Devicho @ 1/18/2012 23:11 commented on Hmm

Yep, black face, blue hair/hood and white fringe. If I go back to working on this I can try to mess with it to make it more readable, though.


Also @Manupix

Yeah, I shouldn't have mirrored, but I just felt like doing something really quick just for the sake of throwing a sprite together, since I'm trying to get back into the habit of spriting/having this account not be dead. Sorry! Also, the squares/circles underneath are supposed to be part of sort of a tie around the hood. is a (Kinda sloppily.) sketched reference of what I was going for.

Devicho @ 9/9/2011 18:00 commented on Portrait

Wow, I really love how effective the dithering is. :>

Devicho @ 5/25/2010 15:23 commented on GB Mockup

Alright, when I go to work on the tiles again I'll clean them up some to make them easier on the eyes. I think I got too carried away with trying to add detail. Also yeah the character in the corner is supposed to be a ghost, but I can edit her to make her more visible. I just didn't wanna full-on give her black outlines because then she wouldn't seem that ghostly.

Devicho @ 3/1/2010 22:00 commented on Tiny God

I'll probably wind up redoing this as a whole, hopefully when I do I'll fix up what you guys and other pointed out. :>

(Also, Chris, anything in particular about the AAing that doesn't look right? Not really sure how to go about fixing it without knowing exactly what about is wrong.)

Devicho @ 1/15/2010 13:54 commented on Oh Lord.

Thanks! And if you wanna make your own, feel free! It's not like the character or style were mine to begin with, so I don't see any reason why you couldn't. :>

Devicho @ 1/3/2010 19:21 commented on Oh Lord.

Yeah, I have trouble not making him look cramped under size limits like this. :c

Thanks for the compliments, though!

Devicho @ 1/3/2010 19:10 commented on Oh Lord.

Haha, thank you very much. :>

I am actually working on a G/S/C version of him as well, which has some color at least, but for some reason I cannot seem to get it quite right. Then I suddenly decide to do this out of the blue and it actually ain't too shabby, go figure.

Devicho @ 12/29/2009 13:59 commented on Baboon

The anatomy and shading need quite some work. It looks extremely stiff, as well. Maybe you could edit the pose to give it more character?

Devicho @ 12/29/2009 13:58 commented on bird going to die

Looks more like an MS Paint doodle than a sprite. I would work on this some more before submitting it.

Devicho @ 11/27/2009 16:54 commented on So cute!

Yeah, the face was intentional. I was just doodling up faces in Paint and decided to slap it onto what looks like a young girl for the hell of it.

I'll have to fix up the filename later. I didn't notice that it had saved that way.

Devicho @ 10/3/2009 23:34 commented on Carniviiiiine

Haha, I may make more; depends on how bored I am.

Devicho @ 10/2/2009 19:16 commented on Carniviiiiine

I'm sorry. :<

I just don't pay attention to this site as much as I should. Especially because I never really make anything postworthy.

Devicho @ 8/24/2009 15:27 commented on Fencer Viera, FFT Style

Well hello to you you impatient buttface >:c

But really, hello, and thank you very much~

Devicho @ 8/23/2009 18:47 commented on Fencer Viera, FFT Style

For some reason FFT is really against the idea of giving anybody a nose, and since I was trying to follow the style the best I could, I avoided putting one on. I would've liked to, though, because it makes the face look a bit strange to me.

And don't give me props for the colors, they're taken from official sprites, again to stay in style the best I could.

Devicho @ 8/23/2009 13:35 commented on Fencer Viera, FFT Style

Actually, no, that's the full size. I wanted to stay within the size limits for the portraits in FFT. I would've liked to finish the ears, though, and so I may add in a "complete" portrait to the side later on when I do some editing.

Devicho @ 8/20/2009 17:54 commented on GBC Walk Cycle

Looks nice. I think it's be a bit better if the hair moved a little, however.

Devicho @ 7/17/2009 19:46 commented on 420 Icons for RPG

They do look pretty nice. One of them has a white background, though, as opposed to everything else. (Eighth row from the bottom, second from the left.)

Devicho @ 7/17/2009 19:37 commented on Akane(face)

I absolutely love how clean this is.

Devicho @ 6/8/2009 00:57 commented on paradox

Looks really nice! I like the colors. :>

Devicho @ 4/26/2009 17:19 commented on Viera

You mean like around the top of her right (our left) ear? If so, that's because I was trying to limit my color usage, although I do see what you mean.

Devicho @ 4/22/2009 07:23 commented on Viera

Oops, thanks for pointing that out! I can't fix them right at the moment, but when I get home from school I'll get right on that.

Devicho @ 3/29/2009 22:55 commented on Bowser Jr.

Why haven't I seen this, Christ.