Wade @ 2/25/2009 02:38 commented on Joey Ramone

You don't have the full story. The pieces in question have been deleted due to the hostility I received by uploading them. I understand everyone will side with the long term posters here, but make sure you know the facts before passing judgement.

Wade @ 2/24/2009 12:23 commented on Ganesha

Yes, all done by hand. I usually started with 64 colours, then added more as I needed them. The big difference to low colour pixelling is that instead of re-using existing colours I'd create a new one just to give a bit more colour variation.

That's just something we Amiga pixellers did in our day, and spending 50-80 hours on a fullscreen pic was normal.

In fact, I don't even know about index techniques. I did use auto-antialiasing in some of my later pics for hair and alike, but it was always too messy to use regularly - at least on the Amiga.

Wade @ 1/28/2009 15:07 commented on Joey Ramone

Jamon: Oh, I understand much better now. If you think they're photo reduced I am very flattered. Thanks! I had a lot of people say this about my Photoshop work too until I started making videos. Photorealism is just my style.

Wade @ 1/26/2009 23:24 commented on Joey Ramone
Ilkke: Likewise. If you want to upload tacky little scribbles, don't expect me to be impressed.

Wade @ 1/26/2009 18:14 commented on Joey Ramone

Here are a few comments Ilkke made about my work:

"I don't understand why anyone would feel proud of such work."

"It requires no skill whatsoever"

"If this was my board, I wouldn't approve this kind of 'art' (haha) pixelled or not."


So yes I do confess, there is some retaliation on my part. But my point is, if someone can dish out such de-motivating and derisive comments to a new member of the board, he must be pretty exceptional. This to me is basic scribble with no effort or passion behind it.That said, I have still given the guy credit for one of his pictures.

Wade @ 1/26/2009 16:54 commented on Orcs!
The landscape is nicely done, but the anatomy of the women is quite odd and awkwardly twisted.

Wade @ 1/26/2009 15:13 commented on Joey Ramone
Big brother: Picking fights? I've left quite positive comments on one of your thumbnails and one of ilkke's pics. It's kinda strange how you guys like to dish out the criticism, but you don't like it in return. Exactly what I suspected and this proves it.

There's one piece of ilkkes work I really like and this piece I really don't like. If I was being petty, I'd have made nasty comments about all of his pictures and implied he was untalented (sounds familiar?) but I've been quite objective.

Wade @ 1/25/2009 06:28 commented on Weekly Challenge - Old
This can't be a serious effort, surely?

Wade @ 1/25/2009 06:26 commented on Challenge: Old [ LOVE ]
It's a valiant effort to try and use 3 colours, but it's very unkind on the eyes.

Wade @ 1/25/2009 06:24 commented on Joey Ramone
Reo: Compared to Ilkke mocking my work, saying it shouldn't be approved and that it takes no talent to do what I do, I think I've been very fair. I've just returned the harsh criticism.

Wade @ 1/24/2009 17:56 commented on Gabriel Knight
The lack of shading and the black outline makes this look cute and cartoony and not true to the original game sprites. Some more highlights would also give it some much needed depth.

Wade @ 1/24/2009 13:50 commented on Poop dogg
My only real criticism is that it still looks like an early wip and lacks detail, but it's a nice cartoony approach to the subject and has character.

Wade @ 1/24/2009 12:22 commented on One More Time
I genuinely like the style of this. Shows potential.

Wade @ 1/24/2009 12:10 commented on Joey Ramone
No, I'm just giving honest feedback. Don't give out the criticism if you can't take it.

Wade @ 1/24/2009 10:56 commented on Bald Neanderthal
Is this really pixel art? Are you sure you didn't scan a photo! lol!

Wade @ 1/24/2009 10:55 commented on Detective Duo
Nice little thumbnail. I think it will be cool if you decide to develop it one day.

Wade @ 1/24/2009 10:53 commented on Discombobulated Duo in Disco Dimension
One of your better pictures, but very basic.

Wade @ 1/24/2009 10:52 commented on Unit16 logo
Well it's very simple. Couldnt have taken very long.

Wade @ 1/24/2009 10:52 commented on Joey Ramone
Pretty awful for someone with such a big ego.

Wade @ 1/22/2009 14:38 commented on The Standoff

I guess it all depends on the intentions of your art. If you're working on concept art, you can't go copying photos directly and most effort needs to be put into the theme, colour and composition. You can even afford to be sketchy. But when it comes to something like portraits, you obviously have to follow a photo and ideally add something that the photo doesn't offer.

I like that monkey vs. robot pic. It's not ultra detailed, but it works really well and does the job it sets out to do. 

Wade @ 1/22/2009 04:25 commented on The Standoff
If only it was that simple! You forget the detailing stages after cleaning up where you have to add in all the finer elements, texture and depth. This is the most time consuming and challenging part and it's usually quite neglected I feel, which is why so many images (especially in Photoshop) have a sketchy, half-finished look.

Otherwise, I agree that I do struggle during the early stages. I have a good eye for detail, but not such a good eye for shape and proportion.

Wade @ 1/21/2009 13:25 commented on Alientar
I know. Just teasing! :)

Wade @ 1/20/2009 16:48 commented on Enigma - Level 3
Elend: Yes, I did the graphics for it and was gutted when it was never finished. I didn't think I had the original graphics, but after some searching I found I have the completed graphics on a CD.

I have all the intended music too. I suppose they could still be used, but they're all in tiles and the bobs are in Amiga iff/anim format. I'd hate to be the one to sort all that out!

Wade @ 1/20/2009 15:29 commented on The wonderful watermelon... (version 2.0)
Nice work! I've never seen a dithering style quite like that before. Love it!

Wade @ 1/20/2009 15:28 commented on Snoop Dogg
Darth Mandarb: Thanks man, I appreciate the support. You are right and I should really just let them have their say and leave it upto other users to form their own opinions. I guess I have been a little on the defensive, especially because I came here with a really positive and humble attitude, happy to answer questions and encourage people's work.

Anyway, it's good to know there are some cool people here. :)