on Big Bird

they're automatically generated

jeremy @ 7/30/2017 21:18 commented on Big Bird

i haven't pixelled for more than a year !

jeremy @ 7/30/2017 21:03 commented on Those guys again

The best palette

jeremy @ 7/21/2017 05:27 commented on Incommunicado


jeremy @ 3/15/2016 03:01 commented on Overland Battle

Trees are great

jeremy @ 2/26/2016 16:34 commented on Big Bird

jeremy @ 2/1/2016 00:40 commented on assault_prototype

so many great entries!

jeremy @ 1/11/2016 00:33 commented on Big Bird

Bowie :(

jeremy @ 1/10/2016 04:04 commented on GRAPDFUFTIRS

Really nice piece, I love the wallpaper. The challenge rules say max 120px wide tho, not 150 :(

jeremy @ 12/25/2015 13:11 commented on Secret Santa 2015

Thank you once again! The detailing on the cheek and forehead is just perfect :)

jeremy @ 12/25/2015 02:47 commented on Big Bird

secret santa's up

jeremy @ 12/24/2015 15:07 commented on Big Bird

merry christmas



and hb s k a m o c o r e