HeySalay @ 6/28/2020 13:33 commented on Protea Lab (Fan-Made Pokemon Region)

Ah thank you for the feedback!

- What do you suggest I do to keep Mudkip's readability while also decreasing their size? I was trying to give it a bit of a cartoony effect, similar to how the overworld sprites in Pokemon can make Pokemon much larger than they are supposed to be. I can definitely experiment with removing the pixelated lines in the head ^-^

- What do you suggest I do to show the water and the beach without making a weird perspective? I was struggling immensely with that ^-^;;

- Haha, I love that xD He is actually a Gengar Pokemorph, Gym leader (he can turn into a Gengar and has some Ghost Pokemon abilities like levitation and the ability to pass through walls - Pokemorphs are an effect of the Legendary Pokemon's gift of Fusion), who uses Ghost Pokemon in spooky magic shows when he isn't running his Ghost-Type Gym! <3 His clothing represents how he is always dressed up and ready to perform <3