Riboflavin @ 3/2/2009 14:37 commented on Word.

Wow, well all my friends got it, so maybe we just have a different sense of humor, but this is the gist of it:

Square boring business man is waiting for the bus.
An African American comes along, and is also waiting for the bus.
The business man glances over, and feels the need to say "Word" to fit in/recognize the African American.

I guess it's not too funny if it needs to be explained. :\

Riboflavin @ 3/1/2009 19:58 commented on Word.

Should I be worried, Dr. D?

Riboflavin @ 2/28/2009 23:52 commented on 8-Bit Zombie

The arms look better, but the swaying hair doesn't make much sense.  I get what you're trying to do, but it wouldn't sway just one way, but back and forth, like a pendulum.  I think it would look much better without any swaying hair though.

Riboflavin @ 2/28/2009 13:52 commented on Fefnir-Child

It looks quite busy.  I can't differentiate between many of the different parts of the armor.

Riboflavin @ 2/28/2009 13:41 commented on Speak up!

Looks awesome!  I really admire your style.

Riboflavin @ 2/27/2009 14:54 commented on 8-Bit Zombie

I don't really understand why both his arms bob up and down in sync with each other.  If anything they should alternate.

Also, just personal preference, but I think this could do with a transparent background.

Otherwise, great concept (I'm a huge zombie fan).

Riboflavin @ 2/26/2009 21:09 commented on All Stars vol.1

Yes, awesomely made indeed.  I don't even watch that much basketball and I could identify most of them immediately, so I'd say job well done!

Riboflavin @ 2/26/2009 21:02 commented on Ocean Sunset

Awesome background, but I agree with Shannon, the icebergs look a bit flat.

Riboflavin @ 2/26/2009 12:20 commented on Small Tiki Head

It looks awesome!  I'm not 100% sure what the little red thing next to the Tiki guy is though... my guess is a lizard?

Riboflavin @ 2/26/2009 06:47 commented on American Eagle Hollister A&F Aeropostale

Nice job, it has the perfect level of detail without becoming too cluttered.

Riboflavin @ 2/23/2009 16:41 commented on the coolest guy in the world!!!

I like this a lot! Reminds me of the guy from Operation and Borat all at once. Nice job!