Clairvoire @ 1/11/2013 10:14 commented on Anna Oakley

Thanks for all the kind words folks, I really appreciate it!  I have to upload more stuff here in the future~

Clairvoire @ 1/11/2013 10:09 commented on Anna Oakley

Yeah, I was not 100% happy with how the bangs animated.  I spent a long time tweaking them, and in the end I was happy to just have them avoid creating tangents or obscuring portions of her face, while still having a flow to how they move. 

The ribbon though, I wanted to have a great deal of weight.  So I made it as though it was trying to catch up to her head, and maintain that momentum when she tosses her head in the opposite direction, slightly compressing and lifting upwards until she tilts away from it again and it can relax.  Though, I think I could've conveyed that a lot better as well, and have the middle of the bow follow the head much more closely.

Thanks for the critique~  

Clairvoire @ 10/10/2010 23:47 commented on Emo Anna 1 - 5

They said it wasn't pixel art... that's weird, haha.  I guess maybe panel 4?  I did just brush in the colours and ran a threshold on it; I was after something gritty and ununiform there, and it was the easiest technique.  But can't argue with that.  If you want to see, here's a hotlink I suppose; not gonna revise it.

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 22:59 commented on a girl with flower

Loving the pastel pallette!

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 22:58 commented on Let's get cookin'

I love the folds in the dress, they are nice and thick, like they actually have weight.  And the subtle highlight takes it home.  Also love how CGI it feels.  But in a way that makes real CGI look terrible.  If that makes any sense.

The knees and feet are my only gripes. Over defined and underdined, respectively, I think.  Then again, I'm just pulling complaints from my bum at this point, it's an absolutely gorgeous character

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 22:49 commented on Shadow of the Sushi Mockup

Lowering the resolution will save you more than a few handcramps, and that's experience talking.  It's shaping up like a nice brawly game so far though!  Can't wait to see it further along!

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 22:47 commented on Persona

Looks sweet!  I'm guessing the sillouetted arm and leg are part of the stylization, I've seen it used elsewhere.  Not sure if it adds much here, or makes much sense lighting wise, but I dig it anyway.  Minor nitpicks like that asside, she comes together pretty nicely as a character!

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 22:41 commented on Girl with Glasses

Looks awesome and girly!  <3  Don't got much to add critical wise, besides maybe more contrast with the shading.  Otherwise, I like!

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 20:22 commented on 1px font

Whoanelly hotdogs that's awesome! 

I duelscreen with an old CRT and an LCD, seems to like the LCD one much better, aha.

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 20:15 commented on Anna Plane

It's been a while since I posted anything!  Actually returned on a pretty sour note; someone phish'd my Steam password, and I'm daft enough to have used the same password for every login I've ever had.  Google searched my name to find all the accounts and correct that, and seen a barren pixel account here on the way. 

Can't be having that now!

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 20:12 commented on Enjoy Walks on the Circle Thing

... I... how did I not notice that?  It does look like it's the same.  Pffftt, thanks for letting me know, I'll have to be way more careful about the pose variation.  ... as in, actually having it, haha

Clairvoire @ 10/7/2010 20:08 commented on Maid Running Animation

That is the best thing anyone's ever said on this sprite!  <3

Clairvoire @ 6/9/2010 00:08 commented on Maid Running Animation

Thanks!  Looking at it now, there is a pretty bad contrast issue between the hair and skin.  When I made this sprite for the game, what I planned to do was shade it multiple times, one for different angles of lighting.  I'm going to see what I can do with the skin though.  Hopefully, I can gain that level of contrast, without having to make the skin tan or orange like regular blondes have goin' on.  :p

Clairvoire @ 6/9/2010 commented on Maid Running Animation

Thank you!  For the animation speed, I sorta worked myself into a corner by using only 6 frames; in the game, the animation speed is tied to the running speed, and making it animate faster either makes the feet desync with the ground, or just... makes her run too fast, haha.  I'll have to add more frames once I get further along into it, and build a better sillouette for her too.  Thanks for the feed back! 

Clairvoire @ 6/8/2010 12:41 commented on Maid Running Animation