Germille @ 3/22/2011 15:05 commented on RunBunnyRun

i just searched for lugaru... i'm a little shocked

Germille @ 1/19/2010 16:36 commented on Arc_Idle

 well, it's really awesome.

Germille @ 12/1/2009 13:44 commented on Big Bird

well hello there dear chatterbox.

my clever vote if for graphics gale.

Ontopic aside, i'm stuck doing hp/mp/etc bars for my 320 x 240 game. i want to put the three at the same time, and i can't come up with something cool and small.

where do you get your inspiration for graphical interfaces chatterbox?


Germille @ 4/20/2009 03:32 commented on Big Bird

hi :3

good morninging

Germille @ 4/18/2009 12:53 commented on Wonder Boy portraits

completely awesome

Germille @ 4/17/2009 03:20 commented on Big Bird

Hello people, how do you do do yo do

Germille @ 3/15/2009 16:55 commented on Demon hunter

mmm, you're right.

Edit: i think now it's fixed

Germille @ 3/14/2009 19:14 commented on Big Bird

mmm, and what do the fellow pixel artists here to have fun?

(other than talking english well, i can't do that :P)

Germille @ 3/14/2009 17:14 commented on Big Bird

hi, i'm new here :3