x-death @ 9/16/2014 21:50 commented on Fantasy tiles

The diagnal walls next to stairs seem unfinished on the bottoms. And once u go up stairs the patch of water on the left has a diagnal wall which has NO shading.

Also the splash on bottom of waterfall sticks out but i think its how it was drawn/ shaded thats doing it. Otherwise a good piece i felt

x-death @ 12/19/2013 12:17 commented on Adventure Time Tribute

  characers are very accurate. Good style as well. Nice work. Would of been better with speech bubbles so they could have a conversation.

x-death @ 11/17/2013 12:57 commented on Pripyat Beast Homage

 nicely done. Although truthfully im unsure if im complementing the creativity of the designn or the detail in which you pixeled it. But rest assured you have done a great job here.

x-death @ 11/9/2013 19:16 commented on Soul Energy
well im glad i could be of some help. Also i figured the color count was accurate as i didnt take a detailed look. I just meant 5 for what little was being show it seemed a little high.

But like i said it all works regardless, so it doesnt matter. 

x-death @ 11/6/2013 05:18 commented on Soul Energy

 good animation. I dont love your choice of colors but it does work quite well. And it looks good. Theres an amazing animation tutorial made by a guy here. I forget his name but he did all that work on the platforming game about guys using guitars as weapons. 

Anyway his animation tutorial might help. Also i couldnt comment on your blog so in reply to the gameboy peice you did. Look at the gameboy challenge peices to improve. Also people like carnivac and mrmo tarius. Have amazing galleries that will help with using colors better.

I hope this helps. Also i look at this piece and you dont need 5 colors. I only see three so you might want to fix that.




x-death @ 10/19/2013 21:54 commented on 6bit Robots

 i would of liked to see some portraits like this from a side view. but good work.

x-death @ 10/14/2013 16:02 commented on Meet Uncle Woo, Elsa

 this all looks so realistic. amazing work. also that fishermans skin looks a bit to orange to me. not sure if im the only one who noticed or not...

x-death @ 9/25/2013 22:39 commented on To the Office United

 wasnt trying to say you took my work. just saying its pretty cool that i found something similar.

x-death @ 9/25/2013 00:35 commented on To the Office United

 the city in the background looks very similar to something ivdid. even colors are similar. i think the second piece you did for this is better

x-death @ 9/21/2013 05:46 commented on Spunky Sprite

 probably yhe best in the comp.

x-death @ 9/17/2013 17:20 commented on world of yŁ

 that mushroom looks like it was taken right out of plants vs vombies. either some amazing work on your part or something fishy goin on.

x-death @ 8/17/2013 00:03 commented on Arthurized

 nice animation. its funny and its pretty smooth. ill be keeping an eye out for your work.

x-death @ 8/7/2013 16:24 commented on Some guy

 looks amazing. you should of posted up more examples then just a person though.

x-death @ 5/26/2013 21:04 commented on Sodapiggy

i like the bottom one the most. the style is cool. however i think if you used abit of inspiration from carnivac it would have looked mind blowing.

x-death @ 5/23/2013 20:17 commented on Spider

this piece is really good. in fact i looked through your gallery and it seemed to be a big improvement on everything else i could see. so great work!

i hope to see more of your work ;)

x-death @ 5/2/2013 19:41 commented on Buzzer Bee!

yeah i stay on here more to see people like you, dawnbringer, mrmo tarius and jinn's work when you guys/girls post something. occassionally you will find a rare gem that didnt belong to any of you but thats a rare case.

 what you pointed out about alot of stuff being inspired by stuff that isnt of any paticualr interest, is very true i think. its not there fault i guess im just interested in things that people dont pixel a whole lot.



x-death @ 5/2/2013 19:27 commented on Timmay

i had my initial doughts in regards to the pixel art. (ive had my hopes up for dawn bringer or jinn to do art for something like this) 

but if this ever comes to the vita i would buy it for sure!

x-death @ 5/2/2013 18:41 commented on Animation: Charizard Flying

mny first impression on this was "wow!" but the more attention i pay to this the mnore i just have to laugh.

the right leg and more so his foot moves alot unneccessarily. the head like already stated feels jittery. and could have been a smoother animation i think. his left knee appears to be moving the tinest bit not nenough to be actual motion but enough for it to be off putting.

all that aside and the fact im pretty sure charizard didnt flap the wings that quick it was slow and strong flaps of his wing. but like i said all things a side its a good fist attempt. if the animation was fixed up a bit more id say it would have been much more deserving of this position.

x-death @ 4/22/2013 16:49 commented on Skeletons

looking at your hero and the skeleton individually i feel like they were both designed for different games in different styles. perhaps that is just me? ohh wait those colorful thiongs are the hero...ok that's ackward i thought they were flowers...

in either case i think your sword enemy animation would really benefit by extend his arm out as he steps forward with the sword so his doing a stabbing motion. because as is it just feels wierd that it stays static like that.

x-death @ 4/22/2013 16:43 commented on Buzzer Bee!

ohh, dont be like that. your awesome. if i liked doctor who id probably be worhiping your gallery its that good. but that show isnt my cup of tea thats all.

x-death @ 4/8/2013 16:13 commented on Unidades

the dragon is my least favourite out of the lot. but i like this they look good. and based on this piece alone i think the game it went into coukd be awesome.

some nice animations would really benefit this piece and some names i could read and understand would be nice. but i think as is the only thing that is actually a problem is the stat symbols. honestly if thats all the player is given your in trouble because i cant tell what they all are. it would merely be a best guess.

also ona  side note i cant imagine one guy on a horse ever being stronger then a guy ona  dragon. but i suppose other games didnt have a problem with this so i'll turn a blind eye to those stats.

x-death @ 2/21/2013 18:02 commented on Some more from Aliens: Infestation

the long piece right at the top with the trees is!!!!

beautiful scanline effect.

x-death @ 2/17/2013 14:22 commented on let's get some bruggers

i love the palette but i think the design could of been better. had to fav this just so i could look back at it for an inspiring palette.

x-death @ 2/17/2013 14:14 commented on Characters sprites training

wow what an amazing palette. if you call this training i eagerly await when you finish that training ;)

as for the design itself, i think its good. however ratchets whip could be better. i think you could learn a few things from some of "fool"s designs. he did a great job with stuff like that.


note: i just fav'd this.

x-death @ 2/13/2013 17:15 commented on Forum Badge Icons

nice work. i think you used the palette pretty good. in fact i dont think ive ever seen jalonsos avatar looking that good.

i was originally going to praise you on what a great palette this was. but like the people before me i seen you said it was DB's. and i was like "ohh, well no wonder its so amazing...because after all DB's work is practically god like."