space2 @ 8/7/2019 13:50 commented on Monster Hunter Armor Set

Cool! Very well done!!!

space2 @ 7/21/2019 22:56 commented on Trees and Rocks

Very well done! Great job!

space2 @ 8/15/2010 01:43 commented on Room for one last project

 Well, I start to doubt that you are human... this is insanely goooooood!

space2 @ 9/16/2009 07:38 commented on Peek

Yes, it was intentional: first it puts up one hand, then the other... but it doesn't work well in this animation.

space2 @ 3/23/2007 10:14 commented on hero with pistol
Unfortunately we haven't found a publisher for it yet... and it's not 99% stabe, but as I remember right we have a demo version somewhere...

space2 @ 10/25/2006 12:10 commented on Peek
Hmm, I forgot about the neck, but let's say his neck is very thin ;-)

About the hand: the animation (should) starts with the right hand appearing, then the left, then he  pulls himself up. ... or something like that. It's not clear when played in loop, but in the app it will be played only once.

space2 @ 9/2/2006 12:31 commented on Teh Suppa Hero
Hehe, it seems naked for me ... I image a story like: hooked up a nice girl, who stole all his clothes, car, money, and now tries to get a ride back home :-)

space2 @ 9/2/2006 12:28 commented on Animation - Shira novice combo
Perfect! Smoooth, nice animation!

space2 @ 9/1/2006 12:22 commented on Pixel - Static Falls
Hmm, I don't really understand the picture, but I like the shading very much! Altough the hair looks a bit metalish... but it's nice

space2 @ 9/1/2006 12:19 commented on How to build a pixel
hehe, and how much time would it require to build a whole image from such pixels ?-)
nice idea, I like it.

space2 @ 9/1/2006 12:18 commented on Mosque
Nice! Reminds me a bet the times when i was in Turkey... must go there again... if it wouldn't be for the bombings...

space2 @ 9/1/2006 12:16 commented on Little Farm
I like the image, the detail... but the palette seems a bit strange for me...

space2 @ 9/1/2006 12:15 commented on zombie
hmmm... if I will have nightmares tonight, it will be because of this pictrure ;-) very good !

space2 @ 9/1/2006 12:05 commented on rome totalwar - mobile mockup
Ahh... another mobile mockup... my favourite!
Is this a real game? or will be? I hope this mockup wont get lost ...

space2 @ 9/1/2006 12:01 commented on A Photograph
Very realistic in a very weird way :-) I like it!

space2 @ 9/1/2006 12:00 commented on Maplestory: Pyke
Very nice! Very very very nice! My only problem with this pixel art is: damn, why am I already married :-(

space2 @ 9/1/2006 11:57 commented on Chinookee [UPDATE 9/4/2006]
I like it!
A few comments: the rotating part doesn't seem a perfect circle and it's a bit jumpy.

space2 @ 9/1/2006 11:55 commented on It's a Cutie!
Cute :-) I like it. Now you just have toapply the animation on a bigger sprite :-)

space2 @ 9/1/2006 11:52 commented on wild boar
Pretty nice, one comment tough: i think the body should move a bit also (because if the legs are farther apart, the body is a bit lower).

space2 @ 8/30/2006 12:22 commented on Second Eagle's Nest character
We want more! We want more! We want the game! ;-)

Very nice job :-)

So for which platform will be the game made?

space2 @ 8/30/2006 12:16 commented on A Sojorn of Sages.
Very niceimage, you had a lot of work on it.
A few crits: the hand of the guy in the right side seems a bit odd... but it might be only me
The hair of the girl is too "flat" I would add some lighting, more  shading

space2 @ 8/28/2006 08:27 commented on slithering_snake
Hmm, maybe your rigth with the head .... but it's very nice this way as well :-)

space2 @ 8/26/2006 01:38 commented on Stunner - Greek level
Look man, if you keep posting images like this, you will get a lot of WOW resposes ;-)
Keep up the good work (or the digging from the ol' floppies ;-) )

space2 @ 8/26/2006 01:38 commented on Leon
Very nice movie. The image is good as well, altough it seems a bit noise... but it's probably due to the lot of details in a small size.

space2 @ 8/26/2006 01:35 commented on Stunner - Crome Level
Nice! Very nice!
Btw, I heard so much about deluxe paint... is there a linux port available ?-)