braindamage @ 11/21/2011 03:58 commented on H^2 OMG!

 Can't help myself from pointing this out... heh

The "2" is supposed to be subscripted: H<sub>2</sub>O

Superscripting in chemistry is for something else entirely.

braindamage @ 3/2/2011 03:51 commented on Chubby Little Knight

 Cute little guy. I actually prefer the preview size of him. Could make a neat character in a retro styled game. Thinking of animating him a little?

braindamage @ 12/31/2010 04:37 commented on Nebula Arena Sprite Test

 Very nice detail on it. The lens changes size when it rotates though. It's wider when the thingy is at an angle than it is when it's straight on. Unless that was intended?

braindamage @ 12/1/2010 11:53 commented on Travelling Becerus

 I don't mind the brown, but the edit Buddy90 made did give it more contrast although the green and yellow he chose are completely hideous. 

I think the piece is excellent otherwise with a great set of details. The character is adorable.

braindamage @ 11/24/2010 02:53 commented on Smoke

 Alright, as long as it's deliberate. Not familiar with Tex Avery, so I'm gonna go educate myself. Keep tooning!

braindamage @ 11/24/2010 02:40 commented on Smoke

It seems the smoke might be coming out the wrong end? If that yellow thing is the filter, which I would believe it is. Either the glowing ash looks like a filter or it's lit at the wrong end. I like the style of it otherwise. Nice comic style.

braindamage @ 7/19/2010 04:55 commented on The BIG two-framer

The Big Lebowski, right? Great movie!

Great picture too. That one on the left made me think of that Jesus guy right away.

braindamage @ 3/18/2010 05:04 commented on other world

 Nice work, I like the galaxy.

However the stars are very evenly distributed and looks too ordered. The universe is clustered and uneven, even appears random. Stars have all sorts of distances to their neighbors. It's a common mistake when trying to make something look random to make things evenly spaced. It actually takes some effort to make real "randomness".

Check out for inspiration, if you haven't already. They got tons of space pictures!

Keep it up!

braindamage @ 2/23/2010 09:44 commented on Spacefighter_A

Manupix: Thanks alot for the critique. I'm not very good with colors over all and mostly used to linework, so all suggestions are quite welcome. All your points are very valid and I will certainly do a revision of the piece... at a later date! I've stared myself blind on this the last few days and I probably need a bit of rest from it now.

I'm not sure in what way I should alter the hue in the different ramps. Got any specific ideas to share on that point?

braindamage @ 12/19/2008 13:20 commented on Cutlass lass
Thanks, Antiboton! No reference at all. Not even a sketch (except if you count "sketching" with the pixels) =)
Glad you like it