bloodcircuit @ 10/14/2019 12:17 commented on Gothic Castle: The adventure game

I totally understand what you are talking about. It makes perfect sense!
Thing is though that I wanted a 90's adventure game vibe (e.g. Gabriel Knight, Veil of Darkness) where the dialogue portraits had a huge amount of detail in them and their palette was near but not exactly the same as in the rest of the game. If I had used the same palette or detail, it would fit composition-wise but it would break the illusion of an actual classic adventure game. Well, at least that's what I was trying to do XD
P.S. It's a great compliment for me you like it! Did I mention you are the best? <3

bloodcircuit @ 10/14/2019 00:20 commented on Gothic Castle: The adventure game

@IllusionOfMana: Hello again! :)
I used the index process of photoshop to limit my palette to 256 colors and then used the flat colors of the face as a basis to redraw it (and there was a lot of redrawing :D). This is made of pixels and the palette is limited. Before I delete and resubmit this piece, can you please explain to me what else is needed to fix the portrait (e.g. why further reduce the colors)? I honestly thank you for taking the time to help a new guy and offer advice and don't want to cause any discomfort.
P.S. You are the best! :D

bloodcircuit @ 10/11/2019 23:54 commented on Night Of The Vampire

I really like this. It looks like the intro of an early 90's rpg game. I can almost see the camera moving up from the street, to show us a bird's eye view of the city, only for a moment before the bat flying at the background rush to the player's screen turning it black. And then the tile appears: Night Of The Vampire. <3

bloodcircuit @ 10/11/2019 15:16 commented on Hunter's Quest

Thank you for your compliment! I am new to pixel art and I keep stumbling on my illustrator insticts :D I will fix it ASAP. Thanks for taking the time to help me!

bloodcircuit @ 10/11/2019 15:01 commented on Cyber Doll

Stunning work! You captured perfectly the nonchalant expression of the dolls and your rendering is top notch. Also I like how you convey mood with such a small pallette. What can I say? Subscribed! :D

bloodcircuit @ 10/11/2019 01:33 commented on Gothic Castle: The adventure game

@Gecimen: When I started this piece, there was a ton of experimenting to find the right pallette. So there might be some leftover noise. Either way I'm on it .

bloodcircuit @ 10/11/2019 01:27 commented on Gothic Castle: The adventure game

@ IllusionOfMana: Thank you for your kind words. Sorry for being dense regarding those changes. While I've been doing illustration for years, pixel art is new to me. I'll do my best to address those issues