a3um @ 10/15/2020 07:38 commented on A trap!


@Reo - hmm, that must be a habit of mine to use that direction in work, but you're right. Now when I put it together with the 2nd frame, it looks much better mirrored. Thank you! Will take your advice

a3um @ 10/7/2020 21:40 commented on It never existed

Thank you! Added the clarification 

a3um @ 11/8/2019 08:35 commented on Taken


@Gecimen - my friend has 2 children, but we manage to make one 6-hour session per week when they're visiting grandparents:)

a3um @ 8/18/2019 00:37 commented on Big Bird

@Irenaart, thank you 

a3um @ 8/18/2018 00:05 commented on Big Bird

Thank you very much!

a3um @ 3/28/2018 05:03 commented on Escape

There is no water here. Only despair and inevitability

a3um @ 3/23/2018 03:47 commented on Escape

Thank you guys!

@onilink_ - I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. Initially it was a different scene with accent on fire. Then it somehow evolved to this and I didn't touch the palette. I like your edit, though - the colors look more vivid. At the same time I like how it is now. Maybe there is a tiny bit of mist there (or as they say "thick air") so the whole scene lacks contrast :)

a3um @ 1/25/2018 01:09 commented on enjoy the veiw


a3um @ 9/15/2017 00:11 commented on The Conqueror

challenge requirements

a3um @ 11/5/2016 04:28 commented on Agent Trump

yea, I agree. I spent some time to get the likeness as close as I could, but failed:( I still have some time, so I'll try to fix it 

a3um @ 12/24/2015 22:08 commented on room

Congrats guys and thank you!

Finally I got all the top10 trophies!

a3um @ 12/9/2015 18:49 commented on Bloodstained 2D

That vase on the table looks like a person O:

a3um @ 12/1/2015 00:06 commented on Big Bird

It's Pixel Jaloint for today 

a3um @ 12/1/2015 00:04 commented on Doll-MaidBot


a3um @ 11/24/2015 21:50 commented on Swipe to Destroy Planet

"Effortless mastery" sounds like a great approach:) Can't wait to see more!  The shapes and colors here are fantastic as usual.

a3um @ 11/14/2015 23:30 commented on Emotions

Thank you, guys:)

@Friend - both

a3um @ 11/14/2015 23:26 commented on The Magenta Maze Expedition

Thanks guys:)

@Fusionnist - that was unintentional :)

a3um @ 8/18/2015 22:41 commented on Nice to meet you!

Thanks! ~ 2 hours. 

a3um @ 8/18/2015 19:57 commented on Nice to meet you!

@Motrox - Thanks! Technically I could I guess, but that black just doesn't work well enough, even as a border. Alas, mistake has been made, can't do much about that :)

@Vagrant - Thank you, kind sir. 

a3um @ 8/18/2015 18:12 commented on Nice to meet you!

Thanks guys!

@Parker and Finlal  - no, I just missed "use all the colors" rule  oh well... 

a3um @ 6/10/2015 02:16 commented on Sci-fi mockup

100x100 - это ограничение для превью, а сама картинка может быть и больше 300 (при добавлении картинки там 2 поля: первое для превью и картинок меньше 100, и второе для больших)

a3um @ 3/6/2015 00:04 commented on Island of the Empire v.2

You pretty much named the reason - breaking the monotone ramp. Sometimes even hueshifted gradient ramp looks boring and adding a slighly different hue/saturation might bring the whole palette to a different level. So here I felt like the palette needs more red hues and that's all - not to mention that I really like red/teal color combination. If you want some particular explanation - I imagined some of the houses to be made of red bricks and then added overall blueish atmosphere and got purple. 

a3um @ 3/5/2015 00:33 commented on Island of the Empire v.2

You're welcome:) Yea, I tweaked some pixels here and there. I felt like rooftops should be brighter because they're wet and reflect light better. As for animation - you're absolutely right. It's going to be huge pain, because you'll have to heavily edit each frame

a3um @ 3/4/2015 23:00 commented on Island of the Empire v.2

Regarding the rain animation, I think longer strokes, shifting and flickering are better approach:) but not sure if it'll work with that style. Here is a static rain edit if you don't mind

a3um @ 2/13/2015 21:42 commented on mirror

спасибо! да, кластеры - вещь полезная) я с ними до сих пор на "Вы". Практикуюсь, рисуя кистью 3х3 в форме "+".Попробуй, может понравится(: