slym @ 5/8/2019 06:14 commented on Mockups

Unbelievably good <3

slym @ 4/9/2019 10:28 commented on Pacific Grove | Slym Pixels

Well this completely melted my soul <3

In the early days of my time on PJ, your work was a big source of inspiration for me. I remember seeing this piece and wishing that one day I'd be able to make foliage as diverse and full of character. Funny enough this piece was unintentionally inspired by those tiles, and now that I look at it I can see where the influence came from. These tiles were a further step in defining my direction, abandoning AA much more frequently, and further pushing textural directions.

I always appreciated the crunchy nature of this piece, and the dirt here influenced my dirt coloring and textures moving forward.

Of course when you broke the pixel art internet with these tiles, I wanted to push my work much farther. The fluidity of them and the simplicity of the shapes and texture was so clean and perfect. From that point on I challenged myself to simplify my textures, and show light and depth in my work in a new way.

In a lot of ways I owe many stylistic elements to being inspired by your work, and it fills my heart to see such a thoughtful combination of both of our work into one piece. I'd be lying if I didn't say this caused my to tear up just a little, thank you so much. Thank you for being a part of what makes our little pixel world so incredibly special.

slym @ 4/9/2019 10:12 commented on Its not our Earth anymore

obsessed with everything about this 

slym @ 2/28/2019 06:41 commented on Elk's Tale of Enki Titlescreen

Those mountains are giving me life <3 

slym @ 2/20/2019 20:12 commented on Lunark

Thank you so much for the kind words! I honestly haven't thought about how clean 45s and simple cluster patterns tend to avoid unecessary AA. But now that you point it out, I have a lot to think about! 

Chasm was where my style first began to come together, so I'm happy to hear it's evolved since then :)

(thanks for the tip on my broken linkage)

slym @ 2/16/2019 08:46 commented on Coreto

Sweet god 

slym @ 1/21/2019 16:36 commented on SS Swamp


slym @ 8/23/2018 08:13 commented on Seals of Fence 2.0

Yesssss I love this <3

slym @ 8/19/2018 23:10 commented on Heckland OST Album Cover

This is razor sharp and I'm absolutely loving it <3

slym @ 8/16/2018 10:50 commented on Big Bird

@Adarias pretty much summed up my own experience as well. At times I feel a little bit of guilt for not leaving more feedback while I wasn't posting art to support the community / new "generation" of younger or newer pixel artists coming to the site. 

I think a lot of us either were too busy with freelancing or went down different paths. I imagine  the boom of pixel art's popularity in the indie scene had a big impact on this.

slym @ 8/16/2018 10:45 commented on Dungeon Crawler Animated

The way you made the lighting feel like it's flickering is genious. Really great work here =)

slym @ 7/20/2018 15:49 commented on Lonely Carrot

Cute clusters <3

slym @ 7/19/2018 16:28 commented on Turf house

I love how fluffy you were able to make your leaves! Especially with so few colors. Cluster magic right here <3

slym @ 7/19/2018 16:27 commented on Space and Time

This is spectacular! 

slym @ 5/24/2018 11:32 commented on Self On Mars

Love this so much. Tons of character here =)

slym @ 5/24/2018 10:30 commented on PixelDaily Overgrown

This is seriously incredible. Love the style =)

slym @ 5/11/2018 09:18 commented on Evil Left Hand

There's something kind of awesome about the cluster work here, the roughness is really intruiging, makes me wonder if a part of why that works so well here is because of the strong foundation. Great work =)

slym @ 5/10/2018 10:27 commented on Leeds, UK

Loving the perspective and reflection here 

slym @ 5/8/2018 20:37 commented on graveyard

Love the tiny splashes where raindrops meet objects here. Great work =)

slym @ 5/8/2018 20:35 commented on Shmup-em-up

So much clarity in this love it =)

slym @ 5/7/2018 18:50 commented on Robots, Droids, Mechs..

Yes this palette is so hot, great use of it too

slym @ 5/7/2018 14:38 commented on Big Bird

1. Lately I've been logging in almost every day. Mostly to check out new pieces. 

2. Saving ideas, sharing inspiration, and spreading positivity / motivation to eachother.

3. PJ gave me an outlet to share my progress, but it also taught me a lot about what is possible with pixel art. Before PJ I didn't realize that pixel art pieces could be as incredibly polished and detailed as particular pieces in the gallery. This gave me something to aspire to, and without that I doubt I would be doing pixel art or really even game art in general.

slym @ 5/6/2018 19:51 commented on Black Cat Market

yess these colors <3

slym @ 5/6/2018 09:24 commented on smoker

ooooooo more clusters <3

slym @ 5/6/2018 09:23 commented on cloud

ooo clusters <3