MadProductions119 @ 7/23/2009 09:46 commented on viewtiful

Dang. I know this loading screen! What game is this from? 

MadProductions119 @ 7/21/2009 14:01 commented on FF, KH & Misc Plushies

Amazing!  Makes me want to go back and play final fantasy!

MadProductions119 @ 2/14/2009 05:31 commented on Shippuuden Naruto Avatar
Actually I dont think its traced. I actually really like this!

MadProductions119 @ 2/13/2009 16:29 commented on The whole gang!
Is the 4th guy down Pig-pen? there all very cool!

MadProductions119 @ 2/11/2009 14:08 commented on The Fading Man
Love it! Reminds me of gman from Halflife

MadProductions119 @ 2/11/2009 13:15 commented on Fruity Loops gun.
Lol nice fawful!

MadProductions119 @ 2/11/2009 13:14 commented on Final Slugrider
Lol Im guessing I got 0. And truly im not surprised. Even one vote would have made me happy!

MadProductions119 @ 2/10/2009 18:11 commented on Another avatar
Yeah... ive only done one pallete one but I want one like dogmeat suggested! :)

MadProductions119 @ 2/10/2009 13:09 commented on Final Slugrider
Dang! Well... that sucks.

MadProductions119 @ 2/9/2009 18:46 commented on Final Slugrider
SI there a way to see jhow many votes your piece got? I want to see If I actually got any...

MadProductions119 @ 2/8/2009 16:56 commented on I found this under your bed.
Very good. I am pretty much sick of evil clowns now... but good.

MadProductions119 @ 2/8/2009 16:48 commented on Balancing Clown
good idea 006 Ill give that a try if I have time!

MadProductions119 @ 2/7/2009 06:53 commented on Old Man
Transparent background would be nice.

MadProductions119 @ 2/6/2009 22:54 commented on Statu
Love it! Nice job dude!

MadProductions119 @ 2/6/2009 21:58 commented on Big Bird
YEAH! Level 2 here I am!

MadProductions119 @ 2/6/2009 21:54 commented on Sea Siren
Yes Im sorry... I dont see anything.

MadProductions119 @ 2/5/2009 19:22 commented on Fiery Rawr!
Very erm... fiery. lol I want to see some fire! Yeah!... Anyway.. pretty good!

MadProductions119 @ 2/4/2009 14:05 commented on Zombie Man!
I made up the symbol. And yeah anatomy and things are off... my first attempt at a human from this view...

MadProductions119 @ 2/1/2009 17:47 commented on The Fighting Machine
Nice job! Kinda looks like sumthin out of starwars though!

MadProductions119 @ 2/1/2009 17:47 commented on V Head
Very nice job! Kinda scary but cool!

MadProductions119 @ 2/1/2009 17:46 commented on Deadscape
Hey kayos! Nice job with this banner! Love the hooded horseman! Very nice touch! plus amazing AA!

MadProductions119 @ 2/1/2009 17:45 commented on obama
Nice job! Looks just like him!

MadProductions119 @ 2/1/2009 17:45 commented on Scorpion Avatar Wee!
Not bad! And yeah, does look like a bobble head!

MadProductions119 @ 2/1/2009 17:27 commented on Lord of Gale
Very nice colors but very confusing!

MadProductions119 @ 2/1/2009 17:26 commented on Marx
 He is really scary!!! AHH! Nice job. You gave me nightmares!