Aiko @ 7/1/2006 23:46 commented on Gothic Level
the lighting on this is brilliant. wonderful piece! 5/5 & fav.

Aiko @ 6/28/2006 15:14 commented on French Mime
i bet many citizens of the US would love an opportunity to change the ridiculous payscale, but our country is no longer run by the people; it's run by the government. today more than ever, our rights and money go to the government.

Aiko @ 6/27/2006 13:33 commented on Farewell
welcome to the world. it's not a piece of pie!

when i was like, 10, i used to get offended at comments that gave no objection or meaning. why? because i was young and niave. Now, i don't care because there is no point in it. people will always say what they want to say, and you have no power to "open their eyes" or make a difference.

when i started off at pixel art i truly sucked. i had no idea how to shade or the effects of light. since joining several communities just like pixeljoint, i have learned multitudes. i learned from the people who said my work sucked. people don't have to be nice when critiquing you work. it's not their job. mean or not, you need to listen.

Aiko @ 6/23/2006 19:24 commented on Joker
no chin?

good shading though.

Aiko @ 6/8/2006 08:54 commented on My, What Big Pixels You Have
perfect. i love how you used colors and minimal shading here! it gives the piece a great effect.

Aiko @ 6/8/2006 08:48 commented on I want to eat your...
perfect. it's one of those emoticons everyone  should use once in a while.

Aiko @ 5/30/2006 10:29 commented on Rooftop Level
simply beautiful.

Aiko @ 5/25/2006 10:16 commented on Cat Tree
so.... cute!

i love it. it's simple yet brilliant. nice shading.

Aiko @ 5/22/2006 14:27 commented on Medieval Cabin
thanks, it took a good while. it should be part of a mockup i'm creating, but i have to tweak everything considerably first.

Aiko @ 5/21/2006 07:14 commented on Locke's Bandana
beautiful work. i love the scenery and the overall mood of the piece.

Aiko @ 5/13/2006 14:41 commented on Dragon's head
simply beautful. the texture  and pallette are perfect!

Aiko @ 4/23/2006 08:08 commented on Dancing Monkey
**** not replace senate but congress members. my bad.

Aiko @ 4/23/2006 08:05 commented on Dancing Monkey
JJ Maxx:   the pentagon made a statement last week to the american people stating that geoge bush had no right to go into Iraq because days before the attack, the pentagon gave bush reports stating that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

did you also know that nearly ALL of the hijackers of 9/11 were suadi arabian? none were iraqi. why didn't we go after suadi arabia? we like their money, even if they are a country full jihad activities. however, to keep the american people occupied beyond all of that, he threw all of our money and soldiers into iraq to make it look like he was actually doing something productive. i'm sorry, but for all the american soldiers killed and the information i, and other people know, george bush sucks.

***also, i'd like to state that the president has the right to choose his own cabinet and replace senate members. that COULD be the reason there are so many conservatives working in the government, right?

Aiko @ 4/22/2006 13:48 commented on Dancing Monkey
wow.... so you're saying that gay couples are worth less because they do not reproduce? so we need more people in this world? think about it. there are two billion people, and we're reproducing like rabbits. we're destroying our environment and very soon, there will not be enough room for all of us to live. not only that, but because heterosexual couples are so much better than homosexual couples, millions of children all over the world are starving because their parents left them or died. would you rather have a child starving or have it not suffer? everyone should be equal. if you want to throw out silly claims of superiority, go ahead. i can do the same thing. :D

not only that, but you are also basically insinuating that gays in general are not equal to people, because by stating gay and straight couples, you are also stating the legal rights that they hold. do you know that if in the U.S., a gay couple has a civil union, they don't have the rights of a regular married couple? why not? because gay people aren't like everyone else. they don't deserve the rights everyone else has, in the government at least. a gay person could be the next Enstein and want to be married, but that is impossible because he is "different"

Aiko @ 4/21/2006 16:27 commented on Dancing Monkey
well said adegemonkey :)

Aiko @ 4/20/2006 15:53 commented on 1000 forum posts!
alex: stop being a turkey.

snader: very cool dude, but i wish i could see more real work out of you. you do so well with the serious projects you take on, so why not do more?

Aiko @ 4/20/2006 15:49 commented on Self Portrait
very nice. lighting, shading and color choices are suberb. keep it up, and welcome to PJ!!

Aiko @ 4/20/2006 15:47 commented on Dancing Monkey
to me, and from what i know, he seems to be the worst president in the history of the United states. he completely went into iraq and bombed them with no proof of WMD, killing thousands of innocent people. he has even gotten over 2000 of his fellow countrymen murdered for no cause whatsoever. how? the pentagon has made an official statement declaring that two days before president bush bombed iraq, reports were sent directly to him stating that there were no WMD. however, being the ass that bush is, he decides to catch hussein for personal revenge instead of looking for the guy who actually did it- Bin Laden.

furthermore, i hate the fact that he does nothing for the regular people of america. sure, it's all good and well that he gives tax breaks to his friends, and even some middle class people, but the poor have no relief. sure, most of the should have gotten a better education, but many people who are poor are actually disabled or mentally damaged. above anyone else, they should have the money that they need to live, in my opinion.

lastly, i find it odd how president bush puts on the mighty christian persona, yet he smoked pot in college, and has had several DUIs. do you think Roosevelt smoked pot in college? no way. besides the pot and beer, how can a christian man lie before god and the world and kill so many people without a second thought? i mean, if you have to start a war, start one for a good reason at least.

an so, these are some, but not nearly all, of the reasons i cite George Bush as the worst president in the history of the united states. at this point, i even think carter may have been better....

Aiko @ 3/23/2006 21:16 commented on Orcs!
oh my god. briliant. stunning. genius.

what talent!!!

5 * plus  fav :)

Aiko @ 3/23/2006 13:01 commented on Omniscient
sweet work, i love the detail. how big is the sprite?

Aiko @ 3/20/2006 13:03 commented on moony type thing
woa. even the stars are the same!!! creepy....

Aiko @ 2/17/2006 13:34 commented on Selfportrait
damn. great work, and i love the color choice! the design and perspective is flawless! % and a favorite.

Aiko @ 2/17/2006 13:30 commented on Can't Sleep...Pixels Will Eat Me...
amazing! great color scheme, and concept. not only that, but it was pulled together very well. fav, and 5.

Aiko @ 2/5/2006 20:16 commented on Swimming Pool
i have one question: why must everyone be so damned negitive? give the the guy some credit. i hate it when people always bash others without knowing. maybe he's just really good at knowing the  lighting and dithering. props for being photo-realistic :)

awesome job, man. FAV and a 5.

Aiko @ 1/27/2006 16:56 commented on kos atlantis man portrait
very good, but he does need a wrist somewhere. it goes arm-->hand directly, with nothing in between. other than that, perfect!