ThrillhouseSSB @ 7/5/2020 17:36 commented on King Babar and Lord Rataxes

This whole piece is fantastic! But I especially like how you've done Babar's vest

ThrillhouseSSB @ 2/3/2020 03:48 commented on Bathtime is Over

Thank you :)

ThrillhouseSSB @ 1/27/2020 21:58 commented on GTar

Is it up to personal discretion what counts as being yellow or red? Or is there like certain hue ranges?

For example if you were between red and orange, but it was still more red than it was orange?

ThrillhouseSSB @ 11/8/2019 16:57 commented on Samus Helmet Spin

Thank you both :)

Morintari, are you talking about like VR stuff or something else, I hadn't even thought of that

ThrillhouseSSB @ 10/6/2019 17:06 commented on Ness Portrait

@efejotart Thanks, yeah, I always chose the mint flavoured text windows :p